Best Running Shoes for Haglund's Deformity

7 Best Running Shoes for Haglund’s Deformity 2022

Pain due to Haglund’s deformity tends to get aggravated whenever your shoes rub the back of your heels. Best Running Shoes for Haglund's DeformitySo, when choosing the best running shoes for Haglund’s deformity consider shoes that have a stretchy heel counter.

Together with a well-cushioned heel collar, a stretchy heel counter helps alleviate pressure and rubbing on the inflamed area. If you’re battling Haglund’s deformity, then here’re some of the best running sneakers to wear.

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7 Best Running Shoes for Haglund’s Deformity 2022

1. Adidas Response Super Running/Training Shoe

This is perhaps one of the most versatile sneaker you will come across. With the Adidas Response Super sneaker, you have a good companion for running, workouts, walking as well casual wear.

Adidas Response Super Running/Training Shoe

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Underfoot cushioning results from the response foam midsole and Boost foam footbed. Debuted in 2013, Boost foam technology strikes an excellent balance between responsiveness and support. This results in optimal cushioning, energy return and shock attenuation.

Boost foam also has the advantage of being lightweight and able to withstand pounding for long.

The bottom of Adidas Response Super features a traction-ready rubber compound which delivers secure grip on most surfaces. The platform also features strategically-placed grooves to enhance flexibility.

With the stretchable and breathable upper mesh, Adidas Response Super sneaker allows unrestricted foot biomechanics while promoting inshoe ventilation.

The Adidas three stripes logo on both sides of the midfoot also serves overlays to enhance lateral support and foot lockdown.

Both sides of the rearfoot come with sturdy TPU overlays to enhance heel cradle and support. Since no overlays wrap the back of the heel, the sneaker does not aggravate Haglund’s deformity condition.

  • Steady and responsive underfoot cushioning
  • Unrestricting heel counter
  • Breathable and stretchable upper fabric
  • Excellent traction
  • Ideal for running, workouts and casual wear
  • Superb style
  • Toe box might feel tight

2. Nike (2018) Free RN Flyknit

If your shoes have a rigid heel counter, they’ll definitely aggravate pain when you’re suffering from Haglund’s deformity. With the Free RN Flyknit 2018 sneaker, you won’t experience that pain anymore.

Nike (2018) Free RN Flyknit

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One of the features that makes this sneaker good for Haglund’s deformity is the Dynamic Heel Fit System. This entails an anatomical heel which delivers a secure and non-chaffing foot wrap. The lack of overlays over the heel eliminates pressure thus allowing you to run comfortably.

With the single-piece knitted fabric, the upper unit offers a sock-like foot coverage. It allows the foot to bend and spread without restriction. Plus it permits air circulation and heat dissipation thus minimizing moisture build-up in the foot compartment.

The midsole platform is molded from Phylon foam which is responsible for underfoot comfort and responsiveness. The platform also delivers adequate support while protecting you from impacts.

The strategically-placed rubber treads, the sole unit delivers multidirectional traction on paved surfaces.

What’s more, the cleatie-like construction aids in keeping the foot securely locked.

  • Supportive and responsive cushioning
  • Anatomical and unrestricting heel
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Relatively pricey

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3. Adidas Solar Glide Women’s Running Shoe

Built for road running the Solar Glide, makes a comfortable sneaker for individuals with high foot arches. It comes with Boost foam midsole platform which delivers the ideal comfort for tackling long distance running.

Adidas Solar Glide Women's Running Shoe

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With the Boost foam, the midsole delivers adequate springiness to offer energy return and minimize landing impacts.

The underfoot platform also exhibits the ideal flexibility to allow smooth transition during the entire gait cycle. Using Boost foam also aims at reducing the sneaker’s overall weight.

The underside of Solar Glide sneaker is covered with a grippy rubber which is completed with numerous tread patterns. This allows it to grip securely on both hard and soft surfaces.

With the stretchable knitted fabric, the upper part of the sneaker does not restrict normal foot movements. Plus it’s breathable enough to keep your feet cool and dry.

Placed around the midfoot, the Adidas striped logo also serves an overlay to enhance foot cradle and provide lateral support.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Stretchable and breathable fabric
  • Excellent traction
  • Lightweight
  • Runs narrow

4. Skechers GOrun 7+ Running Sneaker

GOrun 7+ builds from the success of previous GOrun running sneakers from Skechers. It makes use of Hyper Burst midsole which delivers adequate underfoot cushioning. The platform also exhibits the ideal springiness to minimize landing impacts.

Skechers GOrun 7+ Running Sneaker

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On top of the primary midsole is a removable footbed which adds to underfoot comfort.

The midsole is also configured to promote midfoot striking so as to enhance propulsion.

