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5 Best Multipurpose Home Gyms 2021

So you want to have a multipurpose gym at home? Best Multipurpose Home GymYou don’t have to acquire separate pieces of gym equipment that you see at your local fitness centre. With a multipurpose gym, you can carry out numerous fitness workouts from one equipment. So, which is the best multipurpose home gym?

In this guide I have featured the best multipurpose home gyms to help you build strength, tone your body and get into shape.

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Reviews: 5 Best Multipurpose Home Gyms 2021

1. Gold’s XR 55 Multipurpose Home Gym

The redesigned model of XR 55 home gym comes with all the features you may find at the local gym and all in one place. There’re at least 36 workout procedures you can perform with this equipment. Plus it’s quite affordable compared to its competitors.

Gold’s XR 55 Multipurpose Home Gym

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It has a sturdy steel construction and can be used by individuals of up to 300 lbs. It comes with adjustable stacking weights of 125 lbs and resistance of up to 330 lbs. That’s quite sufficient workout challenge for all types of users.

The pulley system features low and high pulleys which work together with the steel cables to give you a smooth and efficient workout experience. With the low pulley, you can perform triceps kickbacks, stand-up curls, and squats among other exercises. The high pulley helps you train your arm muscles, back muscles as well as shoulders.

The leg developer entails four rolls to allow leg extension exercises and train the hamstrings. However, it does not allow leg curls.

The curl pad can be adjusted to 3 positions to provide you with the most comfortable position for training arm muscles.

XR 55 also allows you train your chest and arms with the chest press and fly station respectively.

What’s more, the seat as well as the backrest are well padded and durable for a more comfortable workout experience. Plus you can adjust seat and backrest to your preferred position.

  • Least 36 workouts possibilities
  • Strong and durable steel frame
  • Sufficient padding and durable upholstery
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Curl pad, backrest and seat are adjustable
  • Weight stack has no room for upgrading

2. Life Fitness G7 Multipurpose Home Gym

G7 is a multipurpose gym equipment with limitless range of workout possibilities to help you improve your range of motions, mobility, balance, strength and coordination. It’s like bringing the assortment of equipment found in your local gymnasium to your home. All you have to do is to slap it in one of your spare rooms and you’re ready to go!

Life Fitness G7 Multipurpose Home Gym

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With this equipment you get to enjoy limitless workout procedures without having to incur monthly or yearly subscriptions in your local gymnasium. If you’re the type that loves privacy, this is a handy equipment to invest in.

As in most of workout stations, it comes with a comfortable and strong bench to give you support when performing exercises. This bench has convenient inclines to give you the appropriate support when performing exercises such as weightlifting.

G7 features a twin adjustable pulley system which unlike conventional home gyms, does not stick or offer resistance. The cables run smoothly over the pulleys allowing you to lift the attached weights without jerks. In addition, the weights can be changed with a lot of ease.

It has two equal weight stacks which allow you to work on one side or both sides of the body simultaneously. This eliminates the possibility of strengthening one part of the body more than the other. Thus, you have a chance of maintaining a uniform body shape.

It’s built with high quality materials meant to last for several years. With a purchase of this equipment you get free installation, work procedures book and a DVD containing two exercise procedures. You also get pulley attachments.

  • High quality home gym
  • Sufficient weight stacks
  • Provides a wide range of workouts
  • Smooth pulley system
  • Expensive equipment

3. Bowflex PR1000 Multipurpose Home Gym

Another great multipurpose home gym is the Bowflex PR1000. It’s a popular multipurpose home gym which unlike many other gyms, uses resistant rod mechanism instead of weight stacks. These rods come with different thicknesses just like the traditional weights.

Bowflex PR1000 Multipurpose Home Gym

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With this equipment, you can perform more than 26 different workouts that engage most of your body muscles. It mainly targets the muscles around the chest, shoulder, back, arms, abs and legs.

It’s designed for uses not exceeding 136 kg and has a nominal resistance of 210 lbs.

The pulley system comprises of an upper, middle and lower pulleys allowing for a three cable configuration. The upper pulley primarily allows you to engage the deltoids, lats and latissimus dorsi. The middle pulley helps you develop the pectoral muscles located on your check. The lower pulley is essential for developing forearm flexors, erector spinae, biceps, trapezius muscles etc.

The leg extension is necessary for strengthening your hamstings, gluttes, quadriceps and calves. What’s more, Bowflex PR1000 will engage all muscles that contribute to your overall fitness and proper body posture.

The use of resistance rods minimises the chances of injuries or muscle strain.

