Best Shoes for Running on Pavement

7 Best Shoes for Running on Pavement 2021

It goes without saying that paved roads occur everywhere around us. Best Shoes for Running on PavementYou’ll encounter them during training or road running competitions. However, when running on pavements, you need to wear the most ideal shoes to enhance your performance and evade possible injuries.

The best shoes for running on pavement should offer plenty of underfoot cushioning for enhanced comfort and impact absorption. They should also permit adequate foot flexibility to enable smooth and efficient transitions. Plus, the outsole should deliver reliable traction and durability.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Running on Pavement 2021

1. Men’s Saucony Triumph-17 Neutral Running Shoe

Triumph 17 comes with a very forgiving midsole aimed at minimizing impact-related fatigue when running on hard surfaces like pavements. The soft EVA layer utilized here is responsible a plush underfoot feeling and aids in impact mitigation.

Men’s Saucony Triumph-17 Neutral Running Shoe

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Below the EVA layer is PWRRUN+, a soft, lightweight and responsive cushioning which adds to underfoot comfort and springiness. It also gives the necessary sturdiness for enduring high impacts.

The outsole exhibits excellent durability and firmness which provides reliable protection for your feet and the midsole. It doesn’t easily give in to wear and tear despite the abrasive characteristics of paved roads.

Saucony has included multidirectional lugs in these running shoes to increase traction and make the outsole a bit flexible.

The upper part features an upgraded version of Jacquard mesh which is lighter and more flexible than its predecessor. The well-ventilated mesh discourages wetness and odor in the foot chamber.

The heel collar and tongue come with generous padding to enhance inshoe comfort and prevent irritations due to rubbing. What’s more, the configuration of the upper mesh is meant to offer sufficient support to minimise shoe wobbling.

  • Soft and responsive cushioning
  • Good traction on wet roads
  • Excellent upper support
  • Lightweight
  • Good flexibility
  • Breathability
  • Great style
  • Relatively expensive

2. Asics Novablast Men’s Asphalt Running Shoe

Novablast assures you the best road running performance and protection. A thick midsole cushioning makes it ideal for the hard surfaces you encounter on paved roads. The FlyteFoam cushioning in the midsole results in a bouncy platform which reduces fatigue on your joints and muscles. Plus it smoothens the transition which makes you feel comfortable during every landing and toe-off.

Asics Novablast Men’s Asphalt Running Shoe

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An Ortholite sockliner gives the midsole an extra cushion to offer better underfoot protection and comfort. Plus it is lined with a moisture-wicking fabric to minimize wetness under your feet.

AHAR+ rubber is employed on the contact/traction zones of the outsole to attain maximum grip on the road. AHAR+ is also preferred because of its tested and proven effectiveness and sturdiness compared to many other outsole materials.

Novablast’s upper mesh provides a comfy support while securing the foot from outdoor vulnerabilities. A soft fabric makes the inside of the foot compartment for enhanced comfort.

Convenient support structures are bonded on the mesh to maintain its outline and give you the ideal foot support.

With the generous heel and collar padding, your feet are snuggly supported to minimize chafing or itchiness.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Acceptable responsiveness
  • Stylish configuration
  • Ample breathability
  • Perfect traction on roads
  • Expensive shoe

3. Women’s Run Flyknit Nike React-Infinity

Having graced some of the well-received Nike running shoes, the react cushioning technology continues to get even better. Infinity-Run-Flyknit is among the latest models to benefit from this technology.

Women’s Run Flyknit Nike React-Infinity

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Making the entire midsole, react foam delivers a high level of cushioning which allows you to run comfortably on hard surfaces like concrete and pavements. With the increased thickness, the platform also exhibits excellent impact buffering properties which lessens overuse on your muscles and joints.

Your foot rests on a softer footbed provided by a plush sockliner which heightens your level of comfort. If your foot anatomy necessitates a customized underfoot support or feeling, you can substitute the sockliner with a preferred orthotic.

The outsole has been upgraded to be even more resilient to road running hazards. Plus it offers precise traction on pavements and the treadmill. The forefoot is etched with flex grooves to allow smoother toe-offs.

