Best Shoes for Dance Fitness

7 Best Shoes for Dance Fitness 2022

When you choose dance as one way of maintaining your fitness, then you should be ready to invest in a great sneaker. Best Shoes for Dance FitnessThis will enhance your performance and protect your feet from possible injuries. So, which are the best shoes for dance fitness.

Well, shoes that are meant for Zumba will give you outstanding performance and comfort in your dance fitness workouts.

See them here!

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Dance Fitness 2022

1. Ryka Influence Women’s Dance Trainer

Not only is Ryka Influence one of the most fashionable fitness trainer but it’s perhaps the most popular among women dancers. Such good admiration stems from its good balance of comfort, performance and durability.

Ryka Influence Women’s Dance Trainer

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The midsole comes in dual-density layer featuring a firm and soft layer. N-Gage serves as the firmer layer and it’s intended to offer springiness and durability in the midsole. The soft layer provides a plush underfoot cushion and helps in damping impacts.

Adding to underfoot comfort is an insole which compresses and precisely returns to its shape without losing its springiness.

Covering the midsole at the bottom is an indoor-oriented rubber compound which also gives Ryka Influence high gripping capability. Surface grip is further heightened by the rubber pods placed at the contact points.

The pivot point provides the means for easy turning during Jazzercise or Zumba.

Perfect foot cover is provided by the breathable mesh which is effectively reinforced with synthetic overlays. This makes it good for workouts that require plenty of support such as endurance training.

  • Excellent for Zumba and Jazzercise
  • Reliable support for rigorous movements
  • Pivot point
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Durable
  • Not heavy
  • Not for men dancers

2. Ryka Dance Sneaker Devotion-XT

Designed for dance-related exercises, Devotion XT will be an excellent training shoe for dance fitness. Ryka shoes are inclined to the female population and this one is intended to offer incredible performance, safety and comfort.

Ryka Dance Sneaker Devotion-XT

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Underfoot cushioning in Devotion XT is provided by an ortholite insert and the RE-ZORB technology. RE-ZORB is a layer of pods which is placed through the entire length of the shoe to offer a springy cushioning and enable rebound.

The ortholite insert is placed on top RE-ZORB provide additional cushioning and helps in managing moisture and odor.

To provide effective traction on surfaces, Ryka uses a sticky rubber on the outsole of Devotion XT. Gripping ability is further heightened by incorporating arc-like grooves which also promote flexibility of the sole unit. Also featured here is a pivot point which gives you the ability to turn and twist easily.

A comfortable and supportive foot compartment is provided by a breathable mesh which entails convenient overlay reinforcements. With its plush inshoe details, Devotion XT promises adequate comfort during your dance-related exercises.

  • Quality dancing shoe
  • Comfortable footbet
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate responsiveness
  • Adequate inshoe padding
  • Reliable traction
  • Needs more support

3. Asics Gel Trainer 190-TR Men’s Dancing Shoe

Great remedy for overpronation! If your feet have a tendency to roll inwards during lateral movements, then you need fitness shoes that will provide adequate support and stability. 190 TR is essentially built with foot stability in mind to minimize excessive rolling.

Asics Gel Trainer 190-TR Men’s Dancing Shoe

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A dual-density support system acts as the support for the midfoot to keep your feet in the correct position. Adding to stability is the ‘Trusstic System’ which minimises twisting in the midsole.

Asics employs its proprietary cushioning compound known as SpEVA to build the midsole. SpEVA exhibits outstanding rebound properties which make it good for cushioning and impact absorption.

Rearfoot responsiveness is enhanced by adding a softer Gel cushioning material. This also heightens shock absorption at the heel.

Traction is assured by the incorporation of AHAR as the outsole. This is a sticky and abrasion-resistance rubber meant to last long. The heel is lined AHARPLUS which a more durable rubber. Flex grooves are incorporated at the forefoot to increase its flexibility.

Mesh and plentiful overlays is what makes the foot compartment. This is intended to offer the best comfort while ensuring maximum support.

