Best Shoes for Cardio Dance

7 Best Shoes for Cardio Dance 2022

The best shoes for cardio dance will get you enjoying your dance classes and keeping injuries at bay. Best Shoes for Cardio Dance

If you are looking for the best shoes for dance fitness, you have come to the right place.

Cardio dance shoes are typically designed for the numerous and abrupt foot movements.

They have good support, responsiveness and shock attenuation. In addition they have a pivot point which enables you to spin or turn effortlessly when dancing.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Cardio Dance 2022

1. Ryka Influence – Editor’s Choice

This is a stylish cross training shoe specially designed for indoor fitness workouts. It features a good blend of outsole, midsole and upper section to give you excellent performance in your dance. If you’re looking for a cardio dancing shoe, then you won’t go wrong with this one.

Ryka Influence - Editor's Choice

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The outsole features rubber pods at the heel and forefront to provide good grip and prevent you from skidding on surfaces. This rubber also prevents abrasion on the foam sections of the outsole.

The pivot point below the ball of the foot allows easy and effortless movement when twisting or turning.

The midsole section features two types of cushioning layers: A stronger N-Gage layer fused just below a softer layer. The former gives you a bouncy feel while the later protects your feet for excessive impact shocks. Plus there’s an insole for extra cushioning.

Notably, ryka influence is raised at its midfoot to separate the forefoot from the heel. This is an important factor for enhancing flexibility during workout.

The upper unit features a breathable mesh which is reinforced with wave-like overlays to provide a snug fit for the top of your foot. The padding on the collar and tongue adds more comfort on the upper part of the foot.

  • Stylish dancing shoe
  • Pivot point allows effortless twisting and turning
  • It’s a light shoe for every day dancing
  • Perfect shoe for cardio or zumba dance
  • It’s supportive
  • Inconsistent sizing

2. Zumba Fly Print – Runners Up

Specially designed for women, Zumba fly print is a perfect shoe for dancing. As its name depicts, this is a perfect companion for your zumba dances. However, it will work perfectly for other cardio dances or any other type of dance.

Zumba Fly Print - Runners Up

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It’s constructed using lightweight materials to allow effortless moves as you try to keep pace with the musical rhythm. A synthetic EVA is featured on the midsole to provide cushioning.

This material is lightweight and durable. The removable insoles enhance cushioning and can be replaced with orthotics of your choice.

A notable feature on the outsole is the pivot point. This will help spin or turn effortlessly when dancing. And the Z-slide configuration on sole allows you to perform sliding movements without losing grip.

A breathable mesh is utilized on the upper section to promote good air flow inside the shoe. This mesh is flexible to allow your feet bend naturally without experiencing blisters.

What’s more, Zumba Fly Print will give you an excellent dancing experience.

  • Ample pivoting
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Comfortable fit
  • Allows easy and safe sliding
  • It’s breathable and lightweight
  • A bit narrow for wide feet

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3. Asics Gel Fit Sana 3

This is an affordable high performance women cross-training shoe. The Gel cushioning utilized in the rear part of the midsole takes care of impact shocks while giving you energy during toe-off.

Asics Gel Fit Sana 3

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This gel also provides quick response to the frequent foot movements during workout especially when dancing.

Fit Sana 3 features rubber pods at the forefoot and heel section to provide good grip on surfaces. The numerous flex grooves in the forefoot enhance flexibility as well as allow natural movement of the foot.

On the upper section, is a mesh fabric which is breathable and adapts to the shape of the foot. Below this mesh is the mono-sock which is also breathable and soft to reduce friction and prevent irritation.

There is light padding on the collar and tongue to add more comfort while maintaining the light weight of the shoe. The lacing system is configured to secure your foot and give it extra support.

  • Light and comfortable
  • Sufficient toe box
  • Fits and adapts to foot shape
  • It’s flexible
  • Limited variety of colors

4. Adidas Icon Trainer

If you want a versatile shoe for workouts and dancing, then you won’t go wrong with adidas icon trainer. It’s designed to give you much freedom and energy during your dancing or polymetrics.

