Best Running Watch for Beginners

7 Best Running Watch for Beginners 2022

A running watch is perhaps one of the most important gadget any beginner runner should have. Best Running Watch for BeginnersIt provides a means for monitoring your fitness progress which enables you to embark on more effective running practices. So, which is the best running watch for beginners.

Well, although the market has plenty of options to offer, there’re some watches which have stood out significantly.

Check them here!

Reviews: 7 Best Running Watch for Beginners 2022

1. Garmin GPS Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

Whether you’re looking for a smart watch to keep track of your fitness or structure your running, Vivoactive 3 will do exactly that. Both experienced and beginner runners will benefit from the myriad of intelligent features that come with this running smart watch.

Garmin GPS Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

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The GPS configuration keeps track of your route with the help of satellite prediction. By tracking your steps and distance covered, Vivoactive 3 is configured to process the intensity of your running in real time. Analysis of these parameters helps you set and achieve running goals in the most effective way.

In addition, Vivoactive 3 keeps track of burnt calories 24/7 whether you are running or sleeping as long as you are wearing it.

The Garmin app works perfectly with both android and iOS devices. This gives you a better and wider view of your running and fitness achievement. If you’re an android user, there’s an option to act on calls and text messages.

You can choose from the white, black and silver accents depending on your preferences. The silicone strap feels comfortable on your wrist and can be conveniently adjusted.

  • High value for money
  • Accurate
  • Aesthetically designed
  • You can act on calls and texts
  • Ideal for running, cycling, swimming and so on
  • Text message action not compatible with iOS

2. Samsung Galaxy Running Watch

If there’s one smartwatch to consider for monitoring your running or fitness, is the Samsung Galaxy. Not only is it stylish but it also entails high quality performance and easy to use interface.

Samsung Galaxy Running Watch

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With the help of the optical sensors, this smartwatch monitors and records your heartrate data in real time. Analysis of your heartrate data gives accurate track of your fitness which in turn guides you on how to go about your running or cross training.

In addition, it gives details of burnt calories before and after workouts. Since it works even during rest and sleep, the fluctuations in calorie levels are monitored throughout the day.

One look at this smartwatch tells you that it’s a premium quality device. Its circular design delivers an impressive wristwatch configuration which will be ideal for people who don’t like the sporty finish in most running watches.

You can synchronize it with your smartphone so that you can respond to calls and message when running.

The rotating bezel is perhaps one of the most notable feature in this running watch. It allows you to navigate through the menus without using the touchscreen.

What’s more, the battery life isn’t something you can complain about. But of course it will depend on the usage.

  • Has a rotating bezel
  • Excellent running partner
  • Premium build
  • Reliable battery
  • You can store music files
  • Expensive

3. POLAR M200 Running GPS Watch

At just below $100 you can get a high quality GPS watch for use in both indoor and outdoor running. The GPS configuration makes use satellite prediction to keep track of your route, distance and speed.

POLAR M200 Running GPS Watch

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By measuring the heartrate on your wrist, the optical monitor beneath the watch allows you to structure your training with the aim of achieving certain goals. Heartrate data is processed automatically to give simplified data of your working intensity. This makes it possible to set and achieve running goals.

Data for various running sessions is viewed by scrolling through the screen. Plus you can view and compare various parameters on one screen by changing the settings. With its smartphone connectivity you can view the data on a large screen.

It comes with a lightweight silicone strap whose weight is barely felt by your wrist. Though the strap isn’t as fancy as those in high-end watches, it’s good for wearing for long hours. The easy to attach and detach strap, M200 GPS running watch allows you to use a strap of your choice to match with clothes or moods. However, the extra straps are bought separately.

  • Monitors your heart rate
  • Enables structured training
  • Long battery duration
  • Lightweight
  • Silicone strap looks cheap

4. Garmin GPS Forerunner 235 Running Watch

Forerunner 235 allows you to track your pace and distance so as to achieve the best possible running results. It keeps a track of your heart rate which is then processed to give you a detailed analysis of your running dynamics.

Garmin GPS Forerunner 235 Running Watch

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This gives you an opportunity to set and achieve running goals which is necessary for improving your fitness.

Forerunner 235 is designed for both indoor and outdoor running. It works with the satellite to track your route throughout your running. Its ability to count your steps allows you to concentrate on optimum steps per minute (SPM) which is usually recommended at 180 SPM.

