Best Women’s Running Shoes for Flat Feet

7 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2022

Runners who have flat feet often overpronate or suffer from other forms of injuries related to this postural problem.Best Women’s Running Shoes for Flat Feet The absence of an arch in flat feet denies them the elasticity and springiness that is necessary for shock attenuation. This in turn results in pain on your thighs, calves and back. However, this can be avoided by wearing the correct running shoes. So, which are the best women’s running shoes for flat feet?

Well, continue reading this post to choose your perfect running shoe for flat feet.

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Reviews: 7 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2022

1. Asics Gel Kayano 26 –  Women’s Flat Feet Running Shoe

Gel Kayano 26 remains one of the most popular gear among flat-footed runners, thanks to the arch support provided by its midsole. The main component responsible for arch support is the DuoMax foam placed in the midfoot. This configuration also heightens your foot stability to prevent injuries related to overpronation.

Asics Gel Kayano 26 -  Women’s Flat Feet Running Shoe

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In addition, two forms of FlyteFoam (Lyte and Propel) are incorporated in the midsole to deliver specialised cushioning. Propel is a malleable foam that covers the forefoot area to provide a bouncy and flexible toe-off. On the other hand, Lyte foam provides a lightweight and durable cushioning for your underfoot.

A durable AHAR rubber makes the outsole to provide reliable grip on surfaces while prolonging the life of the shoe. In addition, DuraSponge covers the forefoot area of the outsole to enhance your toe-off.

The upper section entails a jacquard mesh which is both breathable and flexible. This mesh is further reinforced with printed overlays to increase its durability and maintain the shoe’s structure.

  • Cushioned with arch support
  • Durable outsole
  • Responsive midsole
  • Solves flat-foot problems
  • Premium construction
  • Breathable and supportive upper mesh
  • Wide feet selections
  • Runs wide
  • A bit expensive

2. ASICS  GT-4000 (D) Flat Feet Running Shoe

Among the Asics’s GT series of running shoes, GT-400 comes with a more enhanced arch support. If you have flat feet, this will be a perfect running gear for preventing related injuries.

ASICS  GT-4000 (D) Flat Feet Running Shoe

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At the core of cushioning and support is the SpEVA material and the DuoMax respectively. The former delivers a superb bounce-back while the later supports the foot arches to encourage smooth transition.

The guidance line running from the forefoot to the heel helps in improving your running gait. This is especially helpful for runners who suffer fromoverpronation.

With the AHAR rubber on the outsole, you can be sure of a firm grip on any running surface. In addition, the rubber material gives the shoe a longer durability because of its ability to resist abrasion.

The upper unit fabric entails an open-weaved mesh designed to offer a snug and comfortable cover. It also promotes good air flow to keep your feet comfortable during your running sessions.

  • Enhanced arch support
  • Excellent cushioning and bounce-back
  • Lightweight
  • Available in wide sizes
  • Snug fitting fabric
  • High price

3. Salomon Sonic RA Max 2 Women’s Running Shoe

Run in a fashionable and supportive running shoe like the Sonic RA Max 2 from Salomon. As the second edition in the series, this shoe now comes with a heightened support to enhance stability. If you have injuries related to overpronation or flat feet, you can try this gear to avert the pain.

Salomon Sonic RA Max 2 Women's Running Shoe

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Underfoot cushioning is provided by the combination of VIBE and EnergyCell+ which make up the midsole. Since these are lightweight compounds, they don’t add unnecessary weight this running shoe.

The outsole comes as a blown rubber which provides a bouncy feel in addition to the midsole cushioning. It’s further equipped with more durable and super gripping lugs which promote surface traction.

The upper part is a blend of lightweight and durable mesh engineered to provide a secure and comfortable fit. It’s quite breathable to enhance comfort throughout your workouts.

  • Heightened underfoot support
  • Breathable and supportive upper mesh
  • Comfortable and responsive running shoe
  • Durable construction
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Limited colors

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4. New Balance W1260 V6 – Flat feet running shoe

If you’re having trouble with your flat feet, you can try new balance W1260 V6 running shoe. It’s equipped with a TPU Shank whose function is to provide medium arch support. In addition, the midsole unit is sufficiently cushioned with a responsive material to compensate for the lack of springiness in flat feet.

