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7 Best Trail Running Jacket 2022

When you’re running on trails, you might encounter difficult conditions such as rain, cold weather, blasting wind, dim light and so on. Best Trail Running JacketThat’s why you need a perfect running jacket to shield you from the harsh conditions. So, which is the best trail running jacket?

Well, the most important features to look for in a trail running jacket include weather resistance, comfort, breathability and performance. Below is a review of the best jackets you can use during trail running.

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Reviews: 7 Best Trail Running Jacket 2022

1. Arc’teryx Incendo Men’s Waterproof Hoody

Incendo running jacket is highly acclaimed for its outstanding performance especially during trail running, hiking or mountaineering. Various types of materials are placed at different areas to give you comfort and convenience.

Arc'teryx Incendo Men’s Waterproof Hoody

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The materials used here have excellent breathability as they allow both moisture and heat to escape into the atmosphere. In addition, it’s equipped with side meshes which further enhance breathability.

The flat-seam construction on the waist, neck and wrist ensures you do experience any uncomfortable rubbing when running. This design also prevents hiking up of the jacket at the waist and the wrist. In addition it offers a form-fitting experience while allowing non-restricted movement especially on your hands.

Although it doesn’t have Gore-Tex lining, the DWR coating goes a long way to keep off water from your body. The elastic drawstring hidden around the waist helps in locking out blasting wind.

Owing to its lightweight configuration, Incendo running jacket does not add considerate load on top of your other running gear. Plus it packs easily into its pouch located behind the neck. This makes it convenient to slide into the running backpack.

You might also like the reflective details placed at convenient areas to make you visible at night.

  • Comfortable
  • Does not restrict your movement
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Flat seams
  • Gore-Tex could be used in place of DWR coating

2. ASICS Women’s Running Jacket Storm Shelter

Women runners will find this jacket very helpful when running outdoors. It’s a versatile jacket which can be worn in any weather conditions. It’s built with a polyester lining which shields away water from the inside of the jacket. This lining rests on a mesh pattern which prevents the tendency of the polyester to cling on your skin.

ASICS Women’s Running Jacket Storm Shelter

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It comes in an athletic design which does not create obstructions or discomfort when running. Your hands and shoulders move freely without feeling restricted. Plus it does not flap when running in windy conditions.

The pockets are equipped with a meshed to aid in ventilation and heat dissipation.

This jacket also comes with a removable hood which can be left when necessary. When it’s raining, you can pull the drawstrings to get a perfect cover against rain and snowflakes.

The reflective details come handy when you’re running after sunset. They keep you visible from oncoming traffic or people.

  • Stylish women’s running jacket
  • Waterproof
  • Removable hood
  • All direction reflective details
  • Zippered vents
  • Few colors

3. Salomon MotionFit S/LAB 360° Men’s Jacket

MotionFit 360° will be an ideal jacket for running in winter or when it’s drizzling. It comes with a Gore-Tex membrane as the outer layer which exhibits superb windproof and waterproof properties. This protects you from harsh conditions such as wetness and blasting wind during trail running.

Salomon MotionFit S/LAB 360° Men’s Jacket

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With the hood, you don’t need to wear a hat when it’s drizzling. It fits snugly without the use of drawstrings, thanks to the hidden stretchy headband which hugs your head.

The inner side features a stretchable and breathable fabric which allows your body to move without restriction. Breathability is also made possible by the holes under the armpits and the sleeves.

The cuffs have a soft stretchy mesh which can be rolled back and forth over your hands without causing irritation. The waist band provides a means for keeping off blasting wind and acts as a temporary carrier for the jacket while you’re running.

  • Breathable
  • Excellently waterproofed
  • Windproof
  • Comfortable fit
  • Not obstructive

4. Salomon Pro WP Men’s Bonatti – Running Jacket

Dubbed as a waterproof jacket, Bonatti Pro will be an ideal gear for running on trails including mountain running. It’s built with an advanced fabric which is laminated with PU film to keep water away from the inside.

Salomon Pro WP Men's Bonatti – Running Jacket

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Unlike many Gore-Tex coated jackets, Bonatti Pro is capable of withstanding heavy down pour for between 30 to 45 minutes before it seeps through the fabric. The fabric has excellent breathability that keeps you cool even during the longest or fastest runs.

In terms of fit, Bonatti Pro has an athletic design which fits perfectly without obstructing your body movement. Compared to its predecessor, the fabric used to make Bonatti Pro tends to stretch thus allowing adequate body movement. Plus the hood does not restrict head rotation.

It comes with a chest pocket for carrying stuff such wallet, phone and so on. Unlike some jackets, the pocket is designed so close to the chest so that your wallet or phone doesn’t bounce as you run.

Bonatti Pro has long durability even when used in the harsh winter conditions.

  • Protects you from rain and wind
  • Breathable
  • Built to last
  • Not obstructive
  • Reflective details
  • Runs large

5. Arc’teryx Norvan Men’s SL Hoody

This is an iconic minimalist running jacket designed to tackle harsh trail running conditions such as rain, hail and blasting wind. Norvan SL Hoody strikes a good balance in waterproofness, lightness and breathability.

Arc’teryx Norvan Men’s SL Hoody

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Gore-Tex technology is what makes this jacket highly waterproof. It’s permanently beaded to create a lightweight and waterproof layer without compromising on its breathability. This a milestone which has not been achieved even by some high-end waterproof jackets.

This minimalist running jacket comes in a form-fitting design which eliminates instances of discomfort while running. With its slim design you won’t experience any flapping from blasting wind.

There’re are no accessory pockets, zippers or flaps which might add weight or let in water. Thus you might have to carry a hydration backpack with pockets for carrying accessories such as phones, wallet and so on.

The hood provides an excellent shield from pelting rain. Once you adjust the hood to a snug fit, there’s no space left for water to get underneath. Plus no fabric is left to soak with water. The hood packs with a lot of ease behind the neck when not in use.

  • Extremely waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable Gore-Tex lined fabric
  • Easy to wash
  • No pockets
  • Few colors

6. Salomon Agile Windproof Jacket

If you’re running on trails, you will appreciate the fact that Salomon Agile will give you adequate protection on a windy day. Plus it’s stylish enough to be used as a gear for jogging, strolling down the pack or hiking.

Salomon Agile Windproof Jacket

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It’s made with nylon fabric which has been infused with DWR to provide a shield against wetness and wind. This makes it ideal for running or jogging in light rain and windy conditions. However, it’s not sturdy enough for taking long runs or hiking.

In terms of fit, Salomon Agile comes in a form-fitting design meant to give you a comfortable experience when running. It does not cause uncomfortable obstruction to your hands or shoulders. In addition, the form-fit design ensures there’s no flapping when running in windy conditions.

Comfort is also delivered by the vents on its back and shoulders which allow air to get inside.

The side pockets will be useful when you’re walking in the pack on a cold day. There’re also pockets on the hands which you can used to carry small stuffs such as keys or energy chews.

What’s more, you’ll also be impressed by the wide range of colors that it comes with.

  • Ideal for trail running
  • Ventilation details
  • Reflective marks
  • Stylish
  • Great color options
  • Waterproof and wind proof
  • Not hooded

7. Patagonia WP Alpine Houdini Jacket

You can’t go wrong with Alpine Houdini when it comes to trail running. It’s equipped with everything necessary to protect you from the harsh conditions you may encounter during trail running.

Patagonia WP Alpine Houdini Jacket

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Perhaps this is the best jacket to use when you’re certain to encounter drizzles and blasting wind. Waterproofing is made possible by the DWR coating on the outer part of the material used to make this jacket. However, this coating makes it less breathable than the Gore-Tex coated jacket.

Alpine Houdini jacket will mostly fit comfortably when you choose the correct size. But it provides enough room for warmth layering in case it’s very cold out there. And you won’t experience uncomfortable restriction when running in this jacket.

The hood is large enough to shield you from pelting rain and it can adjusted using the drawstring to get a customized fit.

What’s more, it’s equipped with a chest pocket in which the jacket can be packed into a small unit.

  • Excellent waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Can be worn with an under layer for warmth
  • Chest pocket
  • Less breathable
  • A bit bulky


Trail running jackets are designed to enhance your performance and protect you from possible unfriendly weather. A perfect jacket should keep you comfortable and allow your body to move without restriction. Also consider a jacket with reflective details to keep you visible when you’re running after sunset.

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