Best Running Shoes for Capsulitis of the Second Toe

7 Best Running Shoes for Capsulitis of the Second Toe 2022

The best running shoes for capsulitis of the second toe are intended to minimize pressure on your toes. Best Running Shoes for Capsulitis of the Second ToeThus, your typical shoes should have a spacious toe-box so that the toes can spread without putting pressure on each other.

Also consider zero drop running shoes since they keep your feet level thus minimizing pressure on the toes. See some good recommendations in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Capsulitis of the Second Toe 2022

1. Topo Athletic Zero-Drop Magnifly 3

Built for road running, the Magnifly 3 makes an excellent sneaker for capsulitis of the second toe. It comes with an anatomical toe-box which allow each toe to spread without being restricted.

Topo Athletic Zero-Drop Magnifly 3

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Moreover, the zero heel-to-toe drop is intended to keep the foot level with the ground so as to lessen pressure on the toes.

Magnifly 3 comes with a dual density underfoot cushioning which is responsible for comfortable and responsive landing. Underfoot comfort is heightened by the Ortholite insole placed above the primary midsole.

The bottom of Magnifly 3 is equipped with a slip-resistant rubber compound which delivers accurate traction on the road and treadmill. The rubber compound also delivers exceptional resistant to abrasion.

The toe-rocker design is intended to enhance propulsion so that you can effortlessly and with less strain.

The upper mesh is engineered to offer a comfortable foot compartment. The mesh fabric promotes ample air circulation and heat dissipation to keep your feet cool and dry. The fabric also allows your feet to flex without restriction.

  • Adequate cushioning
  • Responsive underfoot platform
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Lightweight
  • Secure traction
  • Overall durability
  • A bit narrow around the midfoot

2. Brooks Women’s Sneaker Adrenaline GTS-19

Brooks uses its environmentally-friendly BioMoGo DNA cushioning in most of its road running shoes including the GTS 19. It serves as the primary midsole where it cushions your joints against impacts during running.

Brooks Women's Sneaker Adrenaline GTS-19

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The platform also adapts to the foot contours so as to enhance underfoot support.

Additional support results from sidewalls extensions around the midfoot and heel area. This technology aids in minimizing excessive overpronation so as to alleviate strain on your joints.

Underfoot responsiveness is heightened by the blown rubber utilized on the bottom of the sneaker. The rubber compound also provides a means for traction and abrasion resistance.

The underside of the sneaker also features strategically-placed grooves which allow the platform to flex effortlessly.

Wrapping the upper part of GTS 19 a cloth-like mesh fabric which delivers a comfortable foot cradle. The fabric also promote adequate breathability to keep the foot compartment cool and dry.

Presence of interior padding results in heightened inshoe comfort and secure foot lockdown.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Breathable and stretchable upper
  • Spacious toe-box
  • Sizing inconsistency

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3. Altra Trail Runner Lone Peak 5

When you have capsulitis of the second toe, avoid wearing shoes that have a tendency to bundle your toes together. Lone Peak 5 comes with a wide toe-box which allows your toes to spread thus minimizing pain on the inflamed ligaments.

Altra Trail Runner Lone Peak 5

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Lone Peak 5 also uses a zero-drop underfoot platform which further alleviates pressure on the toe area.

Underfoot cushioning is delivered by the 24mm EVA midsole which is responsible for comfort and responsiveness. Additional cushioning comes from the removable footbed whose contoured shape delivers arch support.

Embedded into the midsole is a Stone Guard plate which is intended to guard you feet against sharp edges and stones.

The trail-oriented MaxTrac outsole features a grippy rubber and pronounced patterns which deliver excellent traction on rugged surfaces.

The upper part of the sneaker is built with trail-ready fabric so that it can withstand the hazards associated with trail running. The fabric also dries quickly so as to keep your feet cool and dry.

Synthetic overlays are placed on strategic areas to enhance the shoe’s durability and deliver a secure foot lockdown.

