Best Trail Running Shoes for Overpronation

7 Best Trail Running Shoes for Overpronation 2022

Hitting the trails when you suffer from overpronation can expose you to running injuries such as shin splints, ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis among others. Best Trail Running Shoes for OverpronationRunning on trails also comes with its own challenges including rugged terrain, sharp rocks, roots and wet surfaces.

However, you can be on the safe side by getting the best trail running shoes for overpronation. Below is a review of 7 trail running shoes that are deigned to correct overpronation.

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Reviews: 7 Best Trail Running Shoes for Overpronation 2022

1. Salomon GTX Xa Pro 3D – Editor’s Choice

This is an all-in-one trail running shoe. It’s designed for varied trail surfaces and weather conditions including the wet ones.

Salomon GTX Xa Pro 3D – Editor’s Choice

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If you exhibit overpronation, you’ll benefit from the double layer of EVA foam featured on its midsole. This configuration provides an excellent cushion under your feet to enhance your comfort when running.

A 3D chassis is placed at the heel to help in shock absorption and stabilize your feet during heel-to-toe transition.

Contagrip rubber is what makes the outsole. This trail-oriented material helps you achieve a secure grip on various trail conditions. The gripping lugs on this outsole are designed to tackle all terrain including mountain running. This rubber also boasts of a reliable durability which gives you value for your money.

Running in the rain won’t get your feet soaked with water, thanks to the Gore-Tex lined upper mesh. This mesh still retains its breathability and snug fit properties.

Reinforcing the mesh are overlays which cover areas that are likely to come into contact with rocks, roots and so on. Plus the toe are is also protected by a toe cap.

What’s more, there’s an Ortholite Sockliner which heightens the inshoe comfort and helps in minimising moisture in the shoe.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Solves overpronation issues
  • Stylish
  • All-weather running shoe
  • Excellent on trails
  • Sure grip
  • Durable configuration
  • Runs narrow

2. La Sportiva Bushido II – Super-Grip Trail Runner

Built for trail running Bushido II is an ideal running shoe for individuals who exhibit overpronation. That’s made possible by the inclusion of TPU STB insert in its midsole unit to enhance your stability.

La Sportiva Bushido II – Super-Grip Trail Runner

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Moderate midsole cushioning is delivered by Molded MEMIex to provide runners with a comfortable platform under their feet. A soft EVA foam known as LaSpEVA adds foot support while also providing a means for shock absorption.

Also in the midsole is a thick rock guard to protect your feet from the impact of rocks, debris or sharp edges during your trail running.

One look at its midsole tells you that Bushido II was meant to tackle the ruggedness encountered on trail surfaces. It’s designed with a durable and gripping rubber to ensure you don’t slide and hurt yourself. The gripping lugs enhance traction while also reducing the effect of impact shocks under your feet.

An air mesh covers the upper unit to promote breathability. The numerous Ripstop overlays wrapping the mesh ensures that your feet are locked down securely while protecting the mesh. A toe cap at the forefront keeps your toes safe in case you hit rocks or roots during your running.

  • Stable ride
  • Ideal for overpronation
  • Protective platform with responsiveness
  • Guaranteed traction for mountain running
  • Durable
  • A bit stiff

3. Salomon Men’s Pro 3D XA – Trail Runner

Designed for stability, this trail running shoe will be ideal for individuals who exhibit overpronation. Its main technique of midsole cushioning is a double-layered EVA foam which runs full-length. Immediately after the midsole is a sockliner to keep off sweat and bacteria.

Salomon Men’s Pro 3D XA – Trail Runner

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Shock attenuation is delivered by an advanced 3D chassis embedded at the heel area. This configuration also keeps your heel in place thus enabling foot stability.

The Salomon’s popular Contagrip rubber makes the outsole. Not only does it offer grip on rugged terrain but it also contributes to the overall durability of the shoe. Also integrated on the outsole are moderately-sized lugs whose purpose is to enhance grip on even and uneven surfaces.

The upper mesh is both breathable and super-drying. This ensures that your feet remain cool and dry during your running or jogging. Sensifit overlays cover the mesh at specific areas to maintain the shoe’s structure and provide a secure fit.

What’s more, there’s a durable toecap to keep your toes safe when running on debris and rocks.

  • Ideal stability for overpronators
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Breathable and super-drying
  • Super-grip rubber
  • Effective lugs
  • Not very responsive

4. Salomon Women’s Sense Max 2 – Trail Running Shoes

Sense Max 2 comes with an enhanced underfoot support and cushioning to give runners a smooth ride on trails. This is made possible by Vibe technology utilized on the midsole. It provides a perfect platform for cushioning and shock attenuation. Thus, any stride you make will be more energetic and less likely to strain your feet.

Salomon Women’s Sense Max 2 – Trail Running Shoes

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In addition, there’s a sockliner in the midsole to heighten underfoot comfort.

The outsole unit provides effective traction on both dry and wet trails, thanks to Contagrip technology. Additional grip is made possible by the presence of gripping lugs which are evenly spread throughout the outsole. Having a secure grip reduces your chances sliding which further enhances your stability.

The upper unit is a complex network entailing a breathable mesh and Sensifit overlays. This promotes a health inshoe environment while providing comfortable and secure hug on your feet. Inside the shoe is a sock-like lining which further contributes to inshoe comfort.

You might also like the unique lacing system which allows quick and efficient lace-up. Plus you can hide the laces in the lace pocket to avoid trampling on them during your running.

  • Excellent comfort and support
  • Responsive underfoot experience
  • Perfect grip on dry and wet trails
  • Offers stable landing
  • Wide toe-box not good for narrow feet

5. Asics Gel Women’s Kahana 8 – Overpronation Running Shoe

Perhaps Kahana 8 is one of the most popular trail running shoe meant for runners with overpronation. Its popularity can be attributed to its performance, quality build and durability.