Adidas Icon Trainer

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The foam cushioning in its midsole provides excellent cushioning as well as shock attenuation with every step. The quick energy return makes your toe-off effortless. Plus the midsole has a low-profile to enhance steadiness during your workouts.

The stylish and translucent rubber utilized in the outsole appeals to the eyes and it’s durable enough to protect the midsole from wear. It has numerous treads for providing traction in all directions.

This rubber also covers the toe area to protect your toes from injuries. What’s more, this outsole is meant to improve your performance while maintaining the safety of your feet.

The upper unit is made with a tightly woven mesh which is very flexible and breathable. Plus there’re printed overlays to protect the mesh from wear while providing support to the top of the foot.

A bootie configuration in the interior of the shoes gives you a firm and comfortable feel. The collar of this shoe hugs your foot like a sock and adds more support to the ankle.

The laces are integrated with the upper unit overlays to give your feet the necessary support whenever they twist sideways.

  • Good traction and stability for workouts
  • Excellent lateral as well as ankle support
  • It has sufficient cushioning
  • High quality and durable materials
  • A stylish workout shoe
  • Collar might feel tight for some people

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5. ASICS Rhythmic 3

ASICS Rhythmic 3 guarantees efficiency and safety in your cardio dance moves. One of the notable features is the duo pivot points on its outsole.

ASICS Rhythmic 3

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Placed at the back and front of the outsole, the pivot points guarantee superior stability. This will enable you to turn and twist on the floor without injuring your feet.

The rubber outsole also offers maximum traction on surfaces to prevent any slippage. There’s an excellent cushioning to protect your underfoot.

This cushioning is also good for arch and side support. Thus you won’t suffer injuries or irritations when you bend or twist your foot during your workout or dance.

A high quality mesh utilized in ASICS Rhythmic 3 helps in promoting proper air circulation inside the shoe. This mesh also provides non-restrictive support on top of your foot.

What’s more, ASICS Rhythmic 3 is quite affordable if you are working on a tight budget.

  • Duo pivot points ensures flexibility
  • Rubber outsole to enhance traction
  • Inside cushioning protects your arch and sides of the foot
  • Breathable and supportive upper mesh
  • Not ideal for a rainy day

6. Ryka Moxie

This cross-training shoe is specially designed for women dancers. It’s one of the most affordable dancing shoe yet providing great performance.

Ryka Moxie

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Its midsole is a removable footbed which can be replaced with customized orthotics depending on your foot type. N-gage is a type of EVA foam utilized in this footbed to provide cushioning and support.

The inside cushioning is meant to offer comfort and arch support during your cardio dance. The outsole is made of flexible rubber which also provides good traction on surfaces.

Good traction together with the pivot point in Ryka Moxie ensures that you can bend and twist effortlessly and without hurting your feet.

The upper unit is made of a breathable mesh and suede to give it stylish look. Plus it has a well-padded collar and tongue to provide the much needed comfort in during intensive dancing. It has reflective additions in case you’re training in low lighting.

  • Comfortable and supportive dancing shoe
  • Pivot point enhances flexibility
  • Proper shock attenuation
  • Reflective additions are good for low lighting
  • Rubber outsole enhances traction
  • Stylish look
  • Runs narrow

7. New Balance WX608V4

This is a cross-training or dancing shoe designed for comfort and stability. Any cardio dancer will like the combination of features delivered by this shoe.

New Balance WX608V4

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It comes with updated cushioning and support technologies such as EVA, IMEVA and ABZORB which runs through the entire midsole.

The IMEVA is especially responsible for the flexibility to allow natural movement of metatarsal joints. Arch support is provided by the internal shank.

The purpose of this is to restrict bending to the forefoot only so as to avert injuries in the midfoot.

The rubber material used to make the outsole is flexible to allow your foot to bend naturally. This rubber covers the entire the length of the shoe including the toe area to protect the midfoot from abrasion.

It’s also very durable, meaning your value for money is guaranteed.

