Best Shoes for Walking In the City

7 Best Shoes for Walking In the City 2021

Walking on city roads or walkways proves more comfortable when you don the best shoes for walking in the city. Best Shoes for Walking In the CityWith most city roads having hard surfaces, your shoes should provide adequate protection from landing impacts to enhance your comfort.

In addition, they should have non-slip outsole so as to offer accurate grip when the surfaces as either dry or wet.

Below are some comfortable and durable sneakers you can use when walking around the city.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Walking In the City 2021

1. Ryka Walk Women’s Sky Walker

Ryka makes sneakers that are tailor made for women. The Sky Walker model is meant for women who spend several hours on their feet either standing or walking.

Ryka Walk Women’s Sky Walker

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It’s an ideal sneaker for nurses or for walking on city roads or walkways. You can also use it during various cross training workouts.

Of great use is the underfoot support technology employed on the midsole of this sneaker. Coming in the form of a firm TPU shank, this construction provides a means for lessening excessive outward foot rolling. This allows you to walk with less pain on your, feet, knee joints, heel and lower back.

Underfoot cushioning is provided by the EVA foam primary midsole and the memory foam insert. They provide a soft and supportive underfoot platform while minimizing excessive pounding.

Wrapping the underside is rubber compound designed to offer secure grip when walking and during training. It’s also a hard-wearing material which is capable of withstanding abrasion over longer mileage.

What’s more, the underside is also equipped with flex grooves so as to allow unrestricted transitions and foot movements.

The foot compartment is completed with a sturdy mesh, printed synthetic overlays and leather overlays. This results in excellent foot support and lock-down to minimize undesirable foot movements which might otherwise lead to discomforts or injuries.

The upper construction is also meant to keep your feet ventilated so as to minimize discomforts from overheating and excessive wetness. Plus the interior of the shoe hugs your feet without causing chaffing.

  • Comfortable and accurately fitting
  • Ideal for high arches
  • Relieves knee and heel pain
  • Versatile sneaker
  • Spacious toe area
  • Many colar options
  • Lacks arch support

2. Skechers Men’s Stability Arch Fit Sneaker

Having been well-received, the arch fit sneaker makes a perfect option for walking on most city roads and walkways. As the name suggests, it’s equipped with a podiatrist-certified underfoot platform designed provide arch support.

Skechers Men's Stability Arch Fit Sneaker

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Designed for motion control, the underfoot support construction is intended to cater for individuals who exhibit either overpronation or supination. By supporting both the arch and heel, the platform keeps your feet and legs aligned thus minimizing excessive strain on the lower extremities.

This makes it a perfect walking shoe for knee pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

The sneaker uses a lightweight and impact resilient midsole which is intended to keep you comfortable and minimize impact-related injuries.

The sneaker doesn’t to come a distinct sole unit. Instead, it’s fused with the midsole as one lightweight unit. However, the actual contact and high-wear areas are wrapped with rubber pods to enhance grip and abrasion resistance respectively.

The mesh construction delivers a stretchable and breathable foot coverage. Backed by the tongue and collar padding as well as the soft interior lining, the upper construction delivers exceptional comfort during walks. It’s meant to shield your feet from possible rubbing or irritations.

The toe-box is reinforced with a synthetic overlay to guard the mesh fabric from abrasion and ripping off. Plus it prevents toe injuries in case you accidentally bump into objects when walking.

  • Allows comfortable landing
  • Adequate arch support
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Breathable upper
  • Excellent style
  • Durable construction
  • Few colorways

3. Asics Walker Gel-Quickwalk 3

This is a stylish and lightweight sneaker for taking daily walks on most city roads including pavements, concrete and walkways. It makes use of CMEVA foam cushioning as the primary midsole compound to provide a plush underfoot experience.

Asics Walker Gel-Quickwalk 3

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Together with the rearfoot Gel cushioning guarantees optimal underfoot comfort despite the hard nature of city walkways. Plus it protects your joints and connective tissues from impact related injuries.