Asics Gel Women’s Kahana 8 – Overpronation Running Shoe

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Comfort is key with Kahana 8. This is provided by a responsive and durable foaming technology known as SpEVA. It’s an effective platform for cushioning your feet against hard and rugged surfaces. In addition, Gel cushioning is added at the heel to make your landing more secure by absorbing shocks.

Stability is provided by the DuoMax technology which effectively supports your feet during your running. Thus, it’s a great running shoe for correcting overpronation.

Like in many Asics running shoes, Kahana 8 features AHAR rubber on its outsole. With its good traction ability, you can run with confidence without worrying about slipping. The lugging system on the outsole further enhances traction. Plus its durability can withstand the abrasion from rough terrain.

The material covering the upper unit is a breathable mesh and synthetic overlays. Such a configuration provides a secure fit while ensuring sufficient air flow. Its sturdy construction gives it notable resistance to wear and tear caused by rough terrain.

  • Corrects overpronation
  • Sturdy configuration
  • Responsive ride
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent grip on all outdoor terrain
  • Supportive
  • Not favourable for wide feet

6. North Face 109 GTX Men’s Ultra

Every aspect of this shoes looks great for hitting the trails. Its midsole delivers excellent stability which will be good for runners who experience overpronation. The EVA midsole cushioning delivers the springiness you need for a comfortable running experience.

North Face 109 GTX Men’s Ultra

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A lightweight and flexible TPU plate is embedded in the midsole to keep your feet stable. It’s especially useful when running on uneven terrain. There’s also a shank for increasing torsional resistance at the middle of the midsole.

Not only is the outsole durable, but it delivers an outstanding grip that is typical to trail running shoes. It’s also equipped with aggressive lugs that are designed for running uphill as well as downhill.

The upper unit looks stylish and durable. It’s built with a breathable membrane which is reinforced with leather at areas that are prone to wear and tear. A toe cap made of thermoplastic polyurethane covers the toe area to protect your toes in case you hit rocks or roots.

Also included is GORE-TEX to enhance comfort and reduce moisture accumulation.

  • Built for rugged terrain
  • Solves overpronation issues
  • Guaranteed traction
  • Waterproofing features
  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable
  • Less flexible

7. Saucony Men’s Guide ISO (2 TR)

Saucony utilizes its Guide ISO technology to deliver quality running shoes. Guide ISO 2 also follows a similar trend with greater emphasis on its outsole which is designed for trail running.

Saucony Men’s Guide ISO (2 TR)

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The dual-layered outsole unit is designed to offer outstanding traction and withstand the unending abrasion on trail surfaces. The gripping lugs provide extra grip on the various trail surfaces that you might encounter. Plus, there’re flex grooves to allow flexibility.

Saucony also utilizes a double layer of cushioning in the midsole. PWRFOAM acts as the primary shock absorbing material while EVERUN brings in the responsiveness. Generally, this configuration delivers an energetic ride while maintaining the durability of the shoe.

The footbed is designed in what is called FORMFIT to offer a secure fit and add some cushioning.

Guide ISO 2 comes with an engineered mesh which meant to offer a comfortable fit. It’s covered with minimal overlays especially on the areas vulnerable to wear and tear.

What’s more, inshoe comfort is guaranteed by the padding on the tongue and collar.

  • Good stability and support for overpronation
  • Comfortable and durable footbed
  • Efficient traction
  • Sufficient toe box
  • Not light

How to Choose the Best Trail Running Shoes for Overpronation

Below are some important considerations you should have in mind when choosing the correct trail running shoes for overpronation.

1. Stability

Lack of sufficient foot arch on your feet results in inward rolling of the foot. As such, you hit the ground with the heels and push off the ground with the big toe and second toe. This puts you at risk of suffering running injuries such as shin splints, heel spurs, and ankle sprains among others.

But this can be reversed by wearing stability or motion control running shoes.

Shoes with a firm heel counter can effectively lock the heel to allow correct landing and toe-off.

2. Support

Support is key to correcting overpronation. Your running shoes should have the correct underfoot support to keep your feet from rolling inwards.

3. Comfort

Your running performance depends on how comfortable your shoes are. Trail running is usually associated with rugged terrain which might prove harsh for your feet. Therefore, when choosing your shoes, ensure they have adequate cushioning to keep you comfortable throughout your running.

Also consider shoes with an overall inshoe comfort. This is determined by the breathability, interior padding, foot lock and how well shoe fits on your feet.

4. Shock Attenuation

Hitting the trails with less bouncy running shoes is risky to your feet. You might hurt your feet especially when you step on sharp rocks or debris. However, shoes with adequate shock absorption ability can help keep your feet safe from the impact shocks.

5. Traction

If you slip and fall on the rough terrain during trail running, you might end up with numerous bruises. However, you can avoid such injuries by wearing shoes with trail-oriented outsoles.

Your shoes must have quality rubber outsoles and be equipped with efficient gripping lugs.

6. Durability

Sturdiness is a common trait of trail running shoes. Since the shoes are meant for rough terrain, they ought to be durable to ensure they stay for long before replacement. The outsole should indeed be very durable and able to withstand sharp stones and numerous bending.

7. Waterproofness

Waterproof running shoes will keep you running even when the trails are wet. They keep your feet dry despite the wet conditions.


You know that trail running is quite challenging. It’s even worse if you suffer from unfavourable foot conditions such as overpronation. Luckily, studies related to foot injuries have indicated that overpronation can be corrected and prevented by wearing motion control or stability running shoes.

This review features overpronation running shoes that will enable you run effectively on trails without suffering injuries.

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