Best Shoes for Barre Class

7 Best Shoes for Barre Class 2022

The best shoes for Barre class are designed to provide a little cushion under your feet to enhance your comfort. Best Shoes for Barre ClassIn addition, they are meant to enhance traction so that you can train with more confidence.

Since Barre workouts aren’t so rigorous, it’s preferable to wear non-skid socks or studio skins than minimalist shoes. See some decent recommendations in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Barre Class 2022

1. New Balance Yoga, Barre, Studio Skin 118v1

Having an artificial skin on your feet goes a long way to protect your feet and enhance your comfort during yoga, barre classes and Pilates. One of the best studio skins you can use is the New Balance 118v1.

New Balance Yoga, Barre, Studio Skin 118v1

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Not only is it lightweight but it also offers a thin cushioning under your feet to heighten your comfort. The cushioning is placed underneath the metatarsals since you make use of the forefoot frequently during barre fitness.

Unlike many studio skins or socks, New Balance 118v1 comes with a bare heel which minimizes its weight. Such a design also makes platform more flexible to allow appropriate foot movements.

The sturdy fabric utilized on the underside does not easily give in to tearing. Presence of silicon pods on the fabric results in grippy underside which keeps you secure grounded. Plus enhances the platform’s resistance to abrasion.

The brief network of straps on the upper part delivers a soft, supportive and stretchable foot wrap. By making use of Stretch Gore material, the upper unit permits air circulation to minimize sweating on the top of foot skin.

New Balance 118v1 comes in a toe-less design which gives your toes the chance to touch the ground. This results in enhanced balance and coordination since your brain is able to communicate effectively with your feet.

  • Metatarsal cushioning
  • Flexible
  • Good for barre class
  • Toe-less construction
  • Grippy underside
  • Stylish
  • Highly priced than studio socks

2. Bloch Front-Sole Barre, Pilate, Studio Shoe

By specializing in dance sneakers, Bloch makes some of the best sneakers to take care of dancers’ needs. From jazzercise, zumba, jazz, yoga, ballroom, ballet, barre and Pilates, Bloch shoe are designed for comfort and performance. So, if you’re looking for the best shoes for barre class, you can’t go wrong with Bloch shoes.

Bloch Front-Sole Barre, Pilate, Studio Shoe

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With the thin underfoot cushioning, these shoes keep you comfortable throughout your barre workouts. The cushioning eases pressure on your foot soles when you’re training on hard surfaces.

The sneaker comes in three outsole designs which cater for different types of dance. The suede front-sole is recommended for barre because it is flexible and offers secure traction. The rubber front-sole is recommended for Pilates while the microfiber front-sole is ideal for workouts that involve slithering.

The underside exhibits heightened flexibility since it is equipped with a synthetic fabric on the midfoot zone. The rearfoot zone is covered with this responsive heel cup which lessens impacts during agile movements.

The slip-on design makes it easy to wear and remove providing room for aeration. The use of a smooth and stretchable synthetic fabric results in a non-chaffing and unrestricting foot wrap. Plus it wicks away moisture while aiding in air circulation and heat dissipation.

Foot lockdown is enhanced by the midfoot strap and the stitched collar.

  • Cushioned underfoot platform
  • Options for three front-sole design
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Quality construction
  • A bit narrow

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3. Muezna Men’s Anti-Skid Barre, Yoga or Barre Fitness Socks

The new design of Muezna fitness socks is intended to offer secure grip, keep you comfortable while allowing to perform optimally. These are versatile socks to add a protective skin on your feet during yoga, barre, Pilate workouts and cardio kickboxing.

Muezna Men’s Anti-Skid Barre, Yoga or Barre Fitness Socks

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They can also be worn in the house to keep you warm or prevent sliding among the elderly, sick people or pregnant women.

Presence of multidirectional silica pods on the underside of the socks secure traction during side-to-side movements.

Unlike regular cotton, the combed cotton utilized in this sock delivers a softer foot wrap while remaining sturdy enough to withstand rigorous movements. The fabric also exhibits exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties which further heightens inshoe comfort.

The mouth of the sock is designed in such a way that it won’t slip off easily during rigorous movements.

What’s more, with these socks you won’t experience pressure or friction under your feet. This allows you to train for long periods even on hard surfaces.

  • Uses combed cotton
  • Multidirectional grip
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Durable fabric
  • Non-slip sock mouth
  • Affordable three pairs pack
  • Size runs small

4. Hylaea Non Slip Half-Toe Barre, Ballet, Pilates Socks

By specializing in training socks, Hylaea makes high quality socks to enhance your comfort during workouts. These are decent socks to use during barre, ballet, Pilates and yoga classes.

