Best Running Shoes for Older Runners

9 Best Running Shoes for Older Runners 2022

Looking for the best running shoes for older runners? Best Running Shoes for Older RunnersWell, look no further!

In this guide, you’ll learn: My #1 running shoe for older runners, Features to consider when choosing the best running shoes for older runners, and the 9 best running shoes for older runners.

A perfect running shoe for older runners should have good cushioning and provide proper shock attenuation to compensate for the lost elasticity. This helps to minimise wear and tear in the joints when running or walking.

Read my detailed review!

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9 Best Running Shoes for Older Runners 2022

1. Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe – My Top Pick

This is a fantastic running shoe with keen details on support and shock-absorption. If you’re a senior runner, this running shoe will help compensate for the lost elasticity in your joints and connective tissues.

Brooks Ghost 11

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The DNA cushioning in its midsole gives you a fully responsive ride due to the ability of this gel to deform and reform in response to your weight. This protects your foot from excessive ground impact while giving you maximum energy return.

The forefoot section has Omega Flex Grooves for a smooth transition while the sole unit has two sets of crash pads to provide a soft landing. These crash pads also enhance the responsiveness and guides the foot more efficiently during toe-off.

The outsole features a blown rubber in the forefoot to give the shoe more durability, responsiveness and flexibility. These qualities make the toe-off phase of the gait cycle more efficient. Carbon rubber is utilized in the heel for good traction and durability.

An engineered mesh on the upper part makes Brooks Ghost 11 a very lightweight and breathable running shoe. Unlike the previous version, this mesh is flexible and smooth. Thus, your foot will be wrapped properly without sustaining any irritations.

A stitched overlay at the heel also holds the foot to minimise unnecessary movements.

  • Good cushioning
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible outsole and upper
  • Short shoelaces

2. Salomon Women’s RA Max-2 Sonic

Seniors runners will find RA Max 2 very helpful because it alleviates fatigue usually caused by the impacts you get on your joints and muscles. Salomon utilizes its iconic VIBE technology to deliver a perfect blend of cushioning, responsiveness and durability in the midsole of RA Max 2.

Salomon Women's RA Max-2 Sonic

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CMEVA foam provides the necessary responsiveness which enables you to run without much strain. This compound is preferred because its durability and lightweight nature. Another compound known as OPAL is responsible for the soft landing platform associated with this shoe.

An ortholite sockliner heightens the underfoot comfort by adding an extra cushion above the midsole platform. Its antibacterial properties helps in maintaining a dry and odor-free foot compartment.

The sole unit is also responsible for a plush underfoot feeling, thanks to the blown rubber employed here. The stickiness of this rubber together with its contagrip lugs ensures you have secure grip on various runner surfaces. It’s especially perfect for running on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

You get snug and secure fit from the engineered mesh which makes upper part of RA Max 2. Reinforcing the mesh are senfit overlays which aim providing a comfortable and secure foot lock down.

  • Responsive midsole
  • Built to last long
  • Reliable traction
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Runs small

3. Brooks Adrenaline Men’s GTS -19

Built for stability, GTS 19 will be a great running shoe for seniors because it helps them achieve effective coordination and balancing in their movements. It also comes with plenty of underfoot padding to offer adequate cushion and shock mitigation.

Brooks Adrenaline Men’s GTS -19

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DNA LOFT works in coordination with BioMoGo DNA to deliver excellent underfoot cushioning. Such a combination is also responsible for the bouncy ride and shock attenuation exhibited by this shoe.

Running from the heel to the medial midfoot of the midsole are sidewalls whose purpose is to provide support. They play an important role in preventing overpronation.

Blown rubber makes the sole unit of GTS 19 to offer additional cushioning while guarding the midsole from damage. Since it’s a sticky rubber, there’s guaranteed traction when running in this shoe.

The segmented configuration of the sole unit helps in isolating impacts only to high impact areas. Plus there’re flex grooves to allow non-restricted foot bending.

Form-fitting is how you can describe the mesh on the upper part of GTS 19. The cloth-like material wraps your feet securely without causing discomforts. The heel as well as the sides come with overlays for enhanced foot support.

  • Generous cushioning
  • Responsive ride
  • Superb stability
  • Quality build
  • No discomfort
  • Reliable traction
  • Inaccurate sizing

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4. Puma Speed FuseFit-600 Men’s Running Sneaker

If what you’re looking for is energetic running, you’re ready to go with this trainer from Puma. Puma uses two cushioning technologies, IGNITE and PROFOAM to deliver a highly-cushioned midsole to heighten your running comfort.

