Best Women's Walking Shoes for Heel Spurs

7 Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Heel Spurs 2021

The best women’s walking shoes for heel spurs should provide the ideal arch support and underfoot cushioning to alleviate heel pain. Best Women's Walking Shoes for Heel SpursThe former lessens strain on the plantar fascia while the latter minimizes impacts received by your heels.

Your ideal shoes should also provide adequate heel support to minimize excessive heel movement thus lessening strain on the plantar fascia.

Below are some of the most recommended walking shoes to help alleviate pain and prevent pain as a result of heel spurs.

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Reviews: 7 Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Heel Spurs 2021

1. Vionic Classic Casual/Walking Women’s Walker

If you suffer from heel spurs, then this is a perfect walking sneaker to help you resolve the pain. It comes with a podiatrist-approved insert which forces your feet to the appropriate gait thus minimizing tension on the connective tissues around the heel.

Vionic Classic Casual/Walking Women’s Walker

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By minimizing overpronation, the insert also aids in mitigating other foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee pain and so on.

A flexible but firm EVA foam compound is utilized as the midsole of this sneaker. It’s intended to provide the ideal underfoot comfort and protect your joints and muscles from impacts. Plus it allows smooth transitions so that your feet don’t feel restrained.

The raised midfoot area works with the Orthaheel insert to provide the ideal arch support to minimize excessive overpronation.

The bottom platform is a sticky rubber which is finished with gripping pods to provide accurate traction on surfaces. Presence of forefoot grooves promotes the ideal flexibility to enable effective push-off. Plus the rubber compounds exhibits outstanding durability.

Additional foot support comes from the leather silhouette which is finished with mesh panels to keep it ventilated. The inside of the shoe features a mesh lining which enhances inshoe comfort by preventing rubbing or chaffing.

  • Comfortable for walking for long periods
  • Podiatrist-approved insert
  • Excellent foot support
  • Resolves heel pain, plantar fasciitis and so on
  • Durable build
  • Needs breaking in

2. Orthofeet Heel Pain Relieve Verve Tie-Less Sneaker

According to numerous feedbacks, Orthofeet Verve is one of the most comfortable walking sneaker might come across. It’s built using Ortho cushioning technology which is meant relieve pain and prevent injuries. Podiatrists often recommend it for various foot conditions including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bunions among others.

Orthofeet Heel Pain Relieve Verve Tie-Less Sneaker

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The ergonomic underfoot cushioning guarantees optimal comfort while protecting your joint and connective tissues from landing shocks. The footbed entails a removable orthotic which is contoured to provide arch support. This configuration helps in enhancing your gait to minimize strain on the plantar fascia.

In addition, the heel part comes Gel padding to provide better impact mitigation.

The upper part is built with a soft mesh and a smooth inner lining to provide a comfortable fit. Together with the foam padding on the collar and tongue, the upper unit is intended to cradle your feet without causing irritations or chaffing.

Overlays are placed in strategic areas so that the shoe can offer the right amount of support. Plus they protect the mesh from ripping off and ensure a secure fit.

As the name suggests, the laces are easy to tie and fasten.

  • Comfortable ergonomic cushioning
  • Excellent arch support
  • Podiatrist-recommended
  • Breathable
  • Durable built
  • Roomy toe box
  • Expensive

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3. Orthofeet Tahoe Women’s Orthopedic Foot and Heel pain Sneaker

Tested and approved by certified professionals, the Orthofeet Tahoe sneaker is built to resolve various foot disorders including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, and knee pain among others. They’re meant to provide the ideal comfort, support, flexibility, stability and impact protection to keep your feet free of pain.

Orthofeet Tahoe Women's Orthopedic Foot and Heel pain Sneaker

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Underfoot comfort comes from the ortho cushioning configuration which entails an orthotic insole and an ergonomic sole cushion. The insole provides a soft footbed which conforms to the anatomy of your underfoot. Together with the arch support, the insole serves as the means for underfoot comfort and support to the alleviate pain caused by overpronation.

With the ergonomic sole cushion, your feet are adequately protected from impacts especially at the heel which comes with air pockets.

Most of the upper part is wrapped with a soft but durable mesh which is intended to offer a comfortable coverage. This configuration also aims at keeping your feet well-ventilated while allowing them to bend naturally. Presence of interior padding and seamless lining helps in eliminating rubbing or hot spots.

Leather overlays are placed conveniently-placed around the silhouette for added support and durability. Notably, the overlay system excludes the bunion and hammertoes areas to provide a comfortable fit for individuals with such conditions.

The bottom of Orthofeet Tahoe sneaker is lined with a rubber sole which is meant to provide secure grip to prevent accidental slippage. Plus it keeps protects the shoe from wearing down due to abrasion and ripping.

What’s more, the tie-less design provides a quick and easy way of wearing and removing the sneaker.

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Doctor-recommended for pain relieve
  • Excellent stability and support
  • Arch support
  • Comfortable interior
  • Roomy forefoot and toe-box
  • Heel counter and cushioning
  • High price

4. Ryka Devotion (Arch Support) Plus 2 Women’s Sneaker

If your feet are the medium and high arched type, then Devotion Plus 2 is an ideal sneaker for enhancing your comfort when walking. It comes with a precise-return insole whose contours provide excellent arch support. This configuration aids in minimizing pain on your heels by lessening tension on the connective tissues.

