Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet

7 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet 2022

Heavy runners who also have wide feet often have lesser choices of running shoes because of less attention to their needs.Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet They require stability running shoes that are well-cushioned to support their heavy weight. Such shoes should also come in wide widths to accommodate their wide feet. So, which are the best running shoes for heavy runners with wide feet?

Well, this review features the best running shoes models that exhaustively cater for the needs of heavy runners who also happen to have wide feet.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet 2022

1. Men’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 – Heavy Runners Shoe

GTS 20 retains great midsole cushioning and support to give heavy runners the most ideal comfort and stability.

Underfoot cushioning is provided by making use of DNA loft and BioMoGo DNA. The former is placed at the heel area to provide a soft landing while the later makes the rest of the midsole. Backed by the crash pads, this configuration results in effective cushioning and impact mitigation which in turn is responsible for your comfort.

Men's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 - Heavy Runners Shoe

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If you exhibit overpronation, you’ll benefit from the superb stability provided by the GuideRail technology in midsole. GuideRails work by guiding your feet to the natural position so as to minimize discomfort and related injuries.

A full-length blown rubber is utilized as the outsole to protect the rest of the platform and add more rebound. The outsole and midsole are fitted with flex grooves which make the entire platform flexible enough to allow smooth transitions.

FlexFit is the technology used to make the upper unit GTS 20. It’s a flexible mesh designed to offer ventilation and allow natural foot movement. Presence of overlays and underlays in the mesh results in very supportive and protective upper unit.

What’s more, you get the ideal inshoe comfort and support from the plenty of padding on the collar and tongue.

  • Appropriate comfort and support
  • Superb stability for overpronators
  • Lightweight
  • Durable build
  • Arch support
  • Pricey

2. Brooks (Wide Width) Adrenaline GTS-19 – Running Shoe

GTS 19 stability shoes have received numerous positive feedbacks as some of the best running shoes for heavy runners with wide feet. GuideRail technology is incorporated in form sidewalls to provide lateral support so as to reduce overpronation.

Brooks (Wide Width) Adrenaline GTS-19 - Running Shoe

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BioMoGo DNA is utilized in the midsole to offer targeted cushioning. Another cushioning compound known as DNA LOFT is also incorporated in the midsole to make it sturdier and more responsive.

Providing extra cushioning is the blown rubber utilized as the outsole. Also used in the GTS 20, blown rubber is softer, flexible and lightweight. Thus, it contributes to comfortable landing. Plus, it exhibits desirable traction and resistance to abrasion.

The segmented configuration of the outsole separates the forefoot and rearfoot so that impact are isolated only to the appropriate areas. The sole unit also comes with full-length flex grooves to permit natural foot movement.

The compartment is built to offer a form-fit while proving appropriate support and protection. Printed overlays are incorporated to ensure proper foot support and lock-down. Your ankles, Achilles and instep are well-guarded by the inshoe padding.

  • Exceptional cushioning and comfort
  • Excellent support and stability
  • Ample flexibility
  • Comfortable foot chamber
  • Corrects severe overpronation
  • Comes in wide sizes
  • Heavier than predecessor

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3. Mizuno Inspire-15 Wave 

A sturdy midsole cushioning is responsible for adequate underfoot support and stability for heavy runners. Built with Mizuno’s Cloudwave, this cushioning technology results in a very comfortable platform which allows you run without fatigue.

Mizuno Inspire-15 Wave

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Cloudwave technology also provides a resilient and effective impact buffer to protect you from the impacts associated with running. The cushioning at the heel heightened by incorporating a heel-like plate known as U4icX.

What’s more, the midsole is configured to enable smooth transitions which contribute to your overall comfort.

The sole unit is built with a grippy and sturdy rubber to offer reliable traction and withstand heavy landing normally exhibited by heavy runners. Due to its high resistance to abrasion, the rubber also guarantees you longer mileage. Plus it’s equipped with deep flex grooves to make it flexible.

The jacquard mesh on the upper unit is not only stylish but also delivers suitable comfort. It’s configured using Dynamotion Fit technology which offers a secure and comfortable foot wrap without hindering natural foot flexibility.