Puma Speed Fusefit-600 Men's Running Sneaker

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Such a configuration is responsible for responsive and energetic rides which make your running less strenuous. Plus it provides adequate shock mitigation to ease impact forces on your joints.

Speedtraction is the technology utilized on the sole unit. It’s preferable over conventional rubbers because it doubles as a cushioning and traction material. Plus it’s lightweight and durable.

The upper part uses FUSEFIT technology which entails a sock-like knitted mesh. It’s a sturdy material designed to provide a comfortable and supportive wrap. Also making the upper part is a TPU heel counter for supporting your heels to minimise inward foot rolling (overpronation).

  • Comfortable landing
  • Responsive and energetic ride
  • Adequate foot support
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable mesh
  • Ample breathability
  • Runs narrow

5. Soucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe – Runners-Up

The 10th debut of the soucony cohesion features many changes that make it an ideal running shoe for older runners. Of great benefit is the use of the Tri-Flex system on the outsole to give better shock absorption, good traction and flexibility.

Soucony Cohesion 10

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The presence of numerous flex grooves gives you extra stability and flexibility so that you achieve maximum balance when running.

The midsole features the injection molded EVA to give you superb cushioning and shock attenuation. Since your joints and tissues tend to lose their elasticity at old age you need running shoes that will compensate for this.

The upper unit is completed with overlays that appear on both sides to give your foot an excellent support without causing any irritation. These overlays are quite breathable to promote healthy conditions inside the shoe. Plus there’s enough padding on the tongue and collar so that you don’t experience discomfort during running.

Also included in this running shoe, are removable insoles for extra cushioning. They can be alternated with customized orthotics if need be. Plus the reflective elements in this shoe will be of great help when you run in poorly lit conditions.

  • Good shock absorption and stability
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and supportive shoe
  • Has reflective details for running in poorly lit conditions
  • Affordable
  • Insufficient arch support

6. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 – Synthetic with Rubber Sole

With the Asics Gel Venture 6 you can take on any kind of terrain without much worry. If much of your running involves rugged terrain, this is the shoe to go for. The outsole features reversed lugs for good traction on all your uphill and downhill workouts. The reversed lugs also help in maintaining good grip on wet surfaces and when negotiating sharp corners.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6

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The material used in the outsole is the Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) which is very durable and flexible. This shoe will give you value for your money with its minimal wear and tear during the gait cycle.

Its midsole features the GEL cushioning in its rear section to enhance shock absorption ability of this shoe and therefore provide a smooth heel-to-toe transition. In addition this cushioning gives you the necessary energy return during toe-off. Thus, you can cover large tracks without much tiredness.

The upper section features a synthetic mesh which is durable and flexible to allow your foot to bend naturally. The mesh is breathable enough to promote a healthy environment inside the shoe.

The removable insoles in this Asics Gel Venture 6 will give you a customized comfort on all you running activities. Plus the tongue and collar provides the much needed comfort and fit.

  • Strong and durable shoe
  • Offers comfort, support and stability
  • Plush collar gives good fit and support
  • Affordable
  • Flexible and breathable upper section
  • It’s relatively heavy

7. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19 – Mens Running Shoe

Asics Gel Nimbus 19 is designed with great cushioning and excellent durability. Whether you’re running on hard surfaces or your feet require additional responsiveness, this is the shoe to go for.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19

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One of the notable improvements in this shoe is the FlyteFoam in its midsole. This gives it an adaptive cushioning while maintaining the lightweight. The responsiveness in the midsole is further enhanced by the gel cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot section. Plus there’s a guidance system to improve the efficiency of your gait.

The outsole features the AHAR technology around the heel to offer good traction and durability. On the other hand, DuraSponge is utilised in the forefoot to provide a sufficient amount of durability. This construction is responsible for the flexibility and responsiveness inherent in this running shoe.

The upper section boasts of breathable mesh which is also seamless to ensure zero irritation during your running session. Plus the mesh is flexible and wraps your foot like a glove. There’s a high quality sockliner for underfoot protection and for promoting a clean and healthy environment inside the shoe.

What’s more, the forefoot has adequate toe box and cosy fit for enhanced comfort during your running.

  • Excellent cushioning and stability
  • Good flexibility and support
  • Lighter than its predecessor
  • Responsive
  • The reflective elements are good for running low lighting
  • Runs narrow

8. Brooks Addiction 13 – Women Running Shoe

Brooks Addiction 13 is designed for maximum support, especially for senior overpronators. At the core of this functionality, is the DNA technology utilized in the midsole. This DNA cushioning runs throughout the midsole to give runners a comfortable and responsive ride throughout the gait cycle.