Running with Forerunner 235 also counts the amount of calories burnt which helps you know when to slow down or intensify your activity. Having the watch throughout the day tells you when it’s time to get out from your sit and burn some calories.

It comes with a silicone strap which is perforated to reduce sweetness because you need to wear it close fitting for accurate results. The buttons are easy to use while the Garmin app conveniently integrates with your smartphone.

  • Heartrate and steps monitoring
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient app integration
  • Plasticky finish

5. Polar-M430 Running Watch GPS

An upgrade from Polar M400, this running watch now comes with a better GPS competence, optical monitor and sleep tracking configurations. It’s a superb watch for monitoring and guiding your running designed to help you achieve the best from your workouts.

Polar-M430 Running Watch GPS

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Whether you’re novice or are experienced runner, this smart watch will help you achieve a more structured and rewarding running.

Of great importance is the heart rate monitor which detects the pulse rate from the blood flowing near you wrist using the optical signals. These are in turn processed to give analysis of your running or workout intensity. Thus, you know when to increase or decrease your pace.

It comes with an easy to use menu and highly responsive buttons. You can set your target to cover a certain distance within a certain time or vice versa. There’s an option to lock the menu so that your settings aren’t accidentally reset. Plus you can also set it in flight mode.

Wearing it 24/7 allows you to know how much calories you have burned throughout the day. The data can tracked and analysed using the web tool or the easy to use app.

What’s more, the strap for this watch feels comfortable even after long hours of wearing. The perforations on this strap allows air circulation which minimises sweat accumulation.

  • Reliable GPS
  • Outstanding battery life at this price
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable and comfortable strap
  • May have delays in synchronization

6. Garmin GPS Forerunner 45 Running Watch

If you are a beginner runner, you won’t go wrong with Forerunner 45 smart watch. It features basic functions any runner may want to have to track and structure their day to day running.

Garmin GPS Forerunner 45 Running Watch

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In terms of accuracy, Forerunner 45 doesn’t disappoint. The optical sensor on its underside accurately takes data of your heartrate in real-time to enable the processing of other fitness information.

It gives you a record of the intensity of your workouts at predetermined intervals. In addition, it tells you how much calories you have burned during running or throughout the day if don’t remove it from the wrist. Such feedback is vital for your fitness because it tells you when you have achieved goals and where you need improvement.

Forerunner 45 also gets data regarding your steps and distance to calculate the intensity of your running or workouts. The GPS configuration uses the satellite prediction to help you stick on your route.

It comes with Garmin app which can be synchronized with a smartphone to have a better view of your fitness analysis. It also allows you to act on your calls and messages. Plus it’s compatible with some fitness apps including the Apple Health.

What’s, Forerunner 45 is a lightweight and comfortable running watch to wear all day. The perforations on the strap prevent moisture build-up on your wrist.

  • Allows structured running
  • Accurate optical sensor
  • Comfortable strap
  • Convenient battery life
  • Not ideal for swimming
  • Does not support Runkeeper sports app

7. Fitbit GPS Ionic Running Watch

If you want to structure your running and keep track of your fitness, it’s inevitable to acquire an efficient GPS smartwatch. Fitbit Ionic is one the best smartwatches every runner should have in order to make the best out of their workouts.

Fitbit GPS Ionic Running Watch

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The optical sensor on its underside detects and keeps record of your heartrate during activity, rest and sleep. The heartrate data is processed in real-time to give more useful data for tracking your fitness.

Its ability to track footsteps makes it ideal for setting and achieving steps goals. In addition, Fitbit Ionic accurately monitors your burnt calories. So, you’re able to know whether you’re running efficiently.

In terms of connectivity, Fitbit Ionic lets you link your fitness analysis to android devices such as smartphone and computer. You can also respond to calls and messages straight from your smart watch during your workouts.

What’s more, you can also wear Fitbit Ionic during cross training activities such as weightlifting, swimming, cycling and yoga.

Plus you can choose from the plastic or leather strap.

  • Sensitive heartrate monitor
  • GPS enabled
  • Compatible with android devices
  • Choice of plastic or leather strap
  • Water resistance
  • Bulky look
  • Expensive


Running watches for beginners are designed with an easy to use interface to enable beginner runners familiarize with them quickly.

I have featured both affordable and medium budget watches to give you a choice depending on your budget. However, any one of these watches will help you structure your running so that you get maximum benefit.

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