Also contributing comfortable fit is the collar and tongue which contain sufficient padding.

  • Durable and comfortable midsole
  • Resilient underfoot support
  • Good traction
  • Outsole durability
  • Breathable and flexible upper mesh
  • Not heavy
  • Break-in takes longer

4. Women’s Asics Gel Cushioned Kayano 26

Dubbed as a stability running shoe Kayano 26 makes a great shoes for heavy and wide-footed individuals. The usual FlytFoam is employed in the midsole because of its tested and proven effectiveness in providing underfoot cushioning and protection.

Women's Asics Gel Cushioned Kayano 26

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Effective midsole impact mitigation is provided by GEL cushioning which is incorporated at the heel and forefoot. This makes the platform springier for better impact buffering and more energized toe-offs. The underfoot platform is made more stable by incorporating a Trusstic System between the outsole and midsole. This purposely intended to minimize discomfort and fatigue by minimizing twisting.

Foot stability is also guaranteed by the IGS and the arch support provided by the Dynamic DuoMax configuration. Plus there’s extra cushioning delivered by the antimicrobial sockliner.

The use of AHAR rubber at the heel of the outsole aims at providing secure grip and resilience on abrasive surfaces including asphalt. DuraSponge rubber gives the forefoot adequate rebound for effective toe-off.

Built with jacquard mesh, the upper unit delivers outstanding support, flexibility and breathability for enhanced comfort. Presence of a heel counter and printed overlays results in high levels of stability to minimize overpronation.

  • Great cushioning and stability
  • Excellent support
  • Outstanding durability
  • Solves overpronation issues
  • Superb responsiveness and shock attenuation
  • Expensive

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5. Asics Women’s 1000-9 GT

Heavy runners who also have wide feet will love GT 1000 9 because it comes with enhanced stability and it’s available in wide widths.

The midsole of GT 1000 9 entails Rarefoot Gel cushioning which is intended to provide a soft and bouncy platform. It serves as the impact buffer which protects you from fatigue and possible impact-related injuries.

Asics Women's 1000-9 GT

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FlyteFoam is also incorporated in the midsole to provide a cushioning which responds according to the amount of force applied on it. The midsole is also backed the DuoMax and GTS both of which help in giving you stability to minimize overpronation.

The sockliner is shaped to conform to underfoot shape for a more personalized support and feel.

GT 1000 9 features AHAR at the heel to give to give you reliable traction and longer mileage. However, the forefoot is covered with DuraSponge to offer both traction and responsiveness. This contributes to smoother and more energetic toe-offs.

The upper is engineered to offer secure and supportive foot coverage without restricting natural foot flexibility. Overall, the upper offers a snug fit which contributes to outstanding comfort even during your longest running sessions.

  • Comfortable and sturdy cushioning
  • Excellent underfoot support
  • Overall durability
  • Reliable traction both indoors and outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Longer breaking-in

6. Women’s Saucony ISO 5 Hurricane

Hurricane ISO 5 gives the convenience of wide widths which make it ideal wide-footed runners. A sturdy and generous midsole cushioning will be appropriate to withstand the heavy pounding normally exhibited by heavy or big runners.

Women's Saucony ISO 5 Hurricane

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Use of EVERUN cushioning compound results in appropriate responsiveness and impact mitigation to keep you comfortable and injury-free. This also serves as the means for energy return for smoother and effortless transitions.

Not only does the footbed add an extra layer of cushion, but it’s also configured to offer support to your foot contours. You can substitute with desirable orthotics if need be. A medial post is also incorporated in the midsole to offer stability. Thus, Hurricane ISO 5 running shoe will aid preventing or correcting overpronation.

Crystal rubber is utilized as the sole unit to deliver reliable traction and offer desirable protection against abrasion. The spongy nature of this rubber adds an extra layer of buffer for impact damping.

In addition, the sole unit also promotes flexibility and smoother transition by incorporating flex grooves.

