Trail Running Shoes for Supination

8 Best Trail Running Shoes for Supination 2022

Runners who exhibit Supination or underpronation are likely to suffer injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, ankle strain, knee pain and so on.Trail Running Shoes for Supination But this can be prevented by wearing proper running shoes. So, which are the best trail running shoes for supination?

Well, below is a list of quality shoes for preventing supination during your trail running.

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Reviews: 8 Best Trail Running Shoes for Supination 2022

1. Brooks (GTX) Cascadia 14 – Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Now in its 14 iteration, Cascadia GTX will be ideal for runners who experience supination when running. The pivot system embedded in its midsole provides suspension points that minimise the tendency of your feet to roll outwards.

Brooks (GTX) Cascadia 14 – Men’s Trail Running Shoes

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This makes it possible on run on uneven terrain without too much rolling which might otherwise lead to ankle strain, shin splints or plantar fasciitis. A BioMoGo DNA compound makes the rest of the midsole to provide a perfect cushioning and responsiveness for tackling tough terrain.

In addition, the heel area is designed to stabilize your feet no matter the unevenness of the surface.

The outsole entails TrailTak, a type of rubber that is preferred for its stickiness on wet and dry surfaces. The grooves on this outsole makes it possible to run without sliding. They are designed to tackle both uphill and downhill running.

The Gore-Tex lining on its upper unit provides a waterproof cover to keep the inside of the shoe cool and dry. The upper unit is also designed shelve mud and debris.

Plus its breathability keeps our feet comfortable by promoting ample air circulation and heat dissipation.

  • Perfect grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • Heel pivot prevents excessive outward rolling
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Gore-Tex lining for waterproofness
  • Narrow

2. Salomon Men’s Elevate XA GTX Trail Sneaker

Elevate GTX running shoe will give under-pronators (supinators) a comfortable running experience when hitting rugged outdoor conditions. It keeps your feet stable and flexible with each stride you make, thanks to the Chassis and Profeel Film technology utilized in the midsole.

Salomon Men’s Elevate XA GTX Trail Sneaker

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The EnergyCell+ and EVA foam placed on the midsole provides a responsive cushioning so that you don’t hurt your feet on rocks or debris found on rugged terrain. This combination also contributes sufficient energy return to make your running as effortless as possible.

The outsole features Contagrip which is designed to offer accurate grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The rugged nature of this outsole further contributes to its ability to grip on rugged terrain whether you’re running uphill or downhill.

The upper part features a breathable mesh that is lined with Gore-Tex membrane to keep off water. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable when running on wet and muddy surfaces.

This mesh also features Sensifit overlays which provide a secure and comfortable wrap. Thus, you won’t get blisters on your feet even on the longest of your runs.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Responsive ride
  • Stability on uneven surfaces
  • Waterproof
  • Not heavy
  • Less roomy toe box

3. Salomon Supercross Men’s Trail Runner

No one wants to hurt their feet when running outdoors. Supercross trail running shoes deliver quality performance and safety for runners who exhibit supination. Each ride with Supercross feels energetic and responsive, thanks to EVA foam covering the entire midsole.

Salomon Supercross Men’s Trail Runner

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That makes it ideal for trail running where you are likely to encounter uneven terrain, debris, sharp edges, rocks, roots etc. Your feet are further protected from impact shocks by a removable ortholite insole that comes with it.

With the Contagrip rubber on the outsole, you can be sure of a secure grip when running on most of the tail surfaces. Deep lugs add to the shoes ability to grip on rugged terrain whether you’re running downhill or upperhill.

Ripstop material covers the upper to offer resistance to wear or tear caused by rocks, debris or roots during your outdoor running. It’s further reinforced with seemingly non-conspicuous overlays to maintain the structure and provide a secure fit.

There’s sufficient padding on the collar and tongue to guard your feet from irritation or blisters when running.

  • Delivers a comfortable and energetic ride
  • Outsole offers sufficient grip
  • Comfortable inshoe experience
  • Lightweight
  • Durable material on its upper
  • Less breathable

4. La Sportiva Mutant – Running Shoes

As an award winning trail running shoe, La Sportiva Mutant guarantees runners maximum security and comfort when running on trails. If you exhibit supination, you’ll benefit from the TPU stabilizer which keeps your heel intact to minimise outward rolling.

La Sportiva Mutant – Running Shoes

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Underfoot cushioning and responsiveness is provided by EVA foam which is molded in the shape of your foot arch. Thus, debris, rocks or sharp edges won’t be too harsh beneath your feet.

The technology utilized on the outsole is FriXion XF. This is a lightweight and sticky rubber designed to provide outstanding grip on trails. It also equipped with multidirectional V grooves to heighten the traction especially when running downhill or uphill.