  • Comfortable trainer
  • Great responsiveness
  • Versatile usage
  • Arch support
  • Ideal lateral support
  • Wide feet sizing
  • Moderately breathable

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4. Ryka Influence 2.5 – Zumba Dance Shoes

Influence 2.5 also makes it to the top as a perfect trainer for dance-related fitness. Like its predecessors, it’s designed for women enthusiasts who want to maintain their fitness through aerobics or cardio dances like Zumba, Jazzercise and so on.

Ryka Influence 2.5 – Zumba Dance Shoes

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N-Gage EVA functions as the main source of cushioning in the midsole of Influence 2.5. Also employed in the Ryka Influence, this foam-based compound exhibits acceptable springiness for enabling underfoot comfort. Backed by RE-ZORB sockliner, it also aids in shock attenuation to keep impacts shocks at their minimum.

The sole of Influence 2.5 is built to adapt to foot curvature so as to offer sufficient support. Other than being sticky, the outsole is etched with curved ridges to offer better grip. Underneath the ball is a pivot point which aids in turning and transitioning during dance. Without a pivot point you’re likely to strain your foot and knee joints.

The type of fabric employed on the upper aims at delivering acceptable support and comfort. A sturdier synthetic known as Flex-Foil is placed at the heel, toe-box, sides and eyelet piece to offer reinforcement. Additional reinforcement is offered by the Direct-Fuse technology to enhance foot support.

  • Comfortable dance trainer
  • Arch support
  • Adequate support for lateral movements
  • Pivot point for easy transitioning
  • Good traction
  • Breathable
  • Moderate arch support

5. Ryka Vida-RZX Cardio Dance Shoe

If your dance fitness involves high impact exercises, then Vida RZX is designed for that. The two cushioning layers used to build the midsole aim at making the platform firm and responsive enough for high impacts.

Ryka Vida-RZX Cardio Dance Shoe

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The footbed is built with a precise return compound to offer appropriate responsiveness for ultimate comfort. Designed with the anatomy of your foot in mind, the footbed is also meant to offer foot support to enhance stability.

RE-ZORB pods are incorporated at the heel to enhance cushioning and heighten the shock absorption ability. The midsole is also equipped with flex grooves at its forefoot to allow effective metatarsal movements.

Protecting you from possible sliding is a grippy rubber which functions as the bottom cover of Vida RZX. The arc-like grooves enhance traction and flexibility of the shoe. The pivot point is an appropriate inclusion for dance fitness because it allows easy twisting and turning.

A sturdy and breathable mesh makes foot chamber of Vida RZX. Together with the collar and tongue padding the mesh delivers the most ideal support and comfort for your training. Plus it’s appropriately reinforced with overlays for additional support.

  • Overall comfort for high-impacts
  • Pivot point
  • Durable and breathable upper build
  • Lateral support
  • Good traction
  • A bit rigid

6. Ryka Grafik-2 Women’s Dance Shoes

A perfect and stylish trainer for dance and cross training! One of the features that makes it good for dance is the presence of a pivot point on its outsole. The pivot point is what enables you to turn or rotate effectively and with less strain on your lower body joints.

Ryka Grafik-2 Women’s Dance Shoes

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The sole unit exhibits effective stickiness for reliable traction, thanks to the grippy rubber employed here. Plus the engraved diamond patterns contribute to outsole flexibility while improving traction.

An EVA foam midsole is what gives the Grafik 2 a comfortable platform which ideal for dance-related exercises. EVA foam also acts as the buffer for impact shocks which keeps you free from injuries. The footbed offers good support because it’s shaped to hug your underfoot. Plus it exhibits some responsiveness which further heightens underfoot comfort.

A stylish mesh displays the ideal aesthetics of women training shoes. Merged with the synthetic overlays and the lacing system, this mesh contributes to comfortable and effective foot lock-down and support.

