Best Running Shoes for Sprinters

7 Best Running Shoes for Sprinters 2021

When you’re looking for the best running shoes for sprinters, consider shoes that allow explosive acceleration while keeping you comfortable. Best Running Shoes for SprintersYour typical shoes should provide adequate propulsion and energy return to allow effortless sprinting.

In addition, consider lightweight sneakers for sprinting events so that you can feel as light as possible. Plus they should not hinder natural foot movements especially during toe-off.

The sprinting spikes should provide secure grip to prevent accidental sliding especially when negotiating corners.

See the reviews of the best running shoes for sprinters.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Sprinters 2021

1. Nike Zoom Unisex Rival S 9 Track Running Sneaker

Building from the success of its predecessor, the Rival S 9 now comes with reduced weight which lessens the burden on your feet.

Nike Zoom Unisex Rival S 9 Track Running Sneaker

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It’s equipped with a lightweight and flexible Pebax plate which runs from the forefoot to the midfoot of the sole unit. The plate serves as the means to propulsion as well as the shock absorbing element. This results effortless strides and less minimal risk of injuries.

The Pebax plate also holds seven stainless steel spikes which are evenly placed to allow accurate grip. The length and design of these spikes makes it good to various surfaces including rubber, grass as well as hard surfaces. The rest of the sole unit so covered with a rubber which is completed with numerous nodes to enhance traction.

The footbed of the sneaker entails the Phylon midsole which is basically an EVA foam compound. Placed on the heel area, the midsole delivers a soft, lightweight and responsive underfoot cushioning. Additional comfort and underfoot support comes from the EVA foam sockliner.

A sock-like foot coverage is delivered by the mesh fabric and network of printed overlays. Presence of interior padding and soft lining enhances foot lock-down and comfort as it lessens irritations. Plus the internal arch strap heightens the foot lock-down.

  • Stylish and quality sprinting spike
  • Durable stainless steel spikes
  • Propulsive forefoot
  • Accurate grip
  • Adequate flexibility
  • Runs narrow

2. Asics Hyper Spike MD 6 Track Sprinting Shoe

The Hyper MD 6 sneaker employs technologies that give you optimal performance and comfort in sprinting, hurdles as well as mid-distance racing.

Asics Hyper Spike MD 6 Track Sprinting Shoe

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Extending through forefoot and midfoot area, the Pebax plate utilized on the outsole is intended to provide adequate underfoot support. This ensures that your feet don’t suffer strain when tackling middle distance races.

The spike plate is also designed to be rigid so as to offer sufficient propulsion and energy return. This enables you to run more swiftly and with lesser effort. Plus it provides a sturdy ports for fastening the gripping spikes. The pyramid spike design is typically recommended for rubber, dirt and grass surfaces.

Your heels are kept comfortable and protected from landing impacts by the EVA foam wedge placed on the rearfoot part of the midsole.

The foot compartment is also designed to cover the foot without hindering the quick and pronounced movements experienced during sprints. It’s completed using a pliable mesh and strategically-placed overlays. The former aids in breathability while later is responsible for support and durability.

  • Ideal comfort for sprints
  • Versatile running sneaker
  • Sufficient support
  • Durable configuration
  • Breathable
  • Excellent style
  • Might feel tight for wide feet

3. Nike Zoom Men’s Rival M 9 Track Spike 

If you prefer a versatile sneaker for sprints, hurdles, jumping events and mid-distance running, then the Rival M 9 is perfect option. With the Pebax plate covering the arch area, your feet are adequately supported to allow comfortable landing especially during jumping events.

Nike Zoom Men's Rival M 9 Track Spike 

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The Pebax plate also delivers exceptional forefoot springiness which allows you to sprint with greater energy and less effort. The plate comes with durable ports for holding the seven ¼ inch spikes. These pyramid-like spikes a good for rubber, dirt, and grass running tracks.