The bottom are is lined with AHAR which is a highly revered Asics proprietary outsole rubber technology. It’s responsible for secure traction on city roads and walkways to prevent accidental sliding. It’s also capable of withstanding abrasion especially from asphalt carpeted roads.

The aesthetics of this sneaker results from the upper construction which makes use of mesh and synthetic overlays. Placed on strategic areas, the mesh fabric delivers adequate ventilation into the foot chamber to prevent excessive moisture and overheating.

Synthetic overlays are conveniently-stitched to provide midfoot and rearfoot support and lock-down. Another overlay is placed on the toe area to guard the toes from possible hazards. The overlay construction also guards the mesh fabric for wear and tear.

  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Lightweight walking sneaker
  • Excellent styling
  • Good traction on city walkways and pavements
  • Breathable
  • Lacks color variety

4. New Balance Leather 840-v2

If you’re looking for the best shoes for walking in the city or all-day wear, then the NB 840 v2 is a decent option. Not only does it go well with your dress but it’s also meant to keep you comfortable and free from injuries.

New Balance Leather 840-v2

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It’s especially recommended for alleviating pain on the lower body appendages when you have high foot arches.

Abzorb is soft yet resilient compound which is employed in the midsole of this sneaker and some of the well-received New Balance walking sneakers. It’s responsible for soft and responsive landing so as to keep you comfortable and free from excessive underfoot pounding.

Presence of blown rubber on the underside of the sneaker results in heightened underfoot responsiveness to enhance your comfort. However, the hard-wearing Ndurance rubber is placed on the actual contact points to offer abrasion resistance.

Backed by the non-marking outsole patterns, both rubber compounds deliver exceptional grip on city roads.

With its almost all-leather construction, the upper unit guarantees the ideal foot protection to prevent injuries in case you knock objects. Presence of padding and mesh lining on the collar and mesh results in a comfortable and secure foot wrap. Plus it provides room for inshoe ventilation.

  • Comfortable walking/training sneaker
  • Supportive footbed
  • Orthotic-friendly
  • Non-irritating interior
  • Breathable
  • Good traction
  • Lacks durability

5. Reebok Walking Sneaker Ultra Walk 7 Dmx Max

With this sneaker, you can walk on city roads safely and heightened much comfort. It’s designed with Dmx Max air cushioning where the air shifts from the heel to the forefoot during the entire gait cycle.

Reebok Walking Sneaker Ultra Walk 7 Dmx Max

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When landing, the air shifts to the rearfoot to cushion the heel while during push-off it moves to the forefoot. This results in reliable impact mitigation and efficient toe-offs.

Underfoot comfort is heightened by the memory footbed which conforms to the underfoot contours. It’s meant to provide support for both neutral and moderate underpronators so as to lessen strain on the lower body extremities.

The rubber outsole guarantees reliable traction on city roads to avert accidental sliding. Plus it’s built to withstand wear and tear so as to give you longer mileage. The sole unit also extends to the toe-box to provide an impact bumper.

With the leather-only upper construction, the Walk Ultra 7 Dmx Max sneaker delivers excellent foot protection and support. The midfoot and rearfoot comes with additional leather overlays to enhance support and foot underpinning.

Presence of foam padding and mesh lining on the collar and tongue results in secure and non-irritating inshoe sensation.

What’s more, the foot chamber is ventilated by the mesh-only tongue and the forefoot perforations.

  • Overall comfort
  • Reliable shock-attenuation
  • Ideal for wearing with dress
  • Durable build
  • Quality construction and affordable
  • Relatively heavy and less breathable

6. Vionic Aimmy Lightweight City Walker

Style up your daily walks with the Vionic Aimmy hook-and-strap sneaker. It’s designed with technologies that ease discomforts that results from overpronation and supination especially when walking. You can use Vionic Aimmy when you’re experiencing heel pain, knee pain or lower back pain.

Vionic Aimmy Lightweight City Walker

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Underfoot cushioning results from the responsive and flexible midsole compound also serves as the outsole.

On top of this compound is a podiatrist-certified footbed which is responsible for aligning your lower extremities to alleviate excessive strain. It’s meant to give you adequate stability so that you can walk with less strain on the foot, knees as well as the lower back.

