Best Elliptical Training Shoes

7 Best Elliptical Training Shoes 2021

Elliptical training provides you with an effective way of getting fit and burning calories without putting too much strain on your joints. Best Elliptical Training Shoes However, for you to get the best out of your elliptical training you need the correct pair shoes. So, which are the best elliptical training shoes?

In this guide, I’ve have sampled the best brands of shoes that you can use for your elliptical training.

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Review: 7 Best Elliptical Training Shoes 2021

1. Nike Flex 7 – Women’s Elliptical Training Shoe

This is a perfect companion for all your cross-training activities including elliptical training.

Nike Flex 7 – Women’s Elliptical Training Shoe

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The outsole and midsole comes as one complete unit which is composed of injected foam to provide the necessary cushioning. This lightweight material adds little weight to your foot making it ideal for all your cross-training activities. It’s also very flexible, allowing your foot to flex naturally.

The forefoot and heel sections of the bottom are made with sticky rubber to ensure maximum traction on surfaces. This material is also responsible for the durability of the outsole due to its resistance to wear and tear. The gripping surface has hexagonal indentations which distribute the forces under your foot.

The upper unit is completed with a seamless mesh which allows ample air circulation and heat dissipation. This assures you of comfort even during your most sweaty elliptical workouts. The seamless construction ensures that your feet are free from irritations or itchiness.

The low-cut design of the upper layout promotes natural foot mobility especially at the ankle. What’s more, with the Flywire cable at the forefoot your feet won’t wobble or run out of the shoe.

  • Comfortable and lightweight construction
  • Sufficient support
  • Enhanced grip
  • Flexible
  • Non-restrictive low-cut layout
  • Trendy colors
  • Not very supportive for over-pronators

2. Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond – Elliptical Training Shoe

Both runners and cross training aficionados will love the excellent performance they get from this training shoe. It’s designed to provide you with notable amount of flexibility and comfort on all your workouts including elliptical training.


Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond – Elliptical Training Shoe

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The continental rubber on its outsole unit is meant to offer sufficient grip on surfaces so that you don’t slip or incur injuries. This rubber also offers excellent performance on rough surfaces due to its high resistance to abrasion.

The midsole unit gives you a bouncy feel to enhance comfort during workouts. If you’re running, the responsive platform gives you sufficient energy return to make your activity less tiresome.

The forgedmesh on the upper layout promotes ample air flow inside the shoe for enhanced comfort. It also gives non-restrictive support to the top part of the foot to allow for sufficient flexibility during your elliptical training.

What’s more, the heel counter ensures that your feet are securely anchored to the shoe.

  • Comfortable training shoe
  • Ideal for running and cross-training
  • Precise grip
  • Bouncy feel
  • Arch support may not be sufficient for some people

3. New Balance FuelCore Coast v4

As a neutral trainer, this shoe is meant for all types of feet and will be ideal for your elliptical training and running. You can also wear it as a casual outfit owing to its updated design.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v4

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The dual density EVA utilized in its midsole gives it the cushioning that is ideal for your running or cross-training workouts such as elliptical training. A sockliner is also included to add more cushioning without adding more weight to the shoe.

EVA is also utilized on the outsoles but it’s covered with rubber at the heel and the forefoot. This provides good grip on surfaces as well as protect the EVA from abrasion.

A breathable mesh covers the upper part of the forefoot to enable air circulation. The rest of the upper unit is covered with a smooth fabric. These two materials give your feet an adaptable support and allow them to flex naturally.

What’s more, the flat laces help in keeping the foot inside the shoe without causing irritation. The pull tab helps you wear or remove the shoe with less hustle.

  • Well cushioned
  • Comfortable outfit
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Outsole might slip on wet ground

4. Reebok Yourflex Train 10 MT – Lightweight Elliptical Training Shoe

Unlike its predecessor, this shoe comes with great updates regarding its flexibility and comfort. It also retains its familiar lightweight design making it ideal for elliptical training, running and other types of cross-training.

Reebok Yourflex Train 10 MT – Lightweight Elliptical Training Shoe

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At its midsole is the memory sockliner which conforms to the shape of your underfoot to give you a customized comfort. Extra comfort and responsiveness is provided by the IMