Best Shoes for Baristas

7 Best Shoes for Baristas 2022

The best shoes for baristas should provide adequate cushioning and keep your feet supported to minimize strain on your lower extremities. Best Shoes for Baristas Since you’ll be working on smooth, wet or oily surfaces, your typical shoes ought to offer secure traction.

Also consider a well-padded interior to keep your feet comfortable and free from irritation throughout your working shift. See some recommendations in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Baristas 2022

1. Propet Life Work Walker

Designed for all-day wear, the Propet Life Walker delivers the optimal comfort and support when working or walking for long hours. This makes it good for nurses, baristas, bartenders and other people who spend many hours on their feet.

Propet Life Work Walker

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It comes with a full-length EVA foam midsole which delivers adequate cushioning under your feet. The platform also exhibits the ideal responsiveness to lessen impacts on lower body appendages when walking.

Additional cushioning results from the orthotic footbed placed above the primary midsole. The footbed also delivers arch support to minimize fatigue on your lower extremities.

The underside of the sneaker features a slip-resistant rubber which works with the herringbone treads to offer secure traction. The sole unit also exhibits adequate resistance to abrasion when walking on city roads.

The upper part of the sneaker is built using full-grain leather which is responsible for foot protection and support. The interior of the sneaker is lined with a soft padding and fabric which delivers the ideal comfort for standing or walking for many hours.

The close-up system entails two hook-and-loop straps which deliver a secure foot lockdown. This also provides an easy and convenient means of putting on and off your shoes.

Inshoe ventilation results from the perforations around the forefoot and midfoot areas.

  • Ideal for standing or walking for long
  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Arch support
  • Non-chaffing interior
  • Excellent traction on smooth surfaces
  • Few colors

2. Propet Stability Work/Walker

As the name suggests, the stability walker is designed to keep you stable so as to minimize fatigue on your lower extremities. This is in fact one sneaker podiatrists will recommend for plantar fasciitis, overpronation or Diabetic A5500.

Propet Stability Work/Walker

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Underfoot cushioning results from the full-length EVA foam compound utilized as the primary midsole. This is a soft and non-squishy platform which delivers the ideal comfort and support for walking or standing all day. The platform also the foot arches supported thus countering overpronation.

Presence of a polyurethane insole results in heightened underfoot comfort and impact protection.

Wrapping the bottom part is a slip resistance rubber which is delivers reliable traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Plus it exhibits heightened durability even when utilized on abrasive surfaces such as asphalt.

The sole unit also comes with strategically-placed flex grooves to make it more flexible. This is intended to promote unrestricted foot movements during heel-to-toe transition.

The upper unit is built of either full-grain leather, nubuck or suede. Either of these materials is intended to offer a secure foot lockdown and support while guarding your feet from hazards.

The interior padding and fabric delivers a comfortable inshoe experience while locking the foot securely.

Inshoe ventilation results from the tiny perforations around the forefoot area.

  • Comfortable for standing or walking
  • Podiatrist-approved
  • Inshoe comfortable
  • Durable
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Less breathable for hot conditions

3. Lincoln Center Orthofeet Sneaker

Orthofeet sneakers are some of the most trusted when it comes to comfort. That’s because they make use of technologies that reduce stress on joints by resolving misalignments on the lower extremities.

Lincoln Center Orthofeet Sneaker

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If you’re looking for the best shoes for baristas, then you can’t go wrong with the Lincoln Center.

The midsole platform entails Ortho cushioning which delivers a comfortable and responsive underfoot experience. Backed by the heel air pockets, the platform also dampens impacts to lessen pounding on your joints during walks.

Presence of orthotic insoles results in arch support which lessens the tendency of the foot to roll inwards excessively. This lessens strain on the lower extremities when walking or standing for long.

The interior of the sneaker is built to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. The soft padding and smooth fabric ensures that there’s no rubbing or pressure points on your feet.

The leather-only upper construction delivers adequate support and protection. Plus it’s ideal for wearing with casual clothes.

The sole unit is a sticky rubber which is completed with non-marking tread patterns to offer accurate grip on surfaces.

What’s more, the hook-and-loop close-up allows you to wear and remove your shoes with ease.

  • Adequate cushioning and support
  • Podiatrist-approved
  • Supportive leather upper
  • Secure traction
  • Non-chaffing inshoe experience
  • Lacks breathability

4. Carnegie Orthofeet Sneaker

If you have won Orthofeet sneakers before, you’re appreciate that these shoes are built for comfort regardless of your foot anatomy. The Carnegie-Black makes a decent sneaker for individuals who are on their feet for many hours like bartenders, baristas among others.

Carnegie Orthofeet Sneaker

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It’s also a comfortable sneaker to wear when you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, arthritis among other foot conditions.

It’s equipped with a comfortable underfoot platform which is intended to absorb impacts and deliver propulsion during walks. Shock-attenuation is heightened by the air pockets placed on the heel area.

On top of this, there’s an anatomical footbed which adds to underfoot comfort while providing support to your foot arches. This provides a means for alleviating strain on the lower extremities.