A sturdier mesh known as Flyknit Loft makes the upper unit more supportive and long-lasting.  The upper build also incorporates supportive overlays at the sides and heels to provide adequate foot support and lockdown. Plus the tongue and collar offers a non-restricting support for your instep, ankles and heel.

  • Excellent support
  • Soft and reactive cushioning
  • Quality build
  • Breathable mesh
  • Reliable traction
  • Narrow toe-box

4. Brooks-GTS 19 Adrenaline Overpronation Running Shoe

GTS 19 happens to be one of the most comfortable and secure road running shoe for correcting severe overpronation. It comes with a superbly supportive midsole which stabilizes your gait to minimize overpronation.

Brooks-GTS 19 Adrenaline Overpronation Running Shoe

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A more stable gait is offered by the GuideRail technology which entails heel-to-midfoot sidewalls. This results in lateral stability which is necessary for lessening overpronation.

Midsole cushioning comes from the combination of DNA LOFT and DNA cushioning. This configuration yields superb underfoot responsiveness which guarantees you ample comfort when running on pavements. Plus it delivers reliable shock attenuation to keep impacts on check.

GTS 19 benefits from the blown rubber employed as the outsole because it exhibits springiness and stickiness traits. The former trait enhances underfoot comfort while later enables secure gripping. Overall, the rubber exhibits high resilience to abrasion which gives you longer mileage.

Your feet are guaranteed plenty of support and breathability by a cloth-like upper mesh to keep them comfortable. This also includes supportive overlays and comfortable tongue and collar padding.

  • Ample cushioning
  • Offers stability
  • Minimizes overpronation
  • Breathable
  • Superb overall comfort
  • Reliable outsole grip
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Sizing issues

5. Men’s Asics Gel (Nimbus 22) – Ideal for Heavy Runners

A combination of thick FlyteFoam and Gel cushioning results in a responsive and shock-attenuating midsole. This configuration is what gives you the necessary underfoot protection and comfort for optimum performance.

Men’s Asics Gel (Nimbus 22) – Ideal for Heavy Runners

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A contoured EVA sockliner is placed above the midsole cushioning to provide an extra layer of cushion and support.

Despite the heavy cushioning, Nimbus 22 remains a lightweight running shoe which results in less fatigue. The Trusstic system makes the shoe even lighter while offering medial stability.

A thick AHAR rubber compound makes outsole of Nimbus 22. This is intended to deliver prolonged usage and ensure you don’t slide on either dry or wet surfaces. The high stack configuration offers adequate protection for the midsole to prolong its lifespan.

Deep flex grooves make the outsole more flexible and responsive. This results in smooth transition to enhance comfort.

A breathable mesh keeps the foot compartment well ventilated for ultimate comfort when running. The mesh comes with supportive structures aimed at providing secure foot lock. Plus heightened inshoe comfort results from the well-placed collar and tongue.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Excellent support
  • Desirable flexibility
  • Very supportive
  • Reliable traction
  • Durable shoe
  • Relatively heavy

6. New Balance Iconic 990 v5

A double-layered midsole in this iconic running shoe gives you excellent cushioning that guarantees you comfort and protection from harmful impacts. Primary cushioning is offered by a full-length EVA compound which exhibits good responsiveness. Smooth transition is made possible by a more responsive EVA foam making the forefoot.

New Balance Iconic 990 v5

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A second layer known as Acteva gives the midsole a lightweight and sturdy configuration to make it stronger. It’s an elastomer-based compound whose flexibility results in smooth transition.

To guarantee runners reliable grip on the road, New Balance uses Ndurance rubber on areas that constantly touch the ground. Ndurance rubber also exhibits excellent sturdiness which makes the shoe to last longer.

With blown rubber also incorporated on the sole unit, you get extra cushioning under your feet for heightened comfort.

Pigskin suede makes the upper part very supportive and durable. A mesh is incorporated to allow air circulation and heat dissipation.