The upper unit delivers impressive aesthetics while enabling breathability. The tongue and the gaiter keeps debris and flying stones away from the interior of the shoe. Plus there is a durable toe cap to protect your forefoot from all the hazards encountered during trail running.

  • TPU stabilizer to prevent excessive outward rolling.
  • Provides a soft and comfortable landing
  • Efficient grip on rough, dry and muddy terrain
  • Reliable durability on the harsh trail conditions
  • Breathable
  • A bit inflexible

5. Altra Timp 1.5 – Men’s Trail Runner

An update from the previous version, Timp 1.5 will be an ideal trail running shoe. Not only does it ensure your comfort but it also protects your feet from injuries on rugged terrain.

Altra Timp 1.5 – Men’s Trail Runner

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EVA foam provides a comfortable underfoot platform which makes your landing sympathetic and energetic. The midsole is also configured to be flexible so as to allow smooth transition.

The outsole is designed with DuraTread rubber which offers secure grip and reliable durability. Additional gripping lugs on this outsole makes the possible to run on trail surfaces without slipping. The lugs offer reliable grip whether you’re running uphill or downhill.

Wrapping the upper unit is a breathable mesh which secures your foot and toes from debris and stones. TPU overlays are embedded on strategic areas to reinforce the mesh and maintain its shape.

The heel counter helps in securing your foot in the shoe and prevents excessive outward rolling.

  • Comfortable on rugged terrain
  • Smooth transition
  • Sturdy construction
  • Responsive ride
  • Excellent grip
  • Not waterproof

6. Asics Gel Venture 7

Venture 7 brings with it a host of quality features that make trail running more comfortable and secure. At a very affordable price you get a quality running shoe with an undisputed durability.

Asics Gel Venture 7

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EVA foam provides a comfortable underfoot cushioning while damping impact shocks during landing. Gel cushioning is placed at the rearfoot to provide a means for effortless toe-off.

Additional underfoot comfort is offered by the removable insole which can be substituted with an appropriate orthotic.

Although it does not have deep trends, the AHAR rubber featured on the outsole has a guaranteed traction. The reversed lugs ensures that you don’t slip during downhill or uphill trail running.

The upper is composed of a breathable mesh and synthetic leather. Having leather overlays makes the shoe very durable and able to withstand the beating from rocks and debris.

What’s more, the tongue, collar and the lining inside the shoe contributes to inshoe comfort throughout your running.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Gripping rubber outsole
  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • Narrow at the toe box

7. Merrell Momentous Women’s Trail Running Shoes

As its name depicts Merrell Momentous is designed to propel you forward during your trail running. The CMEVA cushioning placed in its midsole provides an outstanding bounce-back which gives the energy to move forward.

Merrell Momentous Women’s Trail Running Shoes

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The resulting shock attenuation spares your feet from the impact shocks experienced during trail running. Between the outsole and the midsole is a sheet which further protects your feet and the midsole from the effects of rocks, debris or sharp edges.

The popular Vibram Megagrip technology is what makes up the outsole. It’s a durable rubber with proven ability to resist consistent abrasion from rough terrain. Together with its gripping lugs, this rubber provides excellent traction to keep you from sliding.

The upper comes with an admirable knitted design which offers a comfortable wrap on your feet. Thus, there’re no instances of irritating rubbing or bruising. Supporting the knitted material are thin overlays which do not look out of place at all.

Your heels are kept intact by the heel counter which also prevents excessive bending of the foot.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Secure traction
  • Stylish knitted upper
  • Durable rubber
  • Runs narrow

8. New Balance Crag Trail Fresh Foam

Crag-Trail trail running shoe from New Balance has all the qualities you need in a trail running shoe. You’ll be impressed by the fresh foam which provides cushioning throughout the midsole. This material enhances the responsiveness needed to tackle the ruggedness encountered during trail running.

New Balance Crag Trail Fresh Foam

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Also incorporated in the midsole is a removable insole which adds to the underfoot comfort and springiness.

AT TREAD provides the necessary traction on varied trail surfaces. The sturdiness of this material prevents excessive abrasion from the rough terrain. Thus, you won’t have to replace your shoes frequently.

Gripping lugs are incorporated on the outsole to enhance traction especially on jagged surfaces. They offer accurate grip whether you’re running on upward or downward trails.

The upper part features suede panels, synthetic mesh and stitched overlays. The mesh serves as the means for ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation. Placing suede panels on the sides and the toe area enables the shoe to withstand wear and tear caused by debris, rocks and so on.

  • Overall durability
  • Comfortable
  • Protective underfoot platform
  • Affordable
  • Effective traction
  • Less breathable


The best trail running shoes for supination should provide sufficient stability to prevent the tendency of your feet to roll outwards. In addition, they should have sufficient cushioning and durability needed for tackling rough terrain. Plus, they should provide secure traction.

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