  • More than 26 workout options
  • Smooth pulley system
  • Can be folded to allow convenient storage
  • Rod system is safer than the weight stacks
  • Does not offer sufficient challenge for heavy and experienced trainers
  • You need time to get used to the rod technology

4. Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym

This is great trainer for entry level and intermediate fitness workouts. You won’t have to break a bank to get this equipment. It affordable yet a high quality equipment with a wide range of workout options to leverage on. Thus, you can rely on it to improve your health through its full-body engagement.

Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym

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It is equipped with 150-lb weight stack which can adjusted accordingly to suit your level of training or weight-bearing ability. However, unlike commercial gym kits, the stacking chamber is completely shrouded. Thus, you won’t be able to upgrade the weight stacks.

The low and high pulley system is connected to the adjustable 150 pound weight stack. This allows you to train your arm muscles, back muscles, abs and shoulders.

The duo-purpose press arm helps you to exercise the chest while the leg developer allows you to perform leg extensions and curls.

It’s constructed with heavy-duty and durable steel to hold and sustain weight throughout your exercises. Plus the seats are ergonomically designed with dense and durable padding and vinyl upholstery to give the user maximum comfort during workouts.

  • You can perform a wide range of exercises
  • Relatively affordable
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Compact gym for small homes like apartments
  • Require little maintenance
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • No room for extra weights

5. York Perform Multipurpose Home Gym

This is a complete home gym featuring exclusive workout stations for performing most of the common exercises. With its stylish and compact design, this equipment will certainly look great in your room. More importantly, it’s a good trainer with good value for money.

It is designed for users of up to 125 kg. With a stack weight of 220 lbs, this equipment will give substantial resistance weight as you pursue your fitness goals. The dual pulley system allows you to upgrade the weights.

The upper pulley enables you to benefit from the pull-down bar which works out the latissimus dorsi muscle on your back. This is an important dose for attaining a good and stable body posture. The low pulley is essential for exercising muscles such as forearm flexors, erector spinae, biceps, trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi among others.

Workouts for developing leg muscles are made possible by the leg extension. The well-padded rolls allow you to stretch your legs against resistance to develop your quadriceps muscles on your thighs.

The arm curl pad comes in handy when you want to build and workout the biceps. It has two height adjustments so that you can work on your most comfortable position. There’s also a chest press which allows you to engage both the major and minor pectoralis muscles on your chest.

Your safety is also taken care of. The Y-frame base enhances stability during your workouts. Weight stacks have a translucent covering which protects the user from injuries. Plus the bearings are completely sealed.

What’s more, this equipment comes with a two year warranty.

  • Compact, stylish and durable gym
  • Full body exercise options
  • Does not require a big space
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Takes time to assembly

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Multipurpose Home Gym

If you have been to the gym before, you know what type of workout attachments you expect in a multipurpose gym. They come in different, qualities, shape, sizes, and durability and so on.

Here are some factors that may help you make an informed decision when searching for the best multipurpose Home Gym for your home

1. Available Space

In choosing a multipurpose home gym, you want to perform the range of fitness workouts in one place. So, you might want an equipment that saves on space as much as possible. When choosing a gym for you home, consider the amount of space you have and the available sizes of equipment.

2. Included Features

You’re getting the equipment to help you build muscles, burn some calories or just achieve the right body shape. Whichever your goal, there’re plenty of multipurpose home gyms to help you achieve them.

So, have a list of the range of workouts you want to perform and compare that with what the equipment promises to offer.

If your aim is general body fitness and burning calories, you need a compact gym with a pulley system, adjustable workout bench, arm curl pad and leg stretch. For muscle building, go compact home gym that has sufficient weight to give you the necessary resistance for your level of training.

Most multipurpose home gyms come with adjustable weight stacks to help you set the resistance depending on your experience.

3. Budget

The cost of a multipurpose home gym will generally depend on the quality and functionality of the equipment. Compact home gyms range from 300$ to thousands of dollars. However, if you want a high-end multi-purpose gym, you’ll have to dig deeper in your pocket.

By acquiring a home gym, you will be saving on money spent for gym subscriptions. So, you can factor out this, to acquire a high quality gym that will serve you for many years.

4. User guide

Consider an equipment that has a clear guideline for installation and operation. Notably, all multipurpose home gyms come with numerous separate components which require time to set up.

Luckily, most manufacturers provide their users with clear guidelines for installing their equipment. They also provide you with guidelines for the safest way to use the machine to avoid injuries.

Final Word

The best multipurpose home gym will help you save on membership fees at the local gym and eliminate inconveniences of waiting for a machine. Whether you want to burn calories, get into shape or build muscle, a multipurpose home gym is ideal for you.

Whatever your goal, ensure that you choose a home gym that will help you attain a healthier lifestyle.

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