The upper part entails a leather-only which is responsible for foot protection and support. However, the interior of the sneaker is equipped with a light padding and smooth fabric to enhance inshoe comfort.

The lace-up system is a hook-and-loop strap which makes it easy and convenient to put your shoes on or off.

Like other Orthofeet sneakers, Carnegie comes with a rubber outsole which delivers secure traction on indoor and out surfaces. Traction on surfaces is further heightened by the non-marking tread patterns.

  • Adequate cushioning
  • Arch supportive footbed
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable and supportive leather upper
  • Easy hook-and-loop close-up
  • Color limitation
  • Expensive

5. Reebok Work/Walk N Cushion 4.0

As the name suggests, this sneaker is equipped with work-oriented cushioning. Baristas will find Work N Cushion 4.0 very comfortable when preparing and serving coffee.

Reebok Work/Walk N Cushion 4.0

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It makes use of DMX Ride+ Foam midsole which is responsible for underfoot cushioning and shock-attenuation. On top of this there’s a contoured footbed which keeps the entire foot supported to minimize strain when walking or standing for long.

The underside of Work N Cushion 4.0 is wrapped with anti-slip rubber compound which keeps you secure footed. The rubber compound exhibits resistance to oils which makes it good for food preparation zones.

Presence of multi-directional tread patterns results in heightened traction of various types of workplace floors.

The forefoot area is equipped with three deep flex grooves to allow unrestricted metatarsal movements when walking.

A large part of the upper unit is covered with a leather material which is responsible for a secure foot lockdown and support. Additional overlays are placed on strategic areas to enhance foot protection.

Inshoe comfort results from the light padding on the tongue and around the collar area.

Breathability is made possible by the mesh tongue, heel mesh panels and the perforations on the forefoot area.

You can choose between traditional lacing or Velcro patch close-up.

  • Comfortable for standing and walking
  • Secure traction
  • Oil-resistant outsole
  • Non-chaffing interior
  • Protective and supportive upper
  • Flexible sole
  • Few color options

6. Avia Avi-Union II Work Sneaker

If your routine involves walking or standing for many hours, then you ought to wear comfortable and supportive shoes. Avi-Union II is an all-day wear sneaker which can be used by nurses, baristas or someone who walks a lot on city streets.

Avia Avi-Union II Work Sneaker

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The underfoot platform utilizes CMEVA cushioning. Unlike IMEVA midsoles, CMEVA midsole delivers heightened underfoot support which lessens fatigue when standing or walking for long.

Backed by the EVA foam footbed, the underfoot platform delivers the ideal comfort for walking or standing all-day. Since the footbed conforms to underfoot contours, it keeps the entire foot supported thus minimizing strain on the lower body joints.

Placed underneath the midsole is a slip-resistant rubber compound which is responsible for secure traction on city roads and workplace floors. The rubber compound also exhibits reliable traction on wet and oily surfaces.

The foot compartment features a synthetic leather which treated with Scotchgard protector to enhance its resistance to water and stains. The leather upper delivers adequate foot support while keeping the foot securely locked.

Inshoe comfort is heightened by the light padding on the collar and tongue.

Inshoe ventilation is provided by the mesh tongue as well as the strategically-placed perforations.

  • Supportive underfoot platform
  • Comfortable for pronged standing or walking
  • Secure traction
  • Foot support and protection
  • Lacks durability

7. Asics Gel Walker Contend 5 Work/Waking Shoe

Asics is known for making quality running shoes for long distance, mid distance, sprinting, trail running and so on. You’ll also get quality options for walking shoes whether you’re doing it for fun or fitness.

Asics Gel Walker Contend 5 Work/Waking Shoe

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Gel Contend 5 Walker is built for all-day wear where it keeps you comfortable during those prolonged work shifts. It makes a decent option for nurses, baristas or bartenders who may spend up to 12 hours on their feet.

Underfoot cushioning is delivered by the Amplifoam cushioning utilized as the primary midsole. And update from the previous EVA foam cushioning, Amplifoam strikes an excellent balance of responsiveness and flexibility while remaining lightweight.

Amplifoam also proves to be more durable than the normal EVA foam cushioning.

The heel area exhibits heightened springiness, thanks to the additional Gel cushioning placed on the rearfoot zone.

The underfoot platform also features an Ortholite footbed which is responsible for additional cushioning and support. The footbed also provides a means for moisture and heat reduction to keep your feet cool and dry.

The sole unit guarantees secure traction on most workplace surfaces including the wet and oily ones.

With the leather upper construction, the upper unit delivers adequate foot support and protection.

The padded collar and tongue enhances inshoe comfort while offering a non-chaffing foot lockdown.

  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Shock-attenuating underfoot platform
  • Supportive upper
  • Excellent traction
  • Overall durability
  • Lightweight
  • A bit hot for summer


When you’re walking or standing for many hours, ensure you wear appropriate shoes. Your typical shoes need to be well-cushioned and supportive to keep you comfortable through the longest work shift.

They should also alleviate strain on your extremities by keeping them properly aligned.

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