Hylaea Non Slip Half-Toe Barre, Ballet, Pilates Socks

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It makes use of 80% cotton fabric which wraps your feet snugly while helping in moisture-wicking. The socks also uses 15% spandex and 5% binding. The former allows it to stretch appropriately while later enhances its durability.

The bottom of the socks is lined with highly sticky silicone pods which deliver heightened grip on most training surfaces.

The low-cut and exposed upper construction adds to the socks ability to keep your feet aerated. The half-toe design leaves your toes exposed so that they have direct contact with the ground. Such a construction allows better communication with the brain for enhanced balance and coordination.

The two elastic straps are not there just for looks. By crisscrossing over the instep and closing at the back, the straps deliver a secure foot wrap. Thus, your socks won’t slip out accidentally even during rigorous movements.

  • Cushioned underfoot
  • Secure traction
  • Non-slip foot wrap
  • Breathable
  • Multipurpose
  • Runs small

5. Pauboland Cushioned Anti-Slip Barre Training Socks

Having already received numerous positive feedbacks, Pauboland training socks prove to be some of the best for barre, ballet and yoga.

Pauboland Cushioned Anti-Slip Barre Training Socks

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The use of cotton, spandex and nylon results in a durable, breathable, moisture-wicking and elastic training sock. Cotton makes 85% of the sock where it delivers a non-irritating foot wrap while aiding in moisture-wicking.

The 10% nylon makes the fabric durable while the 5% spandex prevents overstretching.

The socks offer a thin underfoot cushioning which keeps your feet comfortable especially when you’re training on a hard surfaces. The underfoot platform also offers arch support to lessen fatigue on your lower body appendages.

The bottom of the socks is lined anti-slip silicon pods to keep you securely grounded on both hard and soft gym surfaces. Unlike some brands in the market, the gripping pods won’t peel off easily.

What’s more, these are versatile training socks which can be used in numerous indoor workouts as well as for casual wear. They can be used for walking around by the elderly, pregnant women or hospitalized people.

  • Cushioned underfoot platform
  • Arch support
  • Grippy underside
  • Breathable
  • Durable training socks
  • None

6. LA Active Anti-Grip Barre, Pilate, Yoga Socks

You don’t have to attend barre classes barefoot. Grab yourself LA Actives yoga socks to get better grip and heighten your comfort.

LA Active Anti-Grip Barre, Pilate, Yoga Socks

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By making use of 80% cotton, the socks offer a non-chaffing foot wrap while eliminating excessive moisture from your feet. The 3% spandex fabric allows the socks to stretch and return to their normal shape even after repeated use.

Presence of 17% polyester results in heightened sturdiness which allows LA Actives yoga socks to last long.

Running full-length, the rubber dot patterns deliver multi-directional traction on both soft and hard studio surfaces. The dots are made larger on the forefoot and heel areas because these are the actual contact points.

Unlike training barefoot, the underfoot platform offers adequate cushioning to keep you comfortable. It meant to lessen pressure under your feet when you’re training on hard surfaces.

The sock mouth delivers a secure foot wrap so as to minimize accidental sock removal during rigorous movements. The padded pull tab at the back of the sock mouth allows you to put on or remove the socks easily.

  • Cushioned soles
  • Grippy underside
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Non-chaffing wrap
  • Inaccurate sizing

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7. Tucketts Toeless Non-Slip Socks for Yoga, Barre and Pilates

Extensive studies on foot-brain connection have shown that your balance results from the communication between your feet and brain. Tucketts toeless socks are built on this concept. The toeless design allows your toes touch the ground so as to allow accurate foot movements.

Tucketts Toeless Non-Slip Socks for Yoga, Barre and Pilates

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The rest of the underfoot platform offers some padding under your foot to enhance comfort and minimize soreness. Having an extra skin under your feet is especially necessary when you’re training on hard surfaces.

Tucketts toeless socks contain 70% cotton, 29% nylon and 1% spandex. This combination results in comfortable, durable and stretchy construction. Backed by the open forefoot and toe area, the fabric also delivers adequate ventilation to your feet. Plus it’s responsible for moisture-wicking.

The sticky gripping pods on the underside of the socks ensure that you’re securely footed so that you can concentrate on your workouts. They offer a more accurate grip than when you’re training barefoot.