Presence of a TPU strap gives you adequate foot lock to prevent rubbing due to foot movement.

What’s more, the collar and tongue come with sufficient padding to provide a soft and smooth inshoe experience.

  • Adequate cushioning
  • Excellent durability
  • Soft and smooth inshoe experience
  • Breathable upper
  • Supportive shoe
  • On the heavy side

7. Puma 600 Fusefit Speed Neutral Running Shoe

Puma uses two types of cushioning compounds to offer an outstanding rebound which results in quick and energized movements. First, is the ProFoam compound which is basically a flexible and lightweight EVA rubber. Owing to its responsiveness, ProFoam propels your steps in such a way that you run effortlessly.

Puma 600 Fusefit Speed Neutral Running Shoe

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The heel area features Puma’s proprietary material known as Ignite. This foam-based compound exhibits excellent springiness which results in minimal impacts on your body.

Puma employs SpeedTraction technology to make the outsole of this running shoe. It has the merits of being durable and able to grip securely on dry and wet roads. So, you can run when it’s drizzling out there with much confidence.

The outsole also delivers enhanced toe-offs, thanks to the propulsion plate embedded at the arch.

Fusefit technology is adopted in the construction of upper unit. The is aimed at delivering a sock-like foot compartment which allows you run without discomforts from itchiness, rubbing or blister.

The upper also comes with a unique design which allows you to adjust the upper fit using the laces.

What’s more, the heel area features a TPU support which helps in minimizing overpronation.

  • Ideal comfort
  • Great cushioning
  • Quality build
  • Excellent impact damping
  • Supportive upper
  • Ideal for overpronators
  • Narrow toe-box for extra wide feet

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shoes for Running on Pavement

Running surfaces exhibit varying levels of hardness. Thus, you will need different extents of cushioning in your running shoes depending on the surface you’re running on.

With pavement or asphalt roads being the hardest surfaces, you need the most cushioning for ultimate comfort and injury prevention. But, apart from cushioning, there’re other factors to consider when choosing the best shoes for running on pavement.

Below is a summary of important considerations.

1. Cushioning and Impact Mitigation

Your feet receive a lot of pounding when running paved roads. The effect of this pounding is felt on your joints and muscles in form of fatigue, pain or overuse injuries.

Luckily, highly cushioned running shoes can absorb most of the impacts which lessens the intensity of the impacts.

Notably, plenty of cushioning is required at the forefoot and heel areas because they receive the greatest impacts.

2. Comfort

Other than great cushioning, your comfort emanates for a supportive shoe which aids in attaining the ideal stability. Choosing your running shoes depending your pronation results in the most ideal support which contributes to your overall running comfort.

You also get appropriate comfort from precisely-fitting shoes. It’s recommended to buy snug-fitting shoes because they aren’t too tight or too loose.

Breathable shoes also contribute to your comfort when running because they maintain a clean environment inside there. This also alleviates instances of discomfort due to wetness and overheating.

3. Traction

Like trails, paved roads pose a great risk of injuries in case of accidental fall or skidding. That’s why you should never run on pavements if you don’t trust the gripping ability of your shoes.

However, quality rubber outsoles that are meant for road surfaces will give you outstanding grip to prevent accidental skidding or slipping.

4. Durability

Shoes that are built with quality materials will give you longer mileage than cheaper and lower quality shoes. Quality shoes will cost you a bit higher but give you the best performance and longevity.

As far durability is concerned, the midsole should provide reliable springiness for a prolonged period without deforming. The sole unit should exhibit acute sturdiness to withstand abrasion from paved roads.

In addition, the upper material should exhibit reliable sturdiness to minimize wear and tear due to road hazards.


Owing to the hardness and abrasiveness of pavement, runners are advised to wear shoes that are meant for such conditions. Luckily, you won’t have a shortage on these because the market has plenty of quality shoes to offer.

Best shoes for running on pavements are categorized as ‘road running shoes.’ They come with plenty of underfoot cushioning and flexibility which delivers the most ideal comfort. Plus their outsoles offer reliable grip and longevity.

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