  • Wide toe-box
  • Well-cushioned and responsive
  • Excellent traction
  • Overall durability
  • Lateral and arch support
  • Runs large

4. Altra Zero-Drop Olympus 2.0

With its wide toe-box and zero-drop design, the Olympus 2.0 does not put pressure on your toes during running. In addition, it makes use of FootShape toe box which allows each toe to spread without restriction.

Altra Zero-Drop Olympus 2.0

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The dual layered EVA foam midsole exhibits adequate responsiveness to give you propulsion and absorb impacts when running. In addition, there’s a removable footbed which adds to underfoot cushioning and responsiveness.

The bottom of the sneaker employs Vibram rubber which is known for its gripping properties. Backed by the claw-like tread patterns, the sole unit delivers excellent grip during trail running. Vibram rubber also exhibits heightened resistance to abrasion or tearing from the sharp edges encountered on trail running paths.

The Quick Dry mesh fabric is intended to keep your feet dry when you’re running in wet conditions. Backed by the gaiter trap the fabric shelves off debris from the upper part of the shoe.

  • FootShape toe box
  • Comfortable and responsive cushioning
  • Secure traction
  • Overall durability
  • Relatively pricey

5. Brooks Ariel-20 Road Running Sneaker

Whether you have wide feet or have foot conditions like bunions, hammertoes or capsulitis, Brooks Ariel 20 will make a comfortable running shoe.

Brooks Ariel-20 Road Running Sneaker

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The wide toe-box and the stretchable fabric ensures that your toes are able to spread out appropriately during running.

The midsole of Ariel 20 is equipped with BioMoGo DNA cushioning which a proprietary technology for Brooks running shoes. Not only does it cushion and provide impact protection but it also adapts to foot contours to offer support.

On top of the primary midsole there’s a sockliner which adds to underfoot comfort while aiding in moisture and odor management.

The underfoot platform also makes use of GuideRail system which aids in countering excessive foot rolling.

Like many other Brooks road running shoes, Ariel 20 utilizes blown rubber as the sole unit. This is a spongy rubber compound which adds to underfoot responsiveness. Plus it offers secure traction on the road while guarding the rest of the platform against abrasion.

The deep flex grooves allow the sole unit to flex easily so as to promote smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The cloth-like upper mesh allows ample air circulation and heat dissipation so as to lessen overheating and moisture build-up.

What’s more, the sneaker comes with a plush interior which heightens inshoe comfort while enhancing foot lockdown.

  • Deep and wide toe-box
  • Excellent cushioning and responsiveness
  • Breathable and stretchable upper fabric
  • Excellent traction
  • Foot support
  • Few colorways
  • Expensive

6. Hoka One One Arahi Maximalist Sneaker

This is a maximalist running shoe featuring an updated version of the J-Frame technology and a firm EVA foam cushioning. This results in a responsive and supportive platform which keeps you comfortable during running.

Hoka One One Arahi Maximalist Sneaker

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The underfoot platform also utilizes Early Stage Meta-Rocker design which is responsible for smooth heel-to-toe transitions. This design also aids in alleviating pressure from the toe area.

The bottom of the sneaker is wrapped with a sticky rubber which guarantees secure traction on the road. The underside also features deep tread patterns to enhance grip. Plus the strategically-placed grooves allow the platform to flex appropriately during heel-to-toe transition.

The foot compartment features a breathable fabric which keeps your feet ventilated. This eliminates stuffiness from overheating and sweating.

The fabric also features 3D Printed overlays which are responsible for support while protecting the fabric from wear and tear.

Inshoe comfort and foot lockdown is heightened by the interior padding and soft lining.

  • Maximalist cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • Breathable and supportive upper
  • Spacious toe-box
  • Supportive midsole
  • Relatively priced

7. Altra Athletics Sneaker Torin 3.0

Torin 3.0 makes one the best running shoes for capsulitis of the second toe. That’s because it comes with a wide toe-box which ensures that your toes aren’t bundled together. In addition, it’s equipped with a toe bumper which guards your toes against squishing or impacts.