Tucketts toeless socks are designed to multiple uses. You can use then during Barre classes, Pilates, yoga, martial arts among other workouts. They’re also good for wearing in the house especially for the elderly or sick people.

  • Comfortable for Barre classes
  • Toeless design allows better balance
  • Good traction
  • Ideal training and casual wear
  • May accidentally slip out

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Barre Class

Shoes for barre classes are not actually typical shoes in that sense. They are either grip socks or studio skins which are intended to offer an artificial skin on your feet. Unlike the socks you wear with your shoes, grip socks are equipped with slip-resistant nubs to enhance traction on surfaces.

Here is a guide to help you choose the most ideal grip socks or studio skins for your barre classes.

1. Barefoot Experience

While you can do barre workouts barefoot, having an artificial skin under your feet will enhance underfoot comfort. Studio skins and yoga grip socks offer a thin cushion under your feet without denying your feet the barefoot sensation.

2. Flexible

Your feet need to bend and spread appropriately during the various barre workout moves. So, your studio skins or yoga grip socks should be made with flexible materials so as to promote unrestricted foot movements.

3. Lightweight

Barre shoes are only intended to offer foot protection. Therefore, they should be extremely lightweight so that you feel like you’re actually wearing nothing on your feet.

4. Traction

Perhaps, grip is one good reason you should wear shoes for your barre classes instead of training barefoot. They are meant to give you a heightened grip so that you can make more accurate moves.

5. Toe-less Design

Studio skins or grip socks may be either full-toe to toe-less. The toe-less design has the advantage of allowing your toes to touch the ground. Studies on foot-brain connection show that your feet communicate with the brain to enhance body balance.

Therefore, wearing toe-less grip socks or studio skins allows you to make accurate moves thus heightening your performance. This also lessens strain injuries since the brain tells your body how it should be positioned.

What is Barre Class?

In the simplest terms Barre class is studio workout routine which draws inspiration from yoga, ballet and Pilates. It entails high-intensity, low-impact moves which are intended to enhance your strength and flexibility.

They target a wide range of muscles including the core, legs, arms and glutes. This results in optimal body fitness and toning.

Health Benefits of Barre Classes

Barre classes can be adopted as a form of training regimen to enhance your overall fitness and prevent injuries during physical activity.

If you’re up to Barre classes, then here’re some of the benefits you stand to reap.

1. Targets Major Muscle Groups

Barre classes are broken into sets of workouts which target major muscles groups including the core, legs, arms and glutes. This results in well-rounded fitness and improved body posture.

2. Builds Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

Barre classes incorporate small weights and resistant bands into high-intensity, low-impact moves. This gives you adequate resistance to build muscle strength and endurance. Barre workouts also involve a lot of stretching which results in heightened flexibility.

By developing core strength, Barre training also helps in improving your balance and stability.

3. Burns Calories

At Barre class, you’ll also be doing Bar Method workouts. These are excellent workouts for strength training as well as cardiovascular conditioning. This reduces chance of suffering physical injuries or cardiovascular illnesses like heart attack and high blood pressure.

4. Stress Reduction

Like yoga, Barre classes incorporate music into fitness workouts. Such sessions are not only enjoyable but also good for brain relaxation.

What to Wear To Barre Class

While there’s no thump rule on what to wear to Barre class, it’s recommended to wear comfortable and unrestricting attire. Here is what you need for Barre classes.


Barre workouts involve a lot of leg work including allongée propellers, ballerina squats, Barre assemblés and so on. So, it’s advisable to wear snug fitting leggings or yoga pants to allow unrestricted movements.

Workout Tank or T-Shirt

For top part, you choose an appropriate t-shirt or workout tank to match with your yoga pants.

Grip Socks

While you can do Barre workouts barefoot, it’s more comfortable to have an extra skin under your feet. So, you’re good to go with yoga grip socks or studio skins. They heighten underfoot comfort without denying you the barefoot experience required during Barre workouts.

Grip socks or studio skins also offer better traction than when you’re training barefoot. This allows you to make accurate moves while preventing accidental sliding.


Long hair can be a bit distracting during Barre exercises. So, it’s recommended to wear a headband or bandana to keep your hair at the back.

Other Requirements

Just like running or cross training, you’ll break sweat during Barre classes. So, bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout your classes.


While barefoot experience is encouraged during Barre classes, you’ll be more comfortable with additional skin under your feet. The market offers several options when it comes to the best shoes for Barre class.

You can choose between studio skins, non-skid socks or minimalist shoes. Studio skins and non-skid socks are more preferred because of their lightweight, flexible and breathable construction.

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