Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees

7 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees 2021

The best men’s running shoes for bad knees are intended minimize impacts on your knee joints and counter overpronation. Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees Effective impact mitigation means reduced pressure on the knee joints while moderated pronation leads to lesser knee joint strain.

That means, your typical running shoes for knee pain should have excellent under foot cushioning and offer sufficient impact protection. In addition, they should be equipped with stability features to minimize strain on your knee joints due to overpronation.

See my recommendations in this review.

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Reviews: 7 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees 2021

1. Nike Men’s (Flyknit) Epic React Running Shoe

React FlyKnit provides a good remedy for knee and hip pain. That’s because of the high level of cushioning delivered by the React foam technology employed at its midsole. React foam beats Lunarlon cushioning in terms of underfoot comfort and responsiveness. This results in decreased fatigue and minimal impacts during running.

Nike Men’s (Flyknit) Epic React Running Shoe

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React foam is revered because of its resilience to compression which enables it to retain its shape over long distances.

The midsole also employs Fluid Geometry which entails extensions for heel support. Together with the TPU heel clip, these extensions aid in maintaining foot stability which in turn lessens strain on your knees.

You also get extra underfoot cushioning and impact protection from the outsole which also makes use of React foam. Meanwhile the React foam used on the outsole features a hard-wearing rubber at the heel and forefoot to enhance its resilience to abrasion. This rubber also guarantees sufficient traction or braking which enables you to maintain a secure and steady stride.

With the one-piece FlyKnit upper construction your feet are appropriately cradled and protected while allowing them to flex and spread naturally. Backed by the large breathing holes at the forefoot, this configuration guarantees optimal comfort even during your longer runs.

What’s more, your heels are accorded additional support by the thin and flexible heel skin.

  • Heightened comfort and responsiveness
  • Excellent impact mitigation
  • Durable build
  • Stylish design
  • Ample flexibility
  • Snug fitting
  • Looks bulky
  • Runs narrow

2. New Balance Vongo v4 Men’s Fresh-Foam Running Shoe

Providing both underfoot cushioning and responsiveness, the Fresh Foam midsole delivers great comfort while protecting your joints and muscles from impacts. Covering the entire midsole this compound results in plush underfoot platform which keeps you comfortable and free from impact-related injuries.

New Balance Vongo v4 Men’s Fresh-Foam Running Shoe

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In addition, the platform features side forefoot extensions which aid in countering inward foot rolling. This in turn aids in alleviating excessive strain in your knee joints.

What’s more, the platform also delivers customized underfoot support, thanks to the EVA foam insert.

Running full-length, blown provides additional underfoot cushioning which further contributes to your comfort and joint protection. Blown rubber exhibits outstanding sturdiness and stickiness which allows it to be utilized as a sole unit. It’s also preferred because of its lightweight characteristics.

The full-length hexagonal patterns are responsible for heightened flexibility and traction of the outsole platform. Plus there’s a Guidance line to keep your feet centered to counter overpronation.

Vongo 4 employs a tightly-knitted mesh which is reinforced with printed overlays to keep your feet secure and effectively supported. Dubbed as HypoKnit, the collar provides a perfect foot lock to prevent unintended shoe removal.

What’s more, the lack of sewn overlays makes the upper unit of Vongo 4 non-irritating thus giving you optimal comfort.

  • Comfortable cushioning level
  • Adequate impact protection
  • Quite durable
  • Ideal for back and knee pain
  • Ample breathability
  • Heavier than predecessor

3. New Balance Men’s Sneaker Fresh-Foam  X 880 v10

With the use of Fresh Foam X as the primary cushioning, this sneaker delivers a softer and more responsive feeling compared to the sneakers that employ Fresh Foam. This leads to heightened underfoot comfort which allows you to run for long with less fatigue.

New Balance Men’s Sneaker Fresh-Foam  X 880 v10

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Backed by the patterned protrusions and tiny holes, the midsole also delivers adequate springiness to lessen impacts on your joints.

On top of the Fresh Foam X is sockliner which is meant to provide a softer landing for your feet and increase the cushioning. Since it’s not fixed, you can replace it with preferable custom orthotics if need be.

A generously pattern blown rubber is placed at the bottom of this running shoe to offer grip and protect the shoe from hazards. Since blown rubber contains air-expanded rubber, it results in a flexible and responsive platform which adds to underfoot comfort.

In addition, the flex points are responsible for non-restricted foot motion which is necessary for smoother strides.

Making use of HypoKnit and printed overlays for the upper unit results is silhouette that is comfortable, supportive and flexible. The lack of stitched overlays eliminates the possibility of rubbing which might otherwise cause irritation.

The external part of the heel features a thermoplastic heel counter which is meant to hold your feet and prevent wobbling or shoe removal.

  • Cushy midsole cushioning
  • Great impact mitigation
  • Breathable
  • Good traction
  • Ample flexibility
  • Excellent style
  • Relatively pricey

4. Brooks Adrenaline Well-Cushioned GTS 19 – Stability Running Sneaker

GTS 19 ticks all the boxes in terms of underfoot cushioning, stability, durability and style. If knee pain is side-lining you from running, then you need a shoe that gives you stability and sufficient underfoot cushioning.

Brooks Adrenaline Well-Cushioned GTS 19 - Stability Running Sneaker

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With GTS 19, your knee joints are adequately cushioned from landing impacts, thanks to the BioMoGo DNA cushioning featured on the midsole. Its ability to mold easily results in a customized underfoot cushioning which allows you to run with much comfort.

