Best Women’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints

7 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints 2022

Shin splints is a recurring running injury that affects runners of all ages.Best Women’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints It results from the impact shocks you get when running or cross-training. But it is possible to stop or prevent this injury by wearing proper running shoes.

So, which are the best women’s running shoes for shin splints? Well cushioned, supportive and proper fitting shoes will help you deal with shin splints.

Continue reading this article for a detailed review.

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Reviews: 7 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints 2022

1. Brooks Ghost 11 – Editor’s Choice

Brooks brings you another iteration of comfortable running shoes. This a neutral running shoe whose cushioning will be ideal for moderate stability.

Brooks Ghost 11 – Editor's Choice

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The technology responsible for cushioning here is the DNA cushioning covering the midsole area. Because of its ability to respond quickly to forces, this material results in a responsive ride with a more productive energy return.

The rear part of the midsole also features the DNA Loft and the Segmented Crash Pads. The former provides a soft landing while the later isolates impact shock only to specific areas. This enable you to have a better heel-to-toe transition.

The outsole unit makes use of two rubber compounds. Carbon rubber is utilized on the heel area because of its high strength and ability to resist wear and tear. Blown rubber is featured on the forefoot to provide some amount of flexibility during toe-off.

An engineered mesh is integrated on the upper unit to deliver a lightweight and flexible running shoe. It has good breathability and does not cause irritation to your feet. This material also wraps your feet in a snug fit to enhance your comfort. Plus there’s a heel counter to lock down your feet securely.

  • Engineered mesh gives you a flexible wrap
  • Comfortable all day running shoe
  • Neutral running shoe
  • Responsive with energy return
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Toe box may be narrow for some people

2. Hoka Women’s One One Arahi – Best for Overpronation

You can’t talk about cushioned running shoes without mentioning Hoka. With Hoka’s Arahi running shoes, you can be sure of adequate cushioning especially on your foot arch and around the heel. If you have shin splints, this shoe comes in handy to support your foot arch and enhance stability.

Hoka Women’s One One Arahi – Best for Overpronation

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J-Frame cushioning runs from the heel area and ends at the medial section. J-Frame is basically a lightweight and firm EVA foam whose function is provide cushioning, support and responsiveness. Plus there’s a Meta-Rocker for enabling a smoother ride.

Durable rubber is placed on the outsole for enhanced grip and prolong the lifespan of this running shoe. Grip on surfaces is further heightened by the lugs on this outsole.

A 3D printed cover on the upper unit provides the necessary support for your foot while allowing sufficient ventilation. Due to its lightweight and seamless construction there’ll be no rubbing or irritation on your feet. The padded collar together with the tongue enhances your comfort while ensuring a snug fit.

  • Good stability
  • Responsive and supportive cushioning
  • Options for wide feet runners
  • Snug fit
  • Durable rubber on the outsole
  • Gripping outsole
  • Expensive

3. Brooks GTS 20 Women’s Adrenaline – Running Shoe

GTS 20 is a quality running shoe for women who are dealing with shin splints. It designed for stability, and responsive cushioning.

Brooks GTS 20 Women's Adrenaline - Running Shoe

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Cushioning and shock absorption here is provided by two types of foaming technology- DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA. Support and added cushioning is enhanced by the crash pads embedded in the heel area. These crash pads are also responsible for a smooth transition. There’s also a heel cup that locks the heel to prevent foot movement inside the shoe.

The blown rubber on the outsole adds more cushioning and provides sufficient grip on surfaces. Also included are flex grooves to allow natural movement of your feet. This ensures that you have a more effective landing and transition.

The upper section is a flexible yet support engineered mesh. It’s lightweight and breathable to ensure your shoe is as comfortable as possible. There’s a soft lining on the inner side to add more comfort and prevent rubbing or irritation.

You’ll also love the comfort provided by the padded tongue and the customized fit you get from the traditional lacing.

  • Takes care of overpronation
  • Excellent stability
  • Comfortable landing and smooth transition
  • Guide rails for extra support
  • Rubber outsole provides sufficient grip
  • Runs small

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4. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 – Women’s Trail Running Shoe

If you’re planning to tackle rugged terrain, then venture 6 is the shoe to go for. An upgrade from venture 5, this shoe now comes with an improved underfoot cushioning and outsole robustness.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 – Women’s Trail Running Shoe

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The GEL cushioning on its midsole gives you an effective cushioning platform which is necessary for shock attenuation and smooth transition. This cushioning also gives you back sufficient energy during toe-off. Thus you won’t use a lot of energy during your forward propulsion.

Also included in the midsole is a removable insole for added comfort.

The AHAR rubber utilized on the outsole delivers excellent traction with guaranteed durability. This rubber also includes reversed lugs to enhance traction on various running surfaces. Plus it’s flexible enough to allow for smooth transition.

A breathable mesh made of synthetic material makes the upper unit of this running shoe. Being a flexible material, your feet are able to bend naturally without restriction. The inner lining is also breathable and does not allow moisture build-up inside the shoe.

What’s more, with the padding on the collar and tongue, this shoes feels comfortable for every day workout.

