Best Running Shoes for Clydesdales

7 Best Running Shoes for Clydesdales 2022

The best running shoes for Clydesdales are intended to give you supportive cushioning to enhance your stability during running. Best Running Shoes for ClydesdalesGenerally, these are motion control running shoes that possess heavy cushioning in order to provide runners with support and stability.

Also consider shoes that are built with quality materials to enable them withstand your heavy weight.

See the recommendations below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Clydesdales 2022

1. Hoka One One (Meta-Rocker) Gaviota

Hoka’s Gaviota running shoe is specially designed for Clydesdales, heavy runners who need additional support and stability, during their running session. The most prominent feature in this shoe is the thick midsole to give it the massive cushioning required by heavy runners.

The Hoka One One Gaviota

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A J-shaped configuration of the RMAT is used in the midsole to ensure that the foot is always in a neutral and stable position, thus preventing overpronation. A blend of EVA and rubber, RMAT is lightweight and sturdy making the shoe very durable even with heavy usage.

The midsole is also meta-rocker, to allow for a smoother heel-to-toe transition. Plus the ortholite insoles enhances the cushioning while promoting clean and healthy conditions inside the shoe.

The outsole features a lightweight high-abrasion rubber to shield the midsole from damage and provide good traction over the surfaces. Flex grooves are included in this heavy duty shoe to make it more flexible. Thus it flexes with the natural movement of the foot through the gait cycle.

The upper unit mesh is lightweight and breathable to facilitate proper air circulation inside the shoe. Made of soft material, this mesh provides a secure wrap on the foot without causing any irritations. Plus there’s a collar and a padded tongue for cushioning the upper part of the foot while keeping it in place.

  • Great cushioning and stability
  • Thick and durable underfoot to withstand heavy landing
  • Light compared to other motion control running shoes
  • Supportive midsole as needed by Clydesdales
  • Breathable
  • Elegant
  • Quite pricey

2. Brooks Adrenaline FlexFit GTS 20

GTS 20 bares the ideal midsole cushioning for supporting the heavy weight normally exhibited by heavy or big runners. A DNA LOFT compound is placed at the heel to offer a soft but resilient landing base. The rest of the midsole features BioMoGo DNA which is responsible for underfoot cushioning.

Brooks Adrenaline FlexFit GTS 20

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Crash pads are incorporated throughout the midsole to offer additional cushioning and enhance flexibility to smoothen the ride.

GTS 20 makes use of GuideRail technology as the means for stability to prevent injuries or discomfort caused by overpronation.

Your shoes are protected from abrasion and other hazards by a full-length blown rubber. Blown rubber also exhibits adequate rebound which adds to underfoot cushioning and protection. The rubber also entails flex grooves which are meant to improve its flexibility to enable smoother transitioning.

The FlexFit technology utilized on the upper guarantees effective foot support and flexibility for ideal comfort. FlexFit entails a breathable mesh which is supported with overlays as well as underlays to offer convenient foot support. The mesh offers ample ventilation to prevent moisture build-up and heat accumulation around your feet.

  • Supportive and resilient midsole
  • Durable shoes
  • Ideal stability
  • Not heavy
  • Spacious toe chamber
  • Pricey

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3. Asics Gel-FlyteFoam Nimbus-22

Nimbus 22 is a perfect neutral running shoe for Clydesdales or heavy guys. Unlike the previous versions of the Nimbus series, Nimbus 22 offers you a sturdy and thicker midsole to withstand heavy pounding.

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Gel cushioning is placed at the midsole to give you the required support and springiness to keep you comfortable throughout your running. It has the advantage of being responsive yet resilient to support heavy weight runners without losing its effectiveness.

Additional cushioning is offered by a layer of FlyteFoam. It adds a softer and supportive underfoot sensation without adding significant weight to the shoe. Plus there’s an EVA sockliner which is configured to adapt to your underfoot for customized comfort and support.

Stability is provided by making use of Trusstic technology in the midsole to support your arches.

AHAR is used as the outsole to endure the heavy loading from big and weighty runners. This rubber also boasts of outstanding resistance to abrasion which allows to run for a prolonged period with this shoe.

A smoother and lightweight mesh is utilized on the upper to offer a non-irritating foot coverage. Support and foot-locking comes for the overlays which are conveniently placed for effectiveness and aesthetics.

  • Excellent support
  • Ample toe-space
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Good stability
  • Durable build
  • Relatively heavy

4. Brooks Men’s Running Shoes Beast-18

Brooks Beast 18 is a biomechanically structured running shoe designed to give superb cushioning, comfort and maximum structural stability. Owing to its outstanding motion control ability, Brooks Beast 18 proves its worth as a great running shoe for Clydesdales.

Brooks Men's Running Shoes Beast-18

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The super DNA foam runs through the length of the shoe to give you a responsive cushioning as well as a smooth heel-to-toe transition throughout the running session. In addition a full-length Extended PDRB is included to provide a means for preventing overpronation. Torsional rigidity and medial stability in the midfoot is enhanced by the DRB Accel.

The caterpillar crash pads ensure smoother heel-to-toe transition while the segmented platform guides the impact shocks to the respective impact points. The Omega Flexi Grooves enhance natural flexibility while the sock liner adds more cushioning and absorbs moisture.

The outsole features three rubber compounds to provide excellent traction and encourage natural flexibility of the foot.

An engineered mesh is utilized in the midfoot and upper sections to provide a soft-touch wrap and enhance good breathability. The forefoot mesh is perforated for heightened breathability.