Your comfort also comes emanates from the amply-padded tongue and collar. What’s more Grafik 2 is essentially lightweight and sufficiently breathable.

  • Well-cushioned underfoot
  • Lateral support
  • Arch support
  • Pivot point
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh
  • Inconsistent sizing

7. Skechers Summits Cross Training/Zumba Sneakers

Skechers Summits are essentially designed with adequate flexibility and supportive structures to enable effective performance during low-impact training. They are also built with lightweight materials which make them barely evident on your feet. Built for athletics, Skechers Summits are good for low-impact dance, walking and various cross training.

Skechers Summits Cross Training/Zumba Sneakers

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An EVA foam compound serves the purpose of outsole and midsole. This is purposely aimed minimizing the weight on the underfoot platform. The platform offers reliable cushioning and lessens the impacts on your feet and knees. A memory foam which adapts to your foot shape is utilized as insole to offer a customized footbed.

The bottom of the platform also conforms to the foot curvature to provide additional support and therefore enhance comfort. The platform also features multidirectional flex grooves to aid in flexibility.

Flexibility is also maintained in the upper part of this athletic trainer, thanks to the knitted mesh employed here. It’s designed to allow smooth and sock-like protection and support.

  • Comfortable athletic shoe
  • Non-rubbing fit
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive footbed
  • Non-durable insoles

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shoes for Dance Fitness

When you step into a dance fitness class, you know that your feet will have a great deal of movements and pounding. And without a good pair of dancing shoes you will have difficulties keeping up with the intense and fast-paced dance moves. Plus you may end up sustaining dancing injuries such as Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains among others.

So, how do you choose the right shoes for dance fitness?

The various brands of dance fitness share common features which make them good for such workouts. Below are some of the outstanding features in these shoes.

1. Comfort

A well cushioned midsole is what keeps you comfortable from the heavy dance-related pounding on your feet. The level of cushioning will depend on the type of floor you’re training on. Notably foam-based flooring requires less cushioning than rubber or wood flooring.

Luckily, most dance facilities utilize foam gym flooring because it provides a responsive cushion which aids in minimizing impacts.

2. Pivot Point

Cardio dance such as Zumba is the most common type of dance used for fitness. With this, you’re going to twist and turn a lot during your dance. That’s why your typical dancing shoes need a pivot point to allow easy and less strenuous transitioning/changeover.

3. Flexibility

Your toes do a lot of work during dance movements due to the numerous positioning required. Without ample flexibility, your toes tend to get cramped during movements that require you to frequent foot bending. This often leads to discomfort or even injuries.

Thus, your shoes ought to have adequate flexibility in the midsole, outsole and the upper unit.

4. Stability

Your stability is determined by how comfortable you’re and the level of support offered by your shoes. Good stability is not only needed for ultimate performance but it also contributes to safe training.

Stability is achieved by having the right amount of support under your feet. If you have flat or low arches, you need plenty of support to attain the right stability.

Dancing shoes also need adequate lateral support to minimize foot rolling which can lead to instability.

5. Traction

The quick changeovers/transitions exhibited during cardio-related dances require a good balance of braking and slithering. This is effectively achieved by employing a gripping rubber only at the contact points and a pivot point to enable easy transitioning.

In a few words, the outsole should be designed in such a way that it allows accurate braking and slithering when necessary.

6. Breathability

Just like in running or cross training, dancing will make you break some sweat all-over the body including your feet. That’s why dancing shoes should have proper ventilating components to promote effective breathability.

Good breathability helps in minimizing wetness in your shoes which in turn contributes to inshoe comfort. Plus it discourages bacterial growth and odor formation.

7. Lightweight

Lightweight dancing shoes allow you undertake swift and controlled changeovers with ease and less strain or fatigue.


When you’re searching for the best shoes for dance fitness consider sneakers that deliver plenty of comfort. The level of comfort is determined by the support, stability, flexibility and breathability offered by the shoe.

Your dance shoes should also allow effective and effortless mobility to minimize strain on your lower body joints.

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