  • Gel cushioning is ideal for comfort
  • Robust and durable AHAR rubber
  • Ideal for trail running
  • Secure surface grip
  • Affordable pricing
  • Heel collar for extra support
  • Heavy for long running or workouts

5. Brooks Launch 6 – Women’s Running Shoe 

An update from its predecessor, launch 6 comes with better cushioning to give runners a more responsive experience. This is made possible by the BioMogo DNA which together with the Midfoot Transition Zone helps you achieve a smooth transition.

Brooks Launch 6 - Women’s Running Shoe 

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If what you’re looking for is support and stability in your running, launch 6 is good for that.

The rubber compound on the outsole guarantees maximum grip on various surfaces while enhancing the durability of this shoe. The rear and front parts of the outsole have a wider landing base which is further enhanced with decoupling grooves and flex grooves respectively.

A wider landing surface gives you stability while the two types of grooves allows you to have a smooth transition.

Perhaps the best part of launch 6 is the engineered mesh which blends perfectly with rest of the shoe. It’s one piece material which is hugs your foot securely and promotes good breathability for a more comfortable running experience.

Although there’s less padding on the tongue, the shoe remains as comfortable as its predecessor.

  • Lightweight and breathable upper mesh
  • Gel cushioning promotes efficient midfoot transition
  • Wider landing surface
  • Durable rubber on its outsole
  • Sufficient grip on various running surfaces
  • Tends to be narrow

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6. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Vongo v3

Vongo v3 is designed with great emphasis on stability and underfoot comfort. If you have been struggling with overpronation or shin splints, you’ll find this shoe very helpful.

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Vongo v3

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The midsole area features the renowned fresh foam to provide sufficient underfoot cushioning. Unlike its predecessor, Vongo v3 has an extra 2mm of midfoot thickness to enhance stability and preventoverpronation.

The rubber outsole is responsible for traction and durability of this running shoe. Since the material does not wear easily, it will protect the midsole from damage. Plus there’s a softer rubber on the lateral area to help you alleviate control your pronation.

The upper section makes use of a mesh which is reinforced by a 3D cage to provide a secure yet comfortable fit. Plus there’s a heel counter to hold down your foot to prevent accidental shoe removal.

  • Soft and comfortable underfoot cushioning
  • Stability will be good for shin splint
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Lightweight
  • Nice colors
  • A bit bulky

7. Saucony Omni 16 – Women’s Running Shoe

Omni 16 makes use of EVERUN foam technology to deliver a comfortable and responsive running shoe. EVERUN runs from heel to toe and is responsible for smooth transition during toe-off. Plus there’s a landing zone to give you energy during toe off.

Saucony Omni 16 - Women's Running Shoe

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This shoe retains a lightweight structure while controlling the tendency to overpronate, thanks to the presence of EVA.

Two types of materials are featured on the outsole. IBR+ is a lightweight and flexible rubber placed in the forefoot to provide some cushioning and responsiveness. XT-900 is located on the heel area because of its stickiness and durability. Flexibility is further enhanced by the Tri-Flex configuration.

The sock-like engineered mesh on its upper unit provides a non-irritating fit while promoting proper ventilation. Overlays are placed at strategic areas to reinforce this mesh and also ensure your feet are secure.

In addition, there’s a heel counter to support your heel. Thus, your feet remain intact throughout your running or workout.

  • Responsive EVERUN cushioning
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Fits as expected
  • A few colors

How to Choose the Best Women’s Running Shoes for Shin Splints

Runners have different running gaits depending on their type of feet. That means, the correct type of running shoes for women with shin splints will also vary from one person to another.

Now that you have the best shoes to choose from, you might want to look and some important considerations before buying your shoes. Below is a brief summary of 5 factors you should consider.

1. Shock absorption

Shin splints injuries are usually associated with impact shocks on the shins. This can be avoided by wearing running shoes that have sufficient shock attenuation to reduce the impacts.

Shock absorption is taken care by the midsole and the outsole. Different cushioning technologies are utilized by the various shoe brands to enhance shock absorption. These include foam, air pockets, gel and mechanical springs.

Good shock attenuation means more stack height in your running shoes. Therefore, ensure that the stacking under your foot does not affect your running gait or lead to other injuries.

2. Comfort

Comfort is inevitable in every running shoe especially if you’re running for long hours. Your comfort is guaranteed by the amount of underfoot cushioning and inner lining in your shoes.

Consider wearing the right size of shoes that have enough space for toes. Also ensure that there’s good collar and tongue padding and no irritation on your ankles.

3. Stability

A stable running form enables you to have the correct running gait. Therefore, it is important to choose your shoes depending on your type of foot. If you suffer fromoverpronation, you need extra stability to prevent shin splints injuries.

4. Durability

No one wants to keep replacing shoes very now and then. A durable running shoe saves you the cost of frequent shoe replacement. If you’re running on rugged terrain ensure that your shoe is robust enough to withstand wear and tear.

5. Traction

Surface grip cannot be overlooked in any running shoe. Not only does it ensure your safety, but it also allows you to concentrate on your running without worrying about slipping.

When choosing your running shoe, go for rubber outsole with proper grooves to enhance your safety on surfaces.

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Running with a recurring pain can be the worst experience for any runner. Although shin splints is a common running injury, it can be prevented or stopped by wearing the correct shoes.

The best shoes for shin splints will prevent repeated shocks and enhance proper running gait.

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