Ryka Devotion (Arch Support) Plus 2 Women’s Sneaker

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The insole also adds to underfoot comfort on top of the primary cushioning. The material for the midsole is the Re-Zorb foam whose springiness provides the ideal underfoot comfort and protection for walking.

The footbed also features a deepened heel area which is intended to provide effective heel cradle to enhance your stability.

The sole unit features a grippy and durable rubber which is intended to offer secure traction and allow prolonged usage. Presence of a network of pods adds to the impact absorbing ability of the outsole.

The foot chamber utilizes a lightweight synthetic fabric whose mesh structure promotes breathability. Overlays are incorporated at strategic areas to make the silhouette supportive and more durable.

Plus, the padding on both the collar and tongue aids in maintaining a comfortable and secure fit.

  • Comfortable and supportive footbed
  • Excellent arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Secure heel cradle
  • Stylish build
  • Not long-lasting

5. Propet Stability and Arch Support Walker

As the name suggests this sneaker is designed to enhance your foot stability so that you can walk with optimal comfort. It’s an ideal sneaker for preventing and resolving common foot conditions that mainly result from flat-footedness. These include plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain, shin splints among others.

Propet Stability and Arch Support Walker

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Underfoot support and hence stability comes from the EVA foam midsole which perfectly hugs the contours of your underfoot. It provides the ideal arch support to lessen the tension on the plantar fascia which is often associated with heel spurs.

Backed by the polyurethane insole, the midsole provides a comfortable and protective landing platform by dampening impact shocks. The footbed comes with a cupped and gel-padded heel area which is intended to offer heightened support and cushioning for your heels.

With the traction ready rubber outsole, you don’t have to worry about accidental slippage. It’s designed to deliver secure grip whether you’re walking on dry or wet surfaces.

The sneaker gives the option to choose from a leather, suede or nubuck upper depending on your preference. Any of these materials is intended to deliver adequate foot support and protection. The collar and tongue come with sufficient padding and they’re wrapped with Nylex fabric which results in comfortable and non-irritating foot lock-down.

  • Delivers excellent comfort
  • Excellent underfoot support
  • Arch support and stability
  • Good for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • Durable sneaker
  • Inadequate flexibility

6. Saucony Grid Leather Omni Walker

With Omni Walker, you get underfoot cushioning, arch support and stability. These features make it a great remedy for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, knee pain and other injuries caused by overpronation.

Saucony Grid Leather Omni Walker

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Underfoot cushioning comes from both HRC and SRC cushioning technologies. First, a full-length HRC compound is responsible for a smooth and responsive cushioning while dampening impacts.

Your heels are further protected from impacts by incorporating the SRC technology which entails a more resilient foam.

Moreover, there’s a cushioned and contoured sockliner which adds to underfoot comfort while providing arch support. Since the sockliner is removable you can use podiatrist-recommended orthotics.

Wrapping the bottom of Omni Walker sneaker is the XT-900 rubber which is a grippy and traction-ready compound. It’s intended to offer secure grip and withstand abrasion for long. Presence of traction markings heightens the shoe’s ability to grip especially when walking on asphalt. Plus flexibility grooves are incorporated at the forefoot to enable smooth transition.

The upper construction entails a full-grain leather which gives the silhouette prolonged durability. This configuration also delivers heightened foot support and protection. Plus it comes with sufficient padding on the collar and tongue to maintain a comfortable and secure fit.

Inshoe ventilation comes from the mesh fabric which incorporated on the tongue and at the rear of the upper unit.

What’s more, the heel part features leather overlays which aid in locking your heels securely to mininize movements.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Excellent support and stability
  • Ideal for foot painful heels
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Roomy toe-box and forefoot
  • Superb durability
  • Less breathable
  • Poor styling and few color choices

7. Whitney Orthofeet Heel Pain/Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Sneaker

Not only is Whitney Orthofeet a comfortable sneaker for walking, but it’s also designed to offer remedy for various foot conditions. It’s certified by foot professionals to provide pain from heel pain/heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and bunions among others.

Whitney Orthofeet Heel Pain/Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Sneaker

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It’s equipped with an Ortho-Cushion underfoot platform which is intended to offer a balance of comfort, support and impact protection. First it comes with an orthotic insole designed to offer a contoured underfoot cushioning and arch support. This enhances your comfort while lessening overpronation which is responsible for strain on your joints and connective tissues on your body extremities.

Next is the ergonomic cushioning making the sole unit. It’s responsible for impact mitigation to ease pain on your joints and muscles. Air pockets are incorporated at the heel to provide heightened shock attenuation during heel striking.

Wrapping the bottom of the sole unit is a rubber compound which guarantees secure traction while providing wear resistance.

Most parts of the upper unit are built with leather which is lined with interior foam and seamless fabric to enhance inshoe comfort. The interior details aid in alleviate irritations or chaffing by eliminating rubbing or pressure points.

  • Ortho cushioning and support
  • Doctor-approved to pain relieve
  • Durable construction
  • Orthotic-friendly
  • Comfortable and non-restricting fit
  • Few colors


Appropriate walking shoes are inevitable whether you want to prevent or treat heel spurs. Notably, they should provide adequate arch support and stability to ease tension on the plantar fascia thus lessening heel pain.

Plus they should sufficient heel cushioning to lessen impacts on your heels.

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