Best Shoes for Stairmaster

7 Best Shoes for Stairmaster 2022

When choosing the best shoes for stairmaster, consider shoes that offer adequate padding under your feet. Best Shoes for StairmasterYour typical running shoes will perform excellently on the stairmaster since they are well-cushioned and lightweight.

If your feet tend to overpronate, you should opt for stability running shoes to lessen strain on your knees, hips and ankles.

Here’re reviews of the best shoes for stairmaster.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Stairmaster 2022

1. Asics (Gel) Nimbus-23 Men’s Running Sneaker

The Nimbus 23 builds from the success of the long running series of Gel Nimbus running shoes for Asics. Save from minor improvements, Nimbus 23 compares very closely to its immediate predecessor.

Asics (Gel) Nimbus-23 Men's Running Sneaker

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It makes use of FlyteFoam Propel cushioning to offer a comfortable and responsive underfoot platform. Despite being lightweight, FlyteFoam Propel retains its springiness for even after repeated uses. Plus it exhibits adequate impact resistance to ease pounding on your joints during running.

The midsole also utilizes Trusstic technology whose purpose is to provide underfoot support so as to minimize excessive foot rolling. This keeps the lower body appendages aligned thus lessening strain or related injuries.

Following the trend of Asics road running shoes, Nimbus 23 utilizes AHAR rubber which guarantees secure traction and abrasion resistance. The sole unit also features strategically-placed flex grooves which permit natural foot movements.

Similar to the immediate predecessor, Nimbus 23 uses an engineered mesh fabric which delivers a plush, stretchable and non-chaffing foot wrap. Backed by the strategically-placed overlays, the mesh fabric also exhibits the ideal sturdiness to withstand abrasion and overstretching.

If you’re environmentally-conscious, you’ll appreciate the fact that the fabrics on the upper unit are made from recycled materials. Not only does this make good use of available materials but it also reduces pressure on the already overfilled landfills.

  • Comfortable and responsive cushioning
  • Shock-attenuating
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Effortless toe-offs
  • Excellent traction
  • Breathable and stretchable upper fabric
  • Issues with the heavy and bulky outsole

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS(21) Running Sneaker

The Adrenaline GTS is perhaps one the longest series of running shoes from Brooks. The GTS 19 and GTS 20 have especially received positive appraisals regarding their comfort and performance in running.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS(21) Running Sneaker

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Adrenaline GTS 21 comes with a few changes which make it more comfortable and stylish. Underfoot cushioning is provided by two foam compounds – BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft. Placed directly under your feet, the BioMoGo DNA serves as the primary source of underfoot comfort and responsiveness.

DNA Loft works with the segmented crash pad to enhance heel cushioning and support. Thus, it’s capable of dampening impacts so as to minimize injuries on your lower body appendages.

Unlike the previous version, the DNA Loft extends to the forefoot to keep your feet more stable during running. It works with the GuideRails system to lessen excessive foot rolling especially during heel-to-toe transition.

The sole unit delivers excellent traction on the road, treadmill, Stairmaster and most other surfaces. Presence of Omega Flex Grooves around the forefoot allows the outsole to flex appropriately during transitions.

The updated upper features a stretchable mesh and strategically-placed 3D printed overlays. The fabric wraps your feet securely while providing lateral support. Plus it permits air circulation around your feet while allowing heat dissipation.

  • Cushioned and responsive midsole
  • Adequate shock attenuation
  • Breathable and non-chaffing upper
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction
  • Overall durability
  • Concerns about forefoot fit

3. Brooks Glycerin-18 Women’s Running Shoe

Designed for road running, the Glycerine 18 offers adequate cushioning to keep you comfortable over long distance. An update from the predecessor, Glycerine 18 uses additional DNA Loft padding to enhance underfoot comfort and responsiveness.

Brooks Glycerin-18 Women's Running Shoe

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Additional cushioning comes from the Ortholite footbed placed above the primary midsole.

The underfoot platform also features a transition which is responsible for smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Glycerine 18 uses three types of rubber compounds on the underside. Running full-length is the green rubber which is responsible for additional cushioning and traction. Since this is a lightweight compound, it doesn’t add significant weight to the shoe.

The heel are features the hard-wearing HPR Plus rubber which is responsible for traction and abrasion resistance.

Meanwhile, the forefoot is equipped with blown rubber results in smooth and effortless toe-off.

The dual-layered Jacquard upper mesh delivers a plush wrap while allowing your feet to flex and spread appropriately. 3D print overlays are strategically fused with the mesh fabric to enhance the fit and enhance the shoe structure.

What’s more, the soft padding on both collar and tongue delivers a comfortable and non-chaffing inshoe experience.

  • Sufficient underfoot cushioning
  • Exceptional responsiveness
  • Secure traction
  • Breathable and flexible upper fabric
  • Plush and non-chaffing
  • Minimal breathability

4. Adidas Solar Glide-19 Men’s Running Sneaker

This is an excellent sneaker for running on the road or treadmill. It’s also a comfortable sneaker for jogging, daily walks or walking on the stairmaster.

Adidas Solar Glide-19 Men's Running Sneaker

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It makes of Adidas proprietary Boost cushioning which delivers the ideal comfort during running or daily walks. The platform also delivers heightened energy return to allow effortless strides. Plus it is responsible for shock attenuation to minimize impact-related injuries.

