Best Trail Running Shoes for High Arches

7 Best Trail Running Shoes for High Arches 2021

It’s quite challenging to run on trails especially if you have high arches.Best Trail Running Shoes for High Arches That’s why you should invest in the best trail running shoes for high arches.

They’re designed to provide arch support so that you’re can run with minimal strain on lower body appendages.

See the reviews of some decent trail running shoes you can use when you have high foot arches.

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Reviews: 7 Best Trail Running Shoes for High Arches 2021

1. Salomon Speedcross 5 – Running Shoes for Trails

Anyone who has used speedcross 5 will agree that this running shoe was specially designed for trails including the muddy ones. This is made possible by the gripping lugs which are prominent in most Salomon’s trail running shoes.

Salomon Speedcross 5 – Running Shoes for Trails

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The lugs face in opposite direction to make it possible to run uphill or downhill without slipping.

The material used on the outsole is contagrip rubber which is provides secure grip on surfaces and prevents wear and tear.

Energycell foam technology is what gives speedcross 5 a springy underfoot platform. This gives you energy while protecting your feet from impact shocks. Above the energy cell is an Ortholite Sockliner which takes the shape of your foot arch. It’s meant to provide support to your high foot arches and therefore prevent injuries.

A nylon mesh is what makes up the upper part of speedcross 5. Its stretchy nature makes it possible for your feet to bend naturally. This mesh also allows air to circulate inside the shoe thus promoting a clean and comfortable environment.

The sensifit overlays help in maintaining the erect shape of the shoe while adding to its durability. The padding on the collar and tongue come with some added comfort while the lacing system provides a very secure fit to your feet.

The shoe offers moderate waterproofness if you’re running on slightly wet surfaces. But I recommend going for the Gore-Tex coated Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX if you want to tackle extremely soggy terrain.

  • Provides necessary arch support
  • Gripping lugs for trails
  • Fits securely
  • Durable build
  • Provides comfortable landing
  • Relatively heavy

2. Salomon Speedtrak Men’s Trail Runner

Nothing feels good like running in a comfortable shoe. Running on trails is especially challenging because you might encounter difficult terrain such as rocks, fallen trees, roots, and so on. That’s where trail running shoes come in place.

Salomon Speedtrak Men’s Trail Runner

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Salomon Speedtrak performs excellently on trails because of its quality build and robustness. It’s designed with emphasis on support, traction and underfoot protection.

Cushioning and shock attenuation is provided by IMEVA which covers the entire midsole unit. Its responsiveness delivers efficient heel-to-toe transition allowing you to run fast and effortlessly.

A look at its outsole quickly tells you that Salomon Speedtrak was specially designed for tackling rugged terrain. It’s armed with numerous multi-directional lugs which provide sufficient grip on both uphill and downhill trails. It’s also covered with Contagrip which enhances grip on wet surfaces.

The design of the gripping lugs is in such as a way that mud and debris won’t cling to the outsole.

Sensfit overlays are a key feature of Salomon Speedtrak running shoes. Not only do they provide support but they also protect the breathable mesh from debris. The mesh itself is made from an anti-debris material which won’t wear or tear easily. A sturdy rubber material covers the toe area to protect it from debris.

  • Supportive footbed
  • Stylish and durable build
  • Comfortable
  • Multi-directional lugs provide secure grip
  • Wide feet runners find it narrow

3. Dynafit GTX Trailbreaker High Arches Running Shoes

Trailbreaker GTX adds to Dynafit’s history of manufacturing high-end trail running shoes. All its features are aimed at making your trail running more efficient, secure and more enjoyable.

Dynafit GTX Trailbreaker High Arches Running Shoes

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If you’re looking for a perfect trail running shoe for your high foot arches, then you can’t go wrong with Trailbreaker GTX. The EVA foaming technology on its midsole gives it a comfortable and responsive landing platform for your feet. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hurting your feet on the rugged trails.

Arch support is provided by the Ortholite footbed which is curved to mimic the shape of your foot arch. Ortholite also adds some cushioning while wicking away excessive moisture from your feet.

The outsole unit focusses on traction, flexibility and durability. It’s also equipped with lugs around the perimeter to enhance its ability to grip securely.

The aesthetics of Trailbreaker GTX is quite noticeable on the mesh on its upper unit. Not only does it make it attractive but it also promotes breathability and durability. It’s supported with printed overlays and waterproofed by Gore-Tex membrane.

What’s more, in-shoe comfort is guaranteed, thanks to the inner lining as well as the padded collar and tongue.

  • Guaranteed arch support
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and durable mesh
  • Quite expensive

4. Merrell Flex Sneaker Agility Synthesis

The name speaks for itself. It’s an agile and flexible running shoe meant for hitting the trails. Vegans who extend the practice beyond their diet will love this shoe because it does not make use of animal materials.

Merrell Flex Sneaker Agility Synthesis

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EVA foaming technology makes up the midsole unit to provide a comfortable platform under which your feet can land safely. Its responsiveness gives you energy back during heel-to-toe session of the gait cycle. Thus you won’t use a lot of energy to during the transition.

The midsole also features flex grooves which allow flexibility and help in balancing your feet on rugged terrain. Plus the TrailProtect layer keeps your feet for injuries when you step on rocks or debris.

With its durable outsole rubber, the shoe boasts of great traction on surfaces. Plus it won’t wear out easily even with prolonged usage. The lugs on this outsole provide secure grip on trails surface including muddy surfaces. They are designed to release mud and debris with ease.

The material covering the upper unit provides a snug fit to your feet and allows them to flex naturally. What’s more, your feet won’t become stuffy and uncomfortable, thanks to its mesh configuration.