Altra Athletics Sneaker Torin 3.0

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The dual-density EVA foam midsole offers a comfortable and shock-attenuating underfoot platform. The platform also delivers arch support so as to lessen strain on your feet, ankles, knees and lower back.

The zero-drop design is not only good for stability it also lessens pressure on the toes.

Altra’s FootPod technology is employed on the underside of the sneaker. This entails a rubber compound whose deep grooves allow the foot to bend natural. The rubber compound also delivers excellent traction on most surfaces. Plus it exhibits superb resistance to abrasion.

Your feet are cradled by mesh fabric whose air spaces deliver ample ventilation to keep your feet aerated. The fabric also features strategically-placed printed overlays to give the sneaker a decent structure.

The collar and tongue are lined with a soft padding and fabric to enhance inshoe comfort and lock your feet securely.

The sturdy rearfoot overlay keeps the heel stable and less likely to slip out accidentally.

  • Footshape toe-box
  • Breathable upper
  • Ample cushioning
  • Underfoot support
  • Excellent traction
  • Lacks responsiveness

What is Capsulitis?

At the base of each toe joint, there’s a network of ligaments which appears as a capsule. Capsulitis occurs when the ligaments forming the capsule get inflamed.

Although capsulitis can occur on any toe joint, it’s usually the second toe that is affected. If it occurs on the second toe, this is referred to as capsulitis of the second toe.

What Causes Capsulitis of the Second Toe?

The inflammation on the second toe joint results when the joint is exposed to excessive weightbearing pressure. This leads to abnormal toe biomechanics thus causing irritation or inflammation. Certain factors may increase your chances of developing capsulitis of the second toe.

  • Shoes that have a tapered toe box
  • Flat feet
  • Second toe that is longer than the big toe
  • Extreme bunions or hammertoes

Capsulitis of the Second Toe Remedies

When treated in the stages, capsulitis of the second toe usually responds to nonsurgical interventions.

If not treated early, the second toe tends to bend towards the big toe. At this point, your podiatrist will recommend reconstructive surgery to get the second toe back to its normal position. The goal of the surgery is relieve the stiffness in the inflamed joint capsule so as to promote joint mobility.

Here are some recommended remedies for treating capsulitis of the second toe:

1. Wear Appropriate Shoes

Capsulitis is almost always associated with wearing shoes that constrict your toes. Shoes are designed to cater for the different types of feet.

Your typical shoes for capsulitis of the second toe should have a wide toe box so as to allow unrestricted toe movements. This lessens pressure on toe joints thus preventing inflammation.

Also consider zero-drop shoes or shoes that have a low heel-to-toe drop. They keep the foot level thus minimizing pressure on the toe joints.

2. Capsulitis Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal pads are designed to cushion the metatarsal heads so as to minimize pressure. By relieving the inflamed joint capsule, metatarsal pads promote healing while allowing you to walk or run with less discomforts.

You can wear metatarsal pads with most shoes including running shoes, walking shoes, boots, saddles, and so on.

3. Taping or Splinting

There are special types of therapeutic tapes this purpose. Taping the second toe is intended to pin it down so that it does not go over the big toe.

4. Toe Separators

Toes separators are meant for separating your toes and keeping them aligned. This results in uniform weight distribution around the metatarsal ends thus providing instant pain-relief.

5. Pain Relief Remedies

You can use over-the-counter Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications to reduce pain and inflammation. Another way to reduce pain and inflammation is to take rest and treat the area with an ice pack.


A little squishing on your toes is likely to cause pain or discomfort when you have capsulitis of the second toe. You can whoever prevent pressure on the toes by wearing shoes that have a spacious toe-box.

With one of the above sneakers it’s possible to minimize pain on the affected toe when waking or during running. They’re also comfortabale runnning shoes for Morton’s neuroma, forefoot bursitis and sesamoiditis.

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