New Balance W1260 V6 – Flat feet running shoe

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A more specialized responsive foam (N2 Burst) is incorporated at the forefoot to increase your toe-off efficiency. N2 Cushioning is added at the heel to ensure comfortable landing.

Blown rubber makes up the bulk of the outsole to add some responsiveness and allow your feet to bend naturally. Durable carbon rubber is added at the heel to enhance the durability of the shoe while providing surface grip.

Breathability is provided by a soft fabric woven from a quality and durable material. It covers the top of the feet in a manner you won’t feel uncomfortable when running. An additional sleeve inside the shoe prevents possibility of blisters or irritation.

What’s more, the heel counter at the back of the shoe helps in restricting your feet inside the shoe. This prevents discomfort resulting from shoe wobbling or rubbing.

  • Provides arch support and stability
  • Comfortable landing and toe-off
  • Ideal colors and aesthetics for women runners
  • Lightweight running shoe
  • Ideal for women with wide feet
  • Expensive shoe

5. Saucony Omni 16 – Women’s Running Shoe 

Omni 16 is the ideal running shoes for individuals with flat feet because it is designed to support foot arches. This is made possible by the Comfortlite Sockliner placed in the midsole. It’s molded in the shape of the underfoot so as to support the foot arches.

Saucony Omni 16 - Women’s Running Shoe 

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The rest of the midsole is made with EVERUN technology, which is basically a responsive foaming material. This material aims at absorbing shock during landing and give you some energy during toe-off. Additional shock absorption and smooth ride is provided by the landing zone.

Two rubber compounds make up the outsole. The forefoot area utilizes a lightweight IBR+ rubber to provide responsiveness and enhance cushioning. XT-900 rubber is featured at the heel area to provide sufficient grip and heighten the outsole’s resistance to abrasion.

An engineered mesh is incorporated on the upper part of the shoe to allow ample air flow in and out of the shoe. This material also provides a non-irritating sock-like cover for enhanced comfort. Overlays are placed at strategic areas to maintain the structure of the shoe and protect the fabric from wear and tear.

What’s more, there’s a heel support and a plush collar which adds to your overall comfort when running in this shoe.

  • Comfortable sockliner with arch support
  • Made with durable materials
  • Cushioned and responsive
  • Shock attenuation to enhance comfort
  • Breathable
  • Not heavy
  • Stylish and available in narrow and wide sizes
  • Few color choices

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6. Brooks PureCadence 7 Women’s Running Shoe

The latest iteration of PureCadence comes with a midsole that is designed to adapt to the shape of the underfoot for added support. This compensates for the loss in springiness usually found in flat feet.

Brooks PureCadence 7 Women's Running Shoe

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Underfoot comfort is further provided by a combination of BioMoGo and DNA cushioning. These materials deliver a responsive cushion under your feet to ease pressure resulting from shock impacts. The heel of PureCadence 7 is deliberately made to be round to ensure your feet lands smoothly when running.

A guide rail is also added in the midsole to protect your feet from pronation.

PureCadence 7 features a highly durable rubber on the entire outsole making it a durable shoe for running. This rubber also provides grip on surfaces to protect the user from slipping or sliding. In addition, the outsole is equipped with Flex Grooves to encourage flexibility of the foot.

The upper unit is a 3D print of a high quality material which delivers a snug and durable cover for your foot. It’s also responsible for breathability while encouraging flexibility to prevent foot stiffness.

  • Adaptive and supportive midsole
  • Comfortable and responsive cushioning
  • Snug fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Rounded heel for a smooth ride
  • Stylish design and color
  • Not good for wide feet
  • Few colors

7. New Balance  860v9 – Women’s Flat Feet Running Shoe

A great option for women with wide and flat feet. The stability post embedded in the midsole plays a big role in supporting the arch of the foot. This results in neutral pronation and hence stable running gait. Additional support is provided by the T-BEAM embedded in the midsole.