  • Ideal arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Ample surface grip
  • Stylish
  • Quite breathable
  • Upper mesh not very durable

5. Salomon Trailster High Arches Trail Runner

Whenever trail running is mentioned, the first thing you think is rugged terrain or difficult challenges. But you can face the challenge head on with the correct trail running shoes. And if you’re the high foot-arch type, Salomon Trailster running shoes will be a great choice.

Salomon Trailster High Arches Trail Runner

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The primary source of underfoot cushioning is the EnergyCell placed in the midsole. It’s responsible for underfoot comfort and shock attenuation. In addition it gives you energy during toe-off allowing you to run effortlessly.

Additional cushioning and underfoot support is offered by EVA Ortholite which is molded to mimic the foot curve. That makes it ideal for runners with high foot arches.

On its outsole, you’ll find Contagrip rubber which is equipped with numerous lugs to heighten its ability to grip on both even and uneven surfaces. Since this is a hardy and durable rubber, the outsole isn’t prone to serious wear and tear.

Salomon Trailster features a synthetic mesh on its upper unit. It’s designed to cover your feet and protect them from injuries. In addition, it promotes air movement in and out of the shoe so as to keep your feet comfortable.

  • Great cushioning and underfoot support
  • Secure grip on surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible outsole
  • Stable on uneven surfaces
  • None

6. New Balance (510v3) – Men’s Trail Runner

If you’re running on trails, new balance 510 v3 will be an ideal running shoe to help you avoid injuries such as overuse, ankle twisting among others. Designed for high foot arches, this shoe will go a long way to improve your running gait by cushioning and supporting your foot arches.

New Balance (510v3) - Men’s Trail Runner

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Underfoot cushioning is guaranteed by the molded EVA foam which runs throughout the midsole. It is responsible for the springiness, flexibility and stability needed when running on trails. Overall, this is the right running shoes for beating the rugged terrain on trails.

There’s also a removable insole which allows you to have a customized underfoot experience by inserting orthotics.

The rubber outsole entails AT Treads which are basically meant to give you sufficient grip on the rough surfaces you’ll encounter. Being a durable rubber, this material ensures that your shoes won’t wear out easily.

Covering the upper unit, is a breathable mesh and leather. Such a configuration helps in maintaining durability and ensuring that the interior of the shoe is well ventilated. The well-padded collar and tongue on the upper also contributes to your comfort.

  • Robust and durable build
  • Excellent grip
  • Generous cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Attractive colors
  • Heavy

7. Asics Gel-Venture 7 – for Men with High Arches

Perhaps this is the most affordable trail running shoe in its class. But you’ll be surprised to find that it outdoes many high-end trail running shoes. If you’re working on a tight budget, then Gel Venture 7 will be a great running shoe for your high arches.

Asics Gel-Venture 7 – for Men with High Arches

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At the core of arch support and cushioning is the EVA foam cushioning. Its ability to deform and return to shape is what makes it an excellent means for shock attenuation. Below the EVA foam is the Gel cushioning covering the forefoot area which helps in absorbing impact shocks during footstrike. This contributes to a smooth and effortless transition.

The removable insole also plays a big role in ensuring underfoot comfort and protection. You can replace it with orthotics of your choice to attain the desired amount of comfort.

The midsole is sufficiently shielded from wear and tear by the AHAR rubber compound featured on the outsole. Not only does it make the shoe durable but it also provides sufficient grip on surfaces. Thus, there’re little chances of slipping or sliding.

In addition, the outsole is equipped with reversed lugs to heighten its traction on surfaces.

The upper unit is a blend of synthetic leather and a breathable mesh. Such a configuration makes the shoe very durable while promoting good air circulation inside the shoe. Your feet are made comfortable by the soft lining inside the shoe. Plus the collar and tongue are well padded for added in-shoe comfort.

  • Secure grip on trails
  • Sufficient support
  • Very affordable
  • Accurate sizing
  • Great color options
  • Toe box seems narrow for wide feet

How to Choose the Best Trail Running Shoes for High Arches

1. Support

Arch support is perhaps the most important remedy for high arches. The curve on the foot causes the weight of the body to be concentrated at the ball of the foot and the heel. As a result those areas suffer more strain which may lead to injuries during high impact activities such as running.

Therefore, your running shoes must have sufficient arch support to enable uniform distribution of body weight. Some runners may have extremely high arches which may require additional customized orthotics in their running shoes.

2. Cushioning

Comfort is a must for any runner. That’s why all running shoes come with plenty of cushioning to make your running as comfortable as possible. Running on trails usually entails landing on stones, debris, uneven surfaces and so on. So, adequate cushioning will go a long way to protect your feet from injuries.

3. Grip/Traction

Shoes for running on trails have one thing in common. They are designed with deeper lugs or treads compared to other running shoes. They are intended to give secure grip on the surfaces to keep you from sliding.

Notably, treads meant for running on muddy terrain tend to be deeper than those meant for dry trails.

4. Stability

High foot arches and uneven terrain heighten the possibility of having unstable landing during running. Proper cushioning and support contributes greatly to the stability offered by your running shoes.

In addition, wearing the correct shoe size ensures that your feet are stable and less likely to slip out. Stability is also contributed by the level of traction offered by the shoe.

5. Flexibility

Your running shoes ought to be flexible enough to alleviate stiffness. This allows natural foot movement which in turn reduces chances of injuries as the foot absorbs impact shocks.

6. Durability

A durable running shoe gives you value for money. So you won’t have to replace your shoes within a short time.

7. Breathability

Breathability contributes to your overall comfort during your running session. It ensures that the inside of the shoe doesn’t feel wet or stuffy.


High foot arches should not side-line you from trail running. All you need is a running shoe that supports your high foot arches to ease pressure on the ball of the foot and the heel. These shoes also need to have gripping lugs to keep you from slipping when running.

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