The outsole also comes with a grippy rubber which is completed with gripping lines and nodes to enhance traction. Plus it contributes to the outsole’s resistance to abrasion.

The midsole guarantees exceptional comfort during sprints, jumping as well as mid-distance running.

The lightweight upper mesh and the network of overlays further shelves of the weight of the sneaker to enhance your performance. A thin padding and mesh lining is utilized on the collar and tongue to minimize chaffing and offer a comfort foot underpinning. Plus the internal midfoot strap aids in foot lock-down and support.

What’s more, the foot compartment is kept ventilated by the mesh fabric so that your feet can remain cool and dry.

  • Responsive forefoot
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Versatile sprinter
  • Excellent style
  • Accurate grip
  • Ideal fit for narrow feet
  • Breathable
  • Inadequate forefoot cushioning

4. Saucony  Men’s Spike Vendetta 3 Sprinting Shoe

Following the success of the Vendetta 2, Saucony now delivers some updates which make the new version more performance oriented. One such update is greater forefoot responsiveness which results in propulsive and effortless toe-offs.

Saucony  Men's Spike Vendetta 3 Sprinting Shoe

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This is made possible by the Pebax plate which strike a perfect balance of energy return and flexibility while remaining lightweight.

The plate also provides firm ports for fastening the removable spikes. The six-spike forefoot guarantees steady push-off which providing secure grip.

Underfoot comfort and responsiveness is delivered by the IMEVA foam cushioning utilized as the primary midsole compound. It’s responsible consistent comfort whether you’re sprinting or tackling mid-distance races.

Wrapping the rest of the outsole is a grippy and durable rubber material which gives the platform heighten grip and abrasion resistance. Plus presence of multi-shaped patterns results in multi-directional traction.

Vendetta 3 comes with an exceptionally breathable mesh which keeps your feet comfortable by releasing excessive heat and moisture. Printed overlays are employed on the high abrasion areas to enhance the durability of the mesh fabric. These overlays also work with the lace-up system to enhance foot lock-down.

The tongue and collar padding adds to inshoe comfort while enhancing foot underpinning.

  • Overall comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Good breathability
  • Responsive toe-offs
  • Secure grip
  • Needs break-in

5. Adidas Track Spike Distancestar

The Distancestar makes a perfect sneaker for most track events including sprints, track running as well as jumping events. Therefore, if you participate in multiple track events, then this is a good option.

Adidas Track Spike Distancestar

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The underside of Distancestar features a TPU spike plate which runs from the forefoot to the midfoot area. The exhibits the ideal stiffness to allow effective and effortless propulsion. Plus it provides a firm anchorage for the five pyramid spikes which deliver an accurate bite during toe-off.

Additional grip results from grippy and hard-wearing Adiwear rubber compound wrapping the rear part of the outsole.

The underfoot platform uses EVA foam which is responsible for cushioning your feet from excessive impacts. The platform also delivers softer landings while giving you sufficient energy return during toe-off.

Dubbed as air mesh, the upper construction is intended to deliver optimal comfort during sprints. Due to its lightweight, the mesh fabric does not put a lot of burden on your feet. Plus it is responsible for breathability while promoting natural foot movements.

The stitched rearfoot overlay serves as a heel counter to keep your heels steady. Plus there’s a printed overlay on the toe box to guard your toes and prolong the fabric’s life.

  • Effectively-cushioned midsole
  • Exceptional breathability
  • Propulsive forefoot
  • Good traction
  • Durable configuration
  • Spikes might feel uncomfortable

6. New Balance Track Spike Vazee Verge

The Vazee Verge sprinting sneaker uses a TPU spike plate which is intended to deliver heightened rebound. Running throughout the underside of the sneaker, the plate gives your excellent propulsion while offering protection from excessive impacts.

New Balance Track Spike Vazee Verge

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The plate also exhibits the sturdiness to hold the gripping spikes to allow agile movements. The sneaker uses eight pyramid spike whose configuration allows effective grip on rubber, grass, dirt and hard surfaces. They are designed to spare rubber tracks from damage.