The treads on the outsole enhance traction while flex grooves add flexibility.

The upper unit is made of a durable and supportive leather. Air circulation inside the shoe is provided by the mesh on the tongue and the perforations.

The collar area is well padded to provide ankle support and reduce irritation. A more secure fit is provided by the lace-up system and the tongue.

  • Comfortable cross-trainer for dance
  • Perfect fit
  • Good ankle support
  • Stylish configuration
  • Accommodates wide feet
  • Light-weight dancing shoe
  • Limited variety of colors

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Cardio Dance

Choosing the best shoe for cardio dance isn’t an easy task. But after reading this guide it will be easy to find the right kind of shoe. Below are some tips to help you make an informed purchase.

1. Pivot Point

Cardio dances involve frequent abrupt turning. A pivot point enables you to turn swiftly and effortlessly. Without a pivot point the outsole of your shoe will grip on the surface making it difficult to turn.

Any attempts to force yourself to turn tends to twist your legs which may lead to injuries.

2. Good Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Cardio dances are high-impact workout activities and are usually performed on hard indoor surfaces. Therefore, typical shoes should provide the necessary cushioning to protect your feet from impact shocks.

Good shock attenuation gives you ample energy return so that you don’t get tired easily during your workout.

3. Lightweight

Heavy shoes add weight to your feet thus hindering your movements. Cardio dance shoes ought to be as light as possible to help you keep up with the swift and abrupt cardio moves.

4. Breathability

A breathable shoes ensures that your feet are well ventilated for enhanced comfort. Therefore, the material utilized on the upper unit of the shoe should allow air to get in and out the shoe. In addition, it should allow proper heat dissipation from the interior of the shoe.

5. Traction

You need to have proper grip on the surface so that you don’t slip while dancing. Get shoes that come with rubber outsoles because rubber tends to stick on surfaces.

6. Comfort

Comfort is necessary if you want enjoy your dance. Comfort will be offered by good cushioning, interior padding, snug fit, proper lacing and good fit. In addition, it should not rub or cause blisters.

7. Support and Stability

Cardio dance shoes ought to have ample ankle support to protect your ankles from spraining. Also, people with high foot arches require some arch support to enhance their stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cardio Dance a Form of Fitness Exercise?

Ans: In the simplest terms, cardio dance is a fitness a workout designed to help you realize a healthy lifestyles. It’s full-body workout which mainly targets the cardiovascular system and several body muscles.

The main difference between cross training and dance cardio is the later involves more enjoyable and less monotonous movements.

2. Can I Dance with Running Shoes?

Ans: Running shoes won’t give you optimal performance and comfort during dance cardio. That’s because they are designed for propulsion rather than the quick rotations, jumps and slithering involved during dance cardio.

Apart from being lightweight, most dancing shoes come with a pivot point which enables you to make quick and effortless changeovers.

3. Can I Dance with Cross Training Shoes?

Ans: Although dancing shoes are categorized as cross training shoes, not all of all them are ideal for dancing especially dance cardio.

For instance, weightlifting shoes are designed with wide, flat and low-to-ground underfoot platform to give you optimal stability. Such a configuration isn’t good for dance cardio since it hinders easy rotation and slithering.

In addition, weightlifting trainers won’t provide adequate impact protection when used in dance cardio workouts.

4. Is a Pivot Point Necessary in Dancing Shoes?

Ans: A pivot isn’t a compulsory component of a typical dance cardio sneaker. However, professional dance fitness instructors recommend wearing shoes that are equipped with a pivot point when participating in dance cardio workouts.

The pivot point allows you to spin, turn and slither swiftly and effortlessly. Not only does this enhance your performance but it also lessens strain on lower body appendages.


The right cardio dance shoes will help you perform your moves more effortlessly while preventing pain or injuries. These shoes have a good blend of cushioning, support, comfort, flexibility and stability. In addition, they are also durable and lightweight.

These shoes help you to focus on the dance moves. This results to increased dancing efficiency.

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