  • Great cushioning
  • Good stability and support
  • Wide toe box
  • It’s durable and good for heavy runners
  • Breathable
  • It’s a bit heavy

5. Brooks Running Sneaker Adrenaline GTS 19

This is an excellent running shoe for heavy runners or Clydesdales. Created for stability and guided motion, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 features the Brooks BioMoGo DNA, an environment-friendly cushioning that targets the entire underfoot.

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Blended with EVA, rubber and, the lightweight DNA LOFT provides cushioning and support throughout the running session. These materials are durable enough to withstand heavy running. There’s also a guide rail on the lateral sides to maintain the heel at center, thus preventing overpronation.

Blown rubber is placed on its outsole for traction and extra cushioning while also protecting the midsole from abrasion. The segmented configuration on the outsole allows the impact of strike to be concentrated on the contact point rather than the entire underfoot. Plus the sole bends with the foot due the presence of flex grooves.

The engineered mesh on the upper part ensures that the foot is held in its place while promoting a healthy environment inside the shoe. It’s made of smooth and lightweight to prevent uncomfortable rubbing of the skin. The 3D overlays on the sides of this shoe ensures that your foot is locked properly, to prevent wobbling or unintended shoe removal.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 also features a padded tongue and collar for cushioning the upper part of the foot while preventing wobbling. What’s more, this is a perfect shoe for Clydesdales, owing to its excellent cushioning and the numerous stability features it comes with.

  • Good cushioning and support to avert overpronation
  • Upper unit is breathable
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Elegant shoe with no bulky look
  • Excellent stability as needed by Clydesdales
  • Runs small

6. Asics Gel Foundation 13

If you are a heavy trainer, you want a shoe that will control your motion on all your runs. This is what Asics Gel Foundation 13 running shoe is designed for.

Asics Gel Foundation 13

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The main component of the midsole is the SpEVA foam which runs full-length. The work of this foam is to offer a combination of cushioning and support throughout the running session. A Gel silicon is also placed on the heel as well as the forefoot to provide a plush platform that can absorb shock and enhance energy return during push-off

The Gel in this Asics Gel Foundation 13 and the inclusion of the DuoMax Support System in the midsole makes it a reliable choice for Clydesdales. This DuoMax corrects overpronation and helps heavy runners achieve a neutral position by stabilizing their stance.

The ComforDry Sockliner ensures that your foot is free from excessive moisture while maintaining a healthy environment inside the shoe. It’s also as source of extra cushioning for the underfoot.

  • There’s adequate cushioning
  • Provides stability and guides the foot to correct overpronation
  • Dual-density material in the midfoot for heavy runners
  • Sufficient midfoot and forefoot for large feet
  • Can be worn without socks
  • Allows for orthotics
  • Runs big

7. New Balance 990-v3 Wide Feet 

Another worthy running shoe for Clydesdales is this New Balance Men’s 990 v3. It comes several advanced features to give you an excellent running experience especially if your weight is on the high side.

New Balance 990-v3 Wide Feet 

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Unlike previous versions in the 990 edition, this shoe is lightweight yet more robust and durable. The midsole utilizes ACTEVA LITE and ABZORB to give you a combined effect of good cushioning, shock absorption and responsiveness. An Encap foam further adds cushioning to the heel.

This shoe has an almost flat outsole for use in even surfaces. Ndurance rubber covers the heel and lateral area due the susceptibility of these areas to wear and tear. The midfoot and forefoot makes use of blown rubber to add more cushioning and responsiveness.  This rubber also enhances traction when running.

The upper unit features Nubuck leather, mesh and pigskin to give you perfect a blend of durability, breathability and good aesthetics. Plus there’re reflective features incase you want to use them in poorly lit conditions.

What’s more, these shoes are perfect for heavy runners due to their sturdiness and their excellent responsive cushioning.

  • Good blend of cushioning and responsiveness
  • Good stability
  • Excellent traction
  • An ideal shoe for heavy runners
  • Lightweight
  • It’s breathable
  • It’s expensive
  • Not ideal for speed training or racing

Buyer’s Guide

All runners need to wear the correct shoes for their feet and gait in order to avoid injuries related to running or jogging. This is especially true for Clydesdales. Running shoes for Clydesdales should provide maximum support and have good stability.

While small and light runners may not have majors issues with high arches and Overpronation, Clydesdales tend to experience the worst of these conditions. Their flat and high arches tend to become more pronounced than those of lighter runners. Thus running shoes for Clydesdales need to have adequate support and extra cushioning.

If you experience overpronation as a result of flat or low arches, your typical running shoes should have plenty of support. A motion control running shoe will be great because it gives you stability during running.

Running shoes for medium to high arches also need to have enough cushioning in order to give support to your feet. A good example of a running shoe that is meant for extra cushioning is the Hoka One One Gaviota.

Generally, the shoes I have reviewed can be a great addition to your running if you’re a heavy runner.


Different runners have different needs when it comes to choosing the right kind of running shoe. For Clydesdales, the ideal running shoe should have good stability and provide maximum support. The midsole should be dense and made of durable material such as compression EVA or polyurethane.

My #1 rated running shoe for Clydesdales is the Hoka One One Gaviota. Its thick and J-shaped midsole gives it an upper hand in providing good cushioning and stability to heavy runners. Plus the EVA and rubber used, makes it lightweight and durable even with heavy usage.

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