Best Shoes for Box Jumps

7 Best Shoes for Box Jumps 2021

Most cross training shoes are built with great versatility so that you can use them across varied workouts. Best Shoes for Box JumpsIf what you’re looking for are the best shoes for box jumps, then you need to consider trainers that are meant for high-impact training.

They should also exhibit adequate forefoot flexibility to permit unrestricted metatarsal movement. Plus, they should have a toe-bumper to guard your toes in case you accidentally knock the jumping box with your forefoot.

See some good options in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Box Jumps 2021

1. Nike CrossFit Men’s Trainer Metcon 5

With the drop-in midsole in Metcon 5, you can leverage on impact-related workouts and those that need stability. The midsole is an improvement from its predecessor which features a dual-density compound. Since the heel part is built with greater firmness to allow stable footing during heavy lifting.

Nike CrossFit Men’s Trainer Metcon 5

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However, the forefoot is made soft and flexible to allow effective foot bending during jumps and running.

Weightlifting also benefits from the 4 mm drop which keeps your feet near the surface.

The Hyperlift add-on inserts allows you vary the heel height to 6 mm in the women’s and 8 mm in the men’s Metcon 5. This is intended to allow unrestricted ankle movements during squats.

Not only does the sole unit protect the midsole but it’s also built to provide grip during various cross training.

First, the use of a hard-wearing rubber on actual contact points results in accurate gripping and durability. Plus, more aggressive treads are incorporated to enhance grip on surfaces. The forefoot is wrapped with a grippier rubber compound to ensure you have a secure grip during box jumps.

Moreover, the toe-box is equipped with a toe bumper to guard your toes from impacts.

What’s more, Metcon 5 comes with wide rubber panels on the sides which provide a protective and griping surface during rope climbing.

Part of the upper unit is covered by the rope-climbing panels. The rest entails a woven mesh which is intended to offer a snug foot coverage. The mesh is aids in ventilation and it’s covered by a layer of Haptic chain-link to protect it from wear and tear.

The heel part features a synthetic leather material which provides a secure heel lock. Plus there’s a TPU clip for guarding the heel part when performing wall push-ups.

Working with the Flywire the lacing system delivers sufficient foot support during lateral movements.

  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Toe bumper
  • Overall durability
  • Good stability
  • Firm grip
  • Appealing colorways
  • Tight forefoot

2. Nike Metcon Versatile Trainer Repper DSX

The Repper DSX focuses its efficacy in athletic training especially jumping and running. So, if you’re looking for an ideal box jump trainer, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Nike Metcon Versatile Trainer Repper DSX

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It comes a relatively high amount of cushioning than most Metcons which is intended to deliver greater responsiveness. The EVA foam compound featured in the midsole of this trainer provides the ideal platform for box jumps and sprints. Being a lightweight material, EVA foam does make the shoes heavy.

Offering protection to the midsole, is a sturdy rubber which also exhibits adequate stickiness to keep you from sliding. Having a flat surface at the heel makes the platform stable for weightlifting.

Flex grooves are incorporated at the forefoot to enable appropriate metatarsal biomechanics during box jumps.

Repper DSX is wrapped by a lightweight mesh which is complemented by a plush collar and tongue to keep your feet secure and comfortable. Foot hold is further enhanced by the TPU overlay placed at the heel. The toe-box is also guarded by TPU overlays to keep your toes free from injuries during box jumps.

What’s more, presence of Flywire cables results in sufficient foot hold and support.

  • Comfortable for jumps and running
  • Firm weightlifting
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Stylish
  • Versatile
  • Breathable upper
  • Durability issues

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3. Inov-8 F-LITE Men’s Powerflow 260 Knit

Revered for its durability, style and cross training performance, this trainer has all the qualities you need for box jump exercises.

Inov-8 F-LITE Men’s Powerflow 260 Knit

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First, underfoot cushioning is delivered by Powerflow, a material that exhibits greater responsiveness and shock attenuation than the usual EVA foam. Backed by the power footbeds, the midsole delivers the necessary comfort during short runs, box jumps and other plyometrics exercises.

The platform also provides a firm base for weightlifting. Plus its low-profile configuration ensures your feet are well-grounded for grounded for extra stability.

Built for indoor and outdoor training, the sole unit delivers secure traction which allows you to train with much confidence. Notably, it contains graphene which makes it more durable and able to withstand wear and tear.