Shock attenuation at the heel is heightened by incorporating DNA Loft is basically sturdy but bouncy EVA foam.

Foot stability comes from the sidewalls making the sides of the midfoot and heel. They work by locking the foot to reduce inward rolling also known as pronation.

With the segmented outsole platform, impact forces act on the areas that strike the surface without affecting the non-contact areas.

The outsole platform entails a full-length blown rubber whose sponginess adds to the responsiveness of GTS 19. Plus adheres to surfaces securely to prevent accidental skidding or sliding.

The platform also exhibits outstanding flexibility, thanks to the flex grooves that are placed strategically.

The upper material is mainly a cloth-like mesh which guarantees flexible and non-irritating foot cradle. The use of printed overlays ensures you get adequate foot support and locking with no rubbing or irritating zones.

Moreover, the collar and tongue are generously cushioned to provide a comfortable foot cradle.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Excellent stability
  • Flexible outline
  • Comfortable and breathable upper
  • Break-in period

5. Saucony Men’s Grid Cohesion 10 – Lightweight and Affordable

The IMEVA cushioning utilized as the midsole of this running shoe is intended to offer a lightweight cushioning and support. In addition, it exhibits adequate springiness which is capable relieving your knee joints form impact-related pain.

Saucony Men’s Grid Cohesion 10 – Lightweight and Affordable

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Presence of a removable insole makes the footbed even more comfortable and protective.

Wrapping the quick-wear parts, the XT-900 rubber is responsible for traction and protection from abrasion. On the other hand iBR+ rubber runs from the midfoot to the forefoot to provide a lightweight and durable wrap. iBR+ rubber is also responsible to grip and energetic toe-offs.

The Tri-Flex grooves contribute to outsole’s flexibility while enhancing grip and stability.

The upper silhouette features a mesh fabric which is strategically reinforced with overlays to make it supportive and durable. Such a configuration also ensures that your feet can bend and spread without restriction.

Moreover, the collar and tongue of this sneaker provides a comfortable fit because they are generously padded.

What’s more, the reflective details are bonus for individuals who love running at dusk or at dawn.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Superb shock attenuation
  • Durable sneaker
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent breathability
  • Affordable
  • Forefoot stiffness

6. New Balance Durable Sneaker 990 v5

If durability and performance are your foremost priorities, then this fifth iteration of the New Balance 990 is a good option. Overall, it built with sturdy materials which result in longer mileage.

New Balance Durable Sneaker 990 v5

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A balance of underfoot cushioning and stability is what makes it good for individuals who have issues with knee pain, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

The use of both Abzorb and Acteva cushioning results in a good balance of cushioning and support to keep your feet comfortable and stable. Built with EVA foam technology, Abzorb provides the primary cushioning which is also responsible for smoother transitions.

Acteva is placed above the Abzorb where it’s intended to provide a flexible, lightweight but resilient footbed.

In addition to the primary cushioning, the forefoot is equipped with Abzorb SBS to deliver energetic propulsion.

The use of Ndurance rubber on the outsole’s heel is what gives the shoe a heightened resilience to abrasion. The remaining areas are covered with blown rubber to offer some responsiveness during toe-offs. Both types of rubber exhibits high gripping ability which gives you reliable traction on the road.

Pigskin suede covers the areas that need support and those that are susceptible to wear and tear. The rest of the upper unit is wrapped with open mesh to provide a means for ventilation.

The power strap aids foot lock-down while the collar padding ensures your feet are comfortable and secure.

  • Well-cushioned underfoot
  • Good stability
  • Excellent durability
  • Supportive and breathable upper
  • Secure traction
  • A little bit stiff

7. Skechers Men’s GOrun Forza 3 Marathon Shoe

Running with inadequate cushioning and less support puts you at risk of a myriad of injuries one of them being knee pain. Luckily, there are great shoes in the market which are designed to protect your knee joints from impacts and lessen strain due to overpronation.

Skechers Men’s GOrun Forza 3 Marathon Shoe

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Skechers presents GOrun Forza 3 running sneaker which you can use to resolve your knee pain. It’s equipped with Flight Gen cushioning which is a lightweight but really responsive compound. Stacked as a triple density compound, Flight Gen provides a comfortable and supportive underfoot which keeps pressure and strain on your knee joints at minimum.

Having midfoot strike configuration also minimizes impacts on your knee joints by forcing your feet to strike with the midfoot instead of the heel.

The sole unit allows you to tackle road surfaces with secure traction and minimal abrasion on your shoes. Extra grip is made possible by the straight line patterns making the entire bottom surface. Together with the shallow flex grooves, these lines also aid in promoting appropriate foot bending.

By hugging your feet snugly, the 3D upper mesh keep your feet comfortable and adequately protected from hazards. Presence of a heel counter, midfoot strap, and padded collar results in appropriate foot support and cradle.

  • Excellent underfoot comfort
  • Minimizes overpronation
  • Sufficient foot support and stability
  • M-strike minimizes pressure on knee joints
  • Durable configuration
  • Smooth gait cycle
  • Heel strikers need to adapt to midfoot striking


Although runners who exhibit overpronation are more susceptible to knee pain, anyone can be a victim of the bad knees condition. However, wearing appropriate running shoes is the most recommended remedy for alleviating or preventing knee pain.

With sufficient underfoot cushioning in your running shoes, your knees won’t be subjected to excessive impacts. If you’re an overpronator consider stability running shoes to reduce strain on your joints as a result of excessive inward foot bending or rolling.

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