The foot compartment is built with a sock-like mesh and overlays to offer a high level of comfort and support. It’s built to be lightweight, flexible and allow appropriate air flow around your feet. Plus, it’s completed with a smooth inner fabric, padded collar and tongue for adequate inshoe comfort.

  • Generous underfoot cushioning
  • Non-irritating foot compartment
  • Appropriate support
  • Good stability for overpronation
  • Reliable traction
  • Durable build
  • On the heavy side

7. Brooks (Wide) Beast-20 Men’s Running Sneaker

Beast 20 comes with wide width options and a wide toe space which gives wide-footed runners easy time when searching for comfortable running shoes. At the midsole of Beast 20 is the high revered BioMoGo DNA cushioning which delivers substantial rebound and impact resilience. Thus, it’s a perfect running shoe for heavy runners with wide feet.

Brooks (Wide) Beast-20 Men's Running Sneaker

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A layer of crash pads runs through the entire midsole to promote smooth transition. DRB Accel is placed at the mid-foot to offer effective torsional rigidity and isolate the heel. GuideRail technology is also incorporated to provide effective foot lock. This gives you adequate foot stability to reduce overpronation.

Also making the midsole is a removable sockliner which responsible for additional cushioning.

Beast 20 makes use of HPR Plus rubber for the heel and HPR Green rubber for the forefoot. The former is responsible for traction and abrasion resistance while the later promotes forefoot rebound and smoothness. The sole unit also includes flex grooves to promote foot flexibility.

The foot chamber uses a breathable mesh and a convenient support system to keep your feet effectively protected. This configuration also takes care of the much needed foot flexibility during running.

Lining the inside of the foot chamber is a cloth-like which provides a soft wrap while aiding in moisture wicking. What’s more, the collar and tongue contribute to overall snug-fit and hence comfort.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Wide toe-box
  • Offers stability
  • Reliable traction
  • Ample flexibility
  • Durable build
  • Few colors
  • Expensive

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet

Comfort and shoe width are two important factors to consider when looking for the best running shoes for heavy runners with wide feet. They contribute to your overall performance and safety during your running activities.

Other factors include support, stability, flexibility, traction, breathability and durability. Below is a summary of how these factors contribute your performance.

1. Comfort

Heavy runners exert a lot of force on the midsole of their running shoes. Thus, such shoes need plenty of midsole cushioning to be able to support the heavy weight. The cushioning material should also exhibit extremely high resistance to compression without sacrificing shock absorption properties.

2. Support and Stability

With the heavy weight, your feet need to be kept in the most stable position to prevent discomforts or injuries due to foot rolling. Different runners will require varying amounts of support depending on their level of foot pronation.

Overpronators require the greatest support under their feet to support their fallen arches. This helps in distributing the forces received by the foot to minimize overpronation which might lead to injuries.

Another source of foot stability is when running is lateral support. Overpronators require greater lateral support to keep their feet steady.

3. Size and Width

Remember that you won’t find the wide width variety in all models of running shoes. It save you a lot of time to search wide running shoes in models that offer a wide variety of wide shoes.

Before you even start searching for most ideal shoes, ensure you know your foot width which corresponds to your shoes size. Normally, sizing charts are available at most shoe shops to help customers get their most ideal fit. A podiatrist may be of help if you’re not sure about your shoe dimensions.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is inevitable in all running shoes because it determines how effectively your feet transition during the gait cycle. A flexible underfoot platform results in smooth transition which in turn leads to good stability and comfort.

Your shoes also need sufficient flexibility on their upper part to allow unrestricted foot movements.

5. Breathability

During running, your feet become heated up and tend to accumulate sweat. Thus, running shoes need plentiful ventilation to keep the foot compartment cool and dry.

6. Durability

Running shoes for heavy runners should be sturdy enough to carry their heavy weight and withstand heavy pounding without quick deterioration.


Running is meant for everyone including heavy runners with wide feet. That’s why running shoes are designed to cater for the specific needs of different individuals. If you’re a heavy and wide-footed runner, then you need supportive cushioning in your running shoes to give you stability during running.

Although your feet are meant for wide shoes, consider your most ideal width so that that your shoes fit snugly – neither too tight nor too loose.

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