Moreover, the outsole is precisely flexibly in all directions which minimizes limitations of the normal foot biomechanics. Plus it wraps the toe-box to protect your toes from impacts in case you accidentally hit the edge of the jumping box.

With a knitted upper unit compartment, your feet are guaranteed a secure but non-restricting. Presence on synthetic heel cage and TPU side panels contributes to foot stability while protecting the knitted mesh from abrasion or ripping off.

What’s more, the rope climbing technology extends from the lateral side of the outsole to the upper unit in form of Rope-Tec overlays.

  • Balanced stability and responsiveness
  • Overall flexibility
  • Excellent durability
  • Stylish design
  • Outstanding versatility
  • Breathable
  • Indoor and outdoor surface traction
  • Relatively pricey

4. Reebok Durable CrossFit Sneaker Speed TR 2.0

A decent sneaker for plyometrics, CrossFit Speed TR-2.0 guarantees sufficient responsiveness and forefoot flexibility to allow safe and effective box jump workouts. It’s also an affordable trainer for most workouts including weightlifting, CrossFit WODs and rope climbing.

Reebok Durable CrossFit Sneaker Speed TR 2.0

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If you’re a box jumps or other plyometrics aficionado, you’ll benefit from the responsive EVA cushioning in the midsole. The rebound delivered by the midsole ensures that you jump effectively and with lesser risk of impact-related injuries.

Moreover, the midsole extends outwards at the heel part to what is called Klip Klip. This TPU compound provides sufficient resistance to abrasion or ripping during wall push-ups.

Having a flat outsole and 3 mm drop keeps your feet near the surface which gives you adequate stability for weightlifting. In addition, the outsole makes use of a sticky rubber which is generously treaded to lugged give provide secure traction in all directions.

The RopePro technology at the midfoot entails vertical lugs which help in gripping during rope climbing training.

The nylon-based Cordura mesh cover delivers a secure foot protection because of its ability to withstand abrasion, tearing and other hazards. Presence of polyurethane overlays at strategic areas gives the upper unit an erect and durable configuration. Plus the toe-box and heel are wrapped with sturdy synthetic compound which acts as a bumper.

  • Comfortable and safe for box jumps
  • Superb traction
  • Exceptional durability
  • Weightlifting stability
  • Lightweight
  • Ideals for varied cross training
  • Less responsive for running

5. Nike Men’s Metcon Trainer Flyknit 3

Metcon Flyknit 3 builds on the success of previous Metcons to bring you a versatile trainer for plyometrics, aerobics, short runs and weightlifting. The low to the ground silhouette guarantees good stability to enable safe and convenient weightlifting.

Nike Men’s Metcon Trainer Flyknit 3

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However, the underfoot padding is just sufficient to keep your feet comfortable during short runs and jumping exercises.

Weightlifting also benefits from the outsole design which is flat at the heel and arch area. The material for the outsole is a sticky rubber compound which is meant to keep your feet securely grounded. Plus it exhibits outstanding durability which allows it to withstand wear and tear.

The side panels extending from the outsole help in gripping during rope-climbing.

FlyKnit mesh a tightly-woven fabric which makes most parts of the upper units. It results in a sturdy but flexible configuration which keeps your feet protected and comfortable. Moreover, it’s adequately reinforced with synthetic overlays to make it more durable.

The toe-box comes with a TPU bumper which acts as a protection against impacts especially when perform box jumps.

The upper unit also makes use of Flywire cables which are intended to work with the lacing system to offer a secure foot cradle.

  • Sturdy configuration
  • Good stability
  • Supportive upper
  • Superb impact protection
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow forefoot

6. Nike High-Impact React Metcon Versatile Trainer

As the name suggests, React Metcon is built react foam which is a firm and responsive midsole compound. This makes it an effective sneaker for weightlifting and high-impact training like sprints and box jumps.

Nike High-Impact React Metcon Versatile Trainer

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The outsole of React Metcon follows in the success of its immediate predecessor in terms of sturdiness, stability and surface traction. Secure traction results from the sticky rubber and the presence of aggressive lugs. This ensures your feet are effectively grounded when performing lifting.

The forefoot exhibits the sufficient flexibility to allow effective forefoot movements when performing box jumps, planks and lunges.

With the rope technology on sole unit, there’s assured grip on the climbing rope whether you’re ascending or descending.