By incorporating Goodyear rubber pods, the sole unit guarantees secure traction especially on asphalt surfaces. Plus it exhibits heightened resistance to wear and tear when running on abrasive surfaces.

The upper part of GOrun 7+ features a closely-knitted fabric which is responsible for a secure and unrestricting foot cradle. The eyelets are lined with rubbery synthetic overlays to enhance the durability.

The upper fabric also keeps the foot compartment ventilated so as to minimize wetness and overheating.

  • Good amount of cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Breathable fabric
  • Smooth ride
  • Ideal for running and casual walks
  • Outsole pods might cause discomfort

5. Nike Zoom Fly SP Maximalist Running Shoe

The idea behind this running shoe is to enhance speed and performance during long distance running. If you’re doing marathon, then Zoom Fly SP is an excellent option for optimal performance.

Nike Zoom Fly SP Maximalist Running Shoe

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By making use of Lunarlon foam, the midsole delivers a good balance of shock attenuation, support and energy return.

Additional cushioning results from the removable insole placed above the Lunarlon foam midsole.

The zoned outsole entails high-abrasion carbon rubber and foam rubber. High-abrasion rubber is placed on the heel zone to allow heightened abrasion-resistance and traction. The foam rubber around the forefoot helps in energy return while providing secure grip.

The entire sole unit comes with pentagon-shaped impressions which heighten traction and flexibility.

The upper unit utilizes a stylish weaved fabric which keeps your feet comfortable while allowing you to perform optimally. The fabric also permits normal foot movements while promoting breathability.

The façade also comes with strategically-placed printed overlays to enhance foot support and give the shoe its structure.

  • Adequate cushioning and shock-attenuation
  • Good energy return
  • Stylish construction
  • Secure traction
  • Runs small

6. Altra (Zero-Drop) Escalante Racer 19 Running Sneaker

Escalante Racer 19 sneaker is built for both long distance and speed running competitions especially on the road.

Altra (Zero-Drop) Escalante Racer 19 Running Sneaker

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It makes use of Altra EGO cushioning as the primary midsole. This is a soft and non-squishy foam which keeps your feet comfortable and well-supported. The platform also exhibits adequate springiness to minimize impacts on your lower extremities.

The midsole also comes with inner flex grooves which aid in smoothening heel-to-toe transitions.

With the patterned grippy rubber outsole, Escalante Racer 19 guarantees secure traction on the road. The rubber compound also exhibits excellent resistance to abrasive elements like asphalt and concrete.

The outsole’s anatomical structure aims at promoting natural foot biomechanics. This results in unrestricted foot movements during the entire gait cycle.

With the engineered mesh fabric, the upper part of Escalante Racer 19 exhibits heightened resistance to abrasion or ripping off. The fabric also permits natural foot movements while promoting breathability.

The wide toe-box allows unrestricted toe movement thus preventing toe injuries like blisters, bunions and so on.

  • Flexible construction
  • Excellent traction
  • Footshape toe-box
  • Durable, flexible and breathable upper fabric
  • Inadequate support for long distance running

7. Brooks Bedlam Men’s Road Running Shoe

With Brooks Bedlam, you can run comfortably even you have common foot pain issues. If you’re looking for the best running shoes for Haglund’s deformity, then Brooks Bedlam is a perfect option. It’s also a comfortable running shoe for arthritic ankles.

Brooks Bedlam Men's Road Running Shoe

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It comes with a one-piece stretchable upper fabric which offers a sock-like foot wrap. It keeps the foot comfortable while allowing it to function normally. Plus it permits air circulation and heat dissipation thus keeping the foot compartment cool and dry.

The heel collar comes with cushy interior padding and there are no restricting overlays over the back of the heel. Thus it won’t aggravate pain when you are suffering from Haglund’s deformity.

Brooks Bedlam midsole features DNA AMP cushioning and GuideRails. The former offers underfoot comfort and impact protection while the later provides a means for foot stability.

The rubber outsole is built to handle road running. It’s designed to offer secure traction and withstand abrasive elements on asphalt and concrete roads.

The outsole’s forefoot lift and arrow incisions aid in promoting smooth toe-offs and quick heel-to-toe transitions respectively.

  • Comfortable and shock-attenuating midsole
  • Enhances foot stability
  • Breathable and stretchable upper
  • No restricting heel overlays
  • Secure traction on asphalt and concrete
  • Relatively heavy


You don’t have to suspend or quit running when you have Haglund’s deformity. By wearing the best running shoes for Haglund’s deformity, you can effectively avoid or minimize irritation on the back of the heel.

One common feature about these sneakers is that they don’t have restricting overlays at the back of the heel. Plus they come with soft heel collar padding to avoid putting excessive pressure on the inflamed area.

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