Lining the high-wear areas of the underside is an anti-slip and sturdy rubber material. It’s responsible for secure traction while protecting the exposed midsole from wear and tear.

Overall, the underfoot platform exhibits the ideal flexibility to allow unrestricted heel-to-toe transition.

The use of hook-and-loop with Velcro patch closer system makes the sneaker very convenient to put or off. Plus the upper unit is designed into coarse silhouette which gives admirable aesthetics for casual wear.Synthetic overlays are incorporated to enhance foot cradle and support.

  • Stylish casual walking sneaker
  • Hook-and-loop makes it easy to put or off
  • Adequate arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for knee, heel and lower back pain
  • Lacks breathability

7. Saucony City Walker Integrity ST 2

The Integrity ST 2 sneaker is designed for individuals who are on their feet for many hours whether walking or standing.

Saucony City Walker Integrity ST 2

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The main source of underfoot comfort is the CMEVA compound which exhibits adequate responsiveness and compression resilience. Moreover, there’s a removable footbed which adds to underfoot comfort.

The rearfoot comes with ProGrid cassette which is responsible for heightened shock attenuation. Presence of a responsive HRC compound on the forefoot area results in efficient and effortless push-offs.

Wrapping the underside of Integrity ST 2 sneaker the blown rubber compound and strategically-placed carbon rubber. Blown rubber is utilized here to offer a lightweight underfoot protection while adding to springiness. Carbon rubber is responsible for traction and heightened abrasion resistance.

The outsole also makes use of flex grooves and Walk Trac guidance to enable smooth and effortless heel-to-toe transitions.

The upper unit comes with full-grain leather which is intended to delivers heightened support and foot protection. The interior of the sneaker delivers ample plushness, thanks to the soft padding and mesh coverage on both the collar and tongue.

Inshoe ventilation comes from mesh tongue as the strategically-placed perforations.

  • Comfortable for walking
  • Durable construction
  • Responsive and supportive midsole
  • Ideal for high arches
  • Orthotic-friendly
  • Secure grip
  • Little breathability
  • Few colors

What to Consider When Buying the Best Shoes for Walking In the City

Some people will find themself spending long periods walking in the city either during work or for leisure. That’s why you should invest in a comfortable sneaker to prevent fatigue, pain or even injuries.

Below are a few tips to help you choose the most ideal sneaker for walking on city roads or walkways.

1. Cushioning

City roads and walkways are characteristically described as hard surface. Therefore, walking in these surfaces in less cushioned shoes, you’re likely to feel discomforts. Though you don’t require as much cushioning as you would need in running shoes, ensure your walking shoes have adequate cushioning to keep you comfortable.

2. Support

Depending on the anatomy of the foot, different individuals might require varying levels of underfoot support to enhance their comfort when walking.

Flatfooted people required stability walking shoes to lessen discomforts that arise from excessive outward foot rolling. Individuals with high foot arches are good to go with either stability or motion control walking shoes.

Neutral pronators can wear natural or motion control shoes to achieve optimal comfort.

3. Slip-Resistant

City roads and walkways might be either dry or wet depending on the season at hand. Therefore, your typical shoes should guarantee secure traction to avoid instances where you might accidentally slide and suffer bruises, sprains or dislocation.

4. Durable

Most city roads are paved with asphalt rather than concrete. Due to the abrasiveness exhibited by asphalt, ensure that your shoes have sturdy rubber outsole to enable them withstand wear and tear.

5. Breathability

Walking for long periods of time results in excessive heating and moisture accumulation on your feet. You can however keep your feet cool and dry by wearing shoes that offer adequate ventilation.


When you’re walking on city streets or walkways, ensure that you wear comfortable shoes to minimize fatigue and injuries. Since city surfaces are hard, you should go for well-cushioned shoes ease the effect of landing impacts on your lower extremities.

You also need to choose your walking shoes depending on your foot type so that you have adequate support. This allows you to walk with less strain and thus heightened comfort.

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