Use of one-piece knitted mesh on the upper offers foot coverage that is supportive, breathable and non-irritating. This sock-like design also promotes effective foot movements especially during jumps and sprints.

Heel lock and support is provided by a sturdy strap locked at the heel.

What’s more, React Metcon uses bungee laces which are quick to adjust.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Weightlifting stability
  • Quick lace-up
  • Excellent versatility
  • Durable build
  • Quite expensive

7. Inov-8 Flexible F-Lite 235 v3 Men’s CrossFit Trainer

If you’re active in jumping and weightlifting, then you can go for F-Lite 235 v3 because this is what it’s made for. Getting such a balance in stability and responsiveness results from the Powerflow+ cushioning used in the midsole.

Inov-8 Flexible F-Lite 235 v3 Men’s CrossFit Trainer

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Powerflow+ exhibits effective responsiveness and impact absorption which makes it safe for impact-related workouts including box jumps. But it’s the firmness of powerflow+ and the 4 mm drop of the shoe that gives you the necessary stability during lifting.

G-Grip outsole technology entails gum rubber whose gripping, flexibility and durability have been enhanced by infusing it with graphene.

The landing surface displays an outline of grooves that resembles your foot’s skeletal structure. The purpose of this is to accord your feet the freedom to bend and spread out without restriction. Presence of Meta-Flex groove at the forefoot aids in forefoot flexibility during sprints and jumps. Plus the sole unit promotes smooth transition, thanks to the included TPU shank.

The sole unit also features and extension at the forefoot and the sides. The former acts as guard against impacts while the later is responsible for safe and effective rope-climbing.

Foot support and protection for the upper part of the foot is provided by a mesh structure which is finished with a network of synthetic overlays. The mesh structure aids in breathability while the overlays are responsible enhanced foot support and the durability of the upper unit.

Both the materials and the design employed on the unit guarantees optimal foot flexibility especially at the forefoot.

  • Adequate springiness
  • Reliable impact protection
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Durable build
  • Versatile trainer
  • Superb traction
  • Narrow forefoot

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Box Jumps

Box jumps are most common type of workout you’ll be doing during plyometrics training. It’s a high impact exercise which entails jumping from the floor and landing on an elevated platform such as box.

These exercises are intended to increase your strength and explosiveness. This gives you speed during sprints while enhancing you performance during vertical jumping.

So, what do the best shoes for box jumps look like? Here’re are the most important features to consider.

1. Responsive Cushioning

With the high-impacts involved during jumps, your joints are subjected to excessive pounding. So, your typical shoes should have a responsive midsole cushioning so as to minimize landing impacts.

The forefoot cushioning should also effortless toe-offs as your feet prepare to push off the ground.

2. Forefoot Flexibility

Running and jumping requires the metatarsal joints to bend as the foot prepares to push off the ground. If your training shoes have a stiff forefoot, your feet won’t be able to flex appropriately. Not only does this hinder your performance but it can also lead to injuries.

Therefore, your typical shoes for box jumps should have a flexible forefoot so as to promote unrestricted foot movements.

If look at Inov-8 F-Lite 260 Knit, you’ll see Meta-Flex grooves on the sole unit which are responsible for heightened forefoot flexibility.

3. Toe Bumper

You’ll typically be jumping from the floor to a plyo box. There’re chances of accidentally hitting the edge of the plyo box especially when you’re trying to challenge yourself with a greater height.

Therefore, the best shoes for box jumps should have a rubber toe bumper to guard your toes against impacts.

4. Traction

You don’t want to land on top of the plyo box and then slide. This of course could lead to a dangerous fall. Therefore, your shoes should offer secure traction so as to minimize sliding when you land on the plyo box.

Some plyo boxes come with foam rubber on their top which enhances grip and shock attenuation.

5. Lightweight

Heavy shoes only add extra weight to your feet. This is likely to cause discomforts and hinder you performance during box jumps.

6. Breathable

A breathable shoe keeps your feet cool and dry thus enhancing comfort. Plus it discourages bacterial growth thus minimizing odor from the shoes.


Box jumps are the easiest and effective forms of plyometrics workouts you can perform at home. Not expensive equipment is required. Once you have a decent jumping box or platform, then you need to focus on acquiring appropriate shoes for box jumps.

The best shoes for box jumps are supposed to offer impact protection during landing and permit effective biomechanical foot movement. Moreover, the forefoot should have a protective bumper to keep your toes from injuries.

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