New Balance  860v9 - Women's Flat Feet Running Shoe

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Midsole cushioning is provided by the TruFuse foaming platform which is a combination of two components. It offers a sufficient bounce-back which is necessary for your running comfort.

Blown rubber gives the outsole additional cushioning while also giving the shoe the necessary grip on surfaces. Areas prone to abrasion such as the forefoot and heel are further covered with a more durable rubber called Ndurance rubber.

Flex grooves are incorporated at the forefoot to enhance flexibility in the toes during toe-off.

A non-restrictive knitted mesh makes the upper unit to provide a snug fit for your feet. Printed overlays offer structural support to this mesh to maintain the shoe’s shape and prolong its life. This mesh also acts as the means for breathability to the interior of the shoe.

  • Cushioned and responsive underfoot platform
  • Excellent underfoot support
  • Non-restrictive and breathable mesh
  • Not heavy
  • Prevents overpronation
  • Not ideal for winter running

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How to Choose the Best Women’s Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Below is the ultimate guide to choosing the best women’s running shoes for flat feet

1. Support

Arch support is perhaps the most important remedy for flat feet problems. When you have flat feet, your entire underfoot flashes with the ground. This results in loss of springiness whenever your foot hits the ground. Such feet tend to have poor shock absorption ability especially during high impact activities such as running.

The effect of such impacts is pain on your thighs, calves and back. Though the pain can go unnoticed in some people, it may be quite disturbing for others. However, studies have shown that wearing shoes that have good arch support can reduce and prevent such pain.

Therefore, when choosing your running shoes, ensure they have sufficient arch support to compensate for the lost springiness in your feet.

2. Comfort

No one wants to run in uncomfortable shoes. Wearing inappropriate shoes is not only uncomfortable but it also exposes you to running injuries. Regardless of the type of foot arch, your running shoes should have sufficient cushioning to protect your feet from impact shocks.

Proper underfoot cushioning gives you a bouncy feel which propels you forward without using too much strain.

To get maximum comfort also ensure you get shoes with sufficient padding to reduce instances of itchiness or irritation. Plus ensure you buy the correct size of shoes to avoid shoe wobbling or rubbing.

3. Breathability

All running shoes should be breathable enough to ensure comfort during your running sessions. A breathable shoe allows air to flow freely in and out of the shoe. In addition heat is dissipated from the foot to the surrounding.

Therefore, there’ll be less or no moisture accumulation inside the shoe which would otherwise cause discomfort and bad odor.

As far as breathability is necessary ensure the material used to make the upper unit does not compromise durability. The mesh should be long-lasting and able to resist wear and tear.

4. Stability

Lack of stability during running is one the notable causes of foot injuries like overpronation. Individuals with flat feet are especially prone to such injuries due to the absence of foot arches.

Therefore, ensure that the midsole of your running shoes allow smooth heel-to-toe transition to prevent chances of foot rolling. The goal here to retain a neutral stride whenever your foot hits the ground.

Stability is also affected by the flexibility of the shoe. A flexible running shoe allows natural foot movement thus giving you maximum control of your running gait.

5. Traction

Sufficient grip is one of the key considerations for any running shoe. Not only does it prevent sliding, but it also gives you confidence to focus on your running. A rubber outsole is what you should look for when buying your running shoes.

You may also consider rugged outsoles depending on the surface you are running on. Shoes for running on grass should have rugged outsoles to ensure maximum grip.

6. Durability

You don’t want to buy a running shoe that gets out of shape within a short time of usage. Therefore, durability is also an important consideration when choosing the right running shoes for flat feet.

Consider rubber outsoles because they tend be durable compared to other materials. The upper material should also be robust enough to withstand wear and tear especially if you are running on rugged terrain.


About 20% to 30% of people are flat footed. Though many of them may not have a problem with this condition, runners will often experience injuries due to their frequent involvement in high impact activities.

Therefore, if you’re a flat-footed runner, ensure you wear the correct running shoes. This will keep you free from injuries and make your running more productive. Pick one of these running shoes to help you run safely.

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