The underfoot platform also allows smooth transitions, thanks to the torsion system embedded in the midfoot area. Plus there’s a guidance system to enhance stability and therefore lessen strain your knees and ankles.

Glide 19 uses Continental rubber technology on the underside to guard the foam midsole against abrasion. The rubber compound also delivers excellent traction on the road and treadmill. Plus it flexes readily so as to allow unrestricted heel-to-toe transition.

Offering a snug foot wrap is an engineered mesh fabric utilized on the upper unit. The fabric also exhibits heightened flexibility which allows your feet to bend and spread appropriately. Plus it permits ample air circulation to keep your feet cool and dry.

Overlays are placed around the heel and midfoot zone to keep your feet locked and supported.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Durable and grippy outsole
  • Soft and stretchable upper fabric
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight sneaker
  • Inadequate support

5. Asics Gel(Kayano) 26 Running Sneaker

If require extra stability during running, then you Gel Kayano 26 is a decent choice. It makes use of Dynamic DuoMax which offers arch support keep your feet stable. This is meant to lessen overpronation which is usually associated with strain or injuries during running.

Asics Gel(Kayano) 26 Running Sneaker

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FlyteFoam Lyte makes the primary midsole where it delivers adequate cushioning under your feet. Backed by the heel and forefoot Gel cushioning, the platform also dampens landing impacts to lessen pounding on feet and knees.

The forefoot is equipped with FlyteFoam Propel cushioning which results in effortless toe-offs.

Like most Asics road running shoes, Kayano 26 uses AHAR rubber which delivers accurate traction and abrasion resistance. DuraSponge rubber compound is lined on the forefoot zone to enhance responsiveness.

Presence of deep and wide flex grooves around the forefoot results in heightened flexibility thus facilitating smoother transitions.

Kayano 26 uses Jacquard mesh which is responsible for a snug foot wrap. Printed overlays are placed on strategic areas to make the façade more supportive and protective. The sturdy TPU wrapping the heel enhances heel stability and lockdown.

  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Energy return
  • Arch support
  • Breathable upper fabric
  • secure traction
  • Overall durability
  • Relatively heavy

6. New Balance NB 860 v10 Women’s Sneaker

The NB 860 v10 comes with adequate underfoot cushioning which keeps you comfortable during running or daily walks. If you’re looking for the best shoes for stairmaster, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

New Balance NB 860 v10 Women's Sneaker

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The plush underfoot platform is meant to lessen pressure under your feet during running or walking exercises. The platform also exhibits the ideal responsiveness to minimize impacts on your feet and knees during running or daily jogging exercises.

The arch support reinforcement keeps you arch supported to minimize excessive foot rolling. This lessens strain on the foot, ankles, knees and hip joint especially during heel-to-toe transition.

Also utilized in the midsole is a removable footbed which adds to underfoot plushness.

NB 860 v10 uses both blown and Ndurance rubber on the sole unit. Placed on the forefoot zone, the blown rubber compound contributes to responsive toe-offs while providing secure traction.

Ndurance rubber is placed on the rearfoot foot to offer heightened level of traction and abrasion resistance.

The sole unit also incorporates numerous flex grooves to allow smooth foot movements during heel-to-toe transition.

The revamped upper features an engineered mesh which delivers a sock-like foot wrap. The fabric also promotes inshoe ventilation while allowing the foot to bend and spread appropriately.

The sturdier fabric on the rearfoot area serves a heel counter while locking the foot securely.

The letter ‘N’ is no just there for looks. Printed on both sides of the midfoot, it enhances the façade’s structure while enhancing support.

  • Responsive underfoot cushioning
  • Arch supporting technology
  • Secure traction
  • Stretchy and breathable upper
  • Stylish
  • A bit heavy

7. Asics GT 2000(9) Running Sneaker

GT 2000 9 comes from a long running series of road running shoes from Asics. It makes use of FlyteFoam midsole which offers is lightweight and responsive cushioning. The midsole also makes use rearfoot Gel cushioning which allows it to absorb impacts.

Asics GT 2000(9) Running Sneaker

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Meanwhile, the forefoot is equipped with Solyte cushioning to heighten springiness during toe-offs.

The midfoot zone features Dynamic DuoMax technology to provide support under the arch of the foot.

The underfoot platform also features an EVA foam footed which adds a layer of cushioning while aiding in moisture-wicking.

The bottom of the sneaker is covered with two proprietary rubber compounds. AHAR+ rubber is placed on the heel zone while AHAR rubber is utilized around the forefoot zone. The former delivers heightened abrasion resistance while the later adds to forefoot bounce.

Presence of deep and wide grooves results in heightened flexibility to allow you r feet to bend appropriately.

The upper fabric keeps your feet well-ventilated while promoting normal foot movements. Printed overlays are incorporated on strategic areas to enhance foot support and lockdown. The sturdy TPU heel counter enhances heel stability while locking the foot securely.

  • Stable and responsive cushioning
  • Shock-attenuating midsole
  • Excellent traction
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Durable construction
  • A bit stiff


The stairmaster provides an effective training for strengthening and toning your lower appendages especially the legs, calves and butts. This also a cardio workout that will burn plenty of calories.

Experienced gym instructors recommend wearing running shoes when training on the stairmaster. Unlike cross trainers, they offer adequate cushioning to keep you comfortable during each stride on the stairmaster steps.

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