Brooks Addiction 13

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In addition, a BioMoGo compound is embedded in the DNA material to make it more durable and increase the cushioning. Plus there’s a diagonal roll bar running through the length of the midsole to control over-pronation.

The heel section is equipped with crash pads which are segmented to enable good flexibility and allow smoother landing.

The outsole features HPR plus, a technology that guarantees you maximum traction on surfaces while providing excellent durability. This makes Brooks Addiction 13 an excellent shoe for running on asphalt tracks. The Flex grooves inclusions in the forefoot area promote natural heel-to-toe transition during running.

A breathable upper mesh aims at promoting a comfortable and a healthy environment inside the shoe. Plus the inner lining absorbs moisture to keep the foot dry throughout your running session. The stitched overlays in the midfoot prevents the foot from wobbling when running.

The plush collar and tongue gives the foot some amount of cushioning and prevent irritation around the top of the foot.

  • Comfortable
  • Adequate support
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Good traction
  • Good stability
  • Robust underfoot platform
  • Limited color schemes

9. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 – Casual Running Shoe

This will be an excellent fit for senior casual runners looking for good stability and great cushioning. This is made possible by the DNA foam technology utilized in the midsole. This foam is enhanced with BioMoGo compound to give the shoe a good blend of cushioning and flexibility.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

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To add more cushioning, there is a sock liner which also utilises the BioMoGo foam. This sock liner is contoured to give your underfoot a better running experience. There’s also a progressive diagonal roll bar for supporting your foot to prevent discomfort.

The midsole also features segmented crash pads which are excellent inclusions for ensuring a smooth ride and attenuating impact shock.

The HPR Plus technology featured in the outsole guarantees runners of excellent traction as well as good durability. The forefoot and heel are reinforced with a blown rubber to enhance responsiveness during toe-off.

Natural movement of the foot is also guaranteed because of the omega flex and omni grooves utilized on the outsole.

The upper section is made of engineered mesh which is streamlined to give your foot a snug and comfortable fit. The inner lining keeps the interior of the foot cool and dry by absorbing moisture throughout your running session.

What’s more, this shoe comes with an adjustable saddle in the midfoot to prevent your foot from wobbling.

  • Great cushioning
  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good responsiveness
  • Has a sleek design
  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Small stones may get stick in the grooves.

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Older Runners

Older runners are at a greater risk of running injuries than younger runners. However, you can greatly reduce such injuries by wearing appropriate running shoes.

When choosing the best running shoes for older runners, consider these features.

1. Underfoot Cushioning and Shock Attenuation

As we advance in age, our foot tendons and ligaments tend to lose their initial elasticity. In addition, the foot arch tends to collapse thus reducing springiness even further.

Since running is associated with high-impacts, your typical shoes ought to have adequate cushioning ease pounding on your lower extremities.

2. Stability

Aging also results in reduced stability as the tendons and ligaments lose their strength and become overly stretched. As a result, older runners might have difficulties maintaining their balance and coordination. This exposes you to common running injuries like plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

A good remedy for this is to wear motion control running shoes to enhance foot stability. This encourages natural foot motion while lessening fatigue or injuries.

3. Traction

Aging affects your balance and coordination. So, your typical shoes should offer heightened traction to minimize accidental sliding.

4. Lightweight

To minimize burden on your feet, it’s advisable to wear lightweight running shoes. This allows you to run more efficiently and with less fatigue on your feet.

5. Breathability

Breathable shoes promote air circulation in and out of the foot compartment. This keeps your feet cool and dry thus heightening inshoe comfort.

Older Runners, Good News and Bad

There’re actually no studies that show any selective risk of running as you grow old. Studies however maintain that your running performance tends to decrease with age. That means older runners are less fit for competitive running.

Whether you’re doing it for competition or general fitness, running delivers both physical and mental health benefits. It helps build stronger and more enduring muscles while improving your cardiovascular system.

With running, you’ll burn several body calories thus reducing instances of cardiovascular illnesses like heart attack and high blood pressure.

Final Word

The resilience of our feet diminishes with age due to the loss of elasticity in the joints and ligaments. This reduces the ability of the joints to absorb shock, making our feet more vulnerable to injuries.

That’s why it is important to choose the correct running shoes to compensate for the elasticity lost due to aging. The ideal running shoe should give you good cushioning and proper shock absorption. In addition, it should be supportive and give you good stability.

I recommend Brooks Ghost 11.

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