Notably, the spikes are placed conveniently on the forefoot area so that they don’t cause discomforts on your underfoot. Plus they are placed in such a way that they keep your foot stable during landing and toe-off.

The midsole comes as a permanent footbed which is responsible for soft landings and soothing your underfoot.

With the FantomFit upper construction, the sneaker delivers a supportive, lightweight and non-chaffing fit. The façade contains strategically-placed perforations to allow air into the foot chamber and dissipate excessive heat.

What’s more, the design also promotes appropriate flexibility so that your feet don’t become crammed.

  • Good propulsion
  • Accurate grip
  • Breathable
  • Durable build
  • Stylish configuration
  • Full-length spike plate might feel stiff

7. Adidas Sprinting Spike Adizero Finesse

If you’re looking for best running shoes for sprinters, then the Adizero Finesse sneaker from Adidas is a decent choice. It’s a unisex sneaker designed for short and long sprints including hurdles.

Adidas Sprinting Spike Adizero Finesse

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Like the Adidas Distancestar, it comes with a TPU spike plate which runs through the entire sole unit. The plate delivers a lightweight and firm platform which is responsible for smooth and propulsive strides. Plus it gives you sufficient energy return to allow effortless sprinting.

The removable pyramid spikes are intended to offer secure grip on rubber, grass and dirt. The six-fold spike design also contribute to your stability during the entire gait cycle.

The midsole utilizes Sprintframe technology which is responsible for a lightweight support to enhance your stability during sprints. The rearfoot comes with an EVA foam compound to cushion your heels during landing.

Adizero Finesse uses Sprintweb technology as the means for foot coverage. This is lightweight, breathable and durable synthetic construction designed to give you optimal comfort and performance.

Breathability results from mesh fabric which wraps the rearfoot area. Use of a micro-suede inner lining aids in keeping your feet free from irritations.

  • Responsive spike plate
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper
  • Little support for middle distance running

Considerations of Choosing the Best Running Shoes for Sprinters

Unlike long or middle distance running, sprinting requires explosive acceleration which allows you to complete short distances within the shortest time possible. Therefore, sprinting shoes are uniquely designed to allow swift movements in the safest way possible.

Below are some typical considerations to make when choosing the best running shoes for sprinters.

1. Secure Grip

Perhaps, grip is the most important component in a sprinting shoe. With the explosive acceleration involved in sprinting, it would very dangerous to run in shoes that do not offer accurate grip.

Unlike distance running shoes, sprinting shoes should have sprinting spikes so that they can bite securely on surfaces.

If you normally sprint on rubber tracks, consider shoes that are equipped with pyramid spikes. They not only grip effectively on rubber tracks but won’t also damage these surfaces.

2. Propulsion

Sprinting shoes come with a rigid and flexible outsole plate which covers the forefoot or may extend to the midfoot or heel area. The design varies depending on the brand or model. The plate serves as the means for propulsion and energy return to allow effortless stride.

3. Comfort and Support

Your comfort depends on the amount cushioning under your feet and the level of support provided by the outsole plate.

Most brands use Pebax spike plate because it exhibits exceptional rigidity and durability while remaining lightweight and flexible.

Some brands use TPU spike plates which are also highly revered for their propulsion properties as well as being lightweight.

4. Durability

While performance, comfort and traction are the most important considerations, every sprinter wants good value for money when investing in their running shoes. Therefore, ensures that your shoes of choice have positive feedbacks regarding their durability.

5. Breathability

You will notice that most running shoes are designed with mesh fabrics to promote air circulation on your feet and prevent excessive heating. This enhances your overall comfort as there’ll be minimal sweating.


For you to achieve optimal performance and comfort in sprinting consider getting the best running shoes for sprinters. They are built to allow explosive strides and keep you comfortable during sprints.

Good sprinting shoes come a supportive and propulsive underfoot platform which allows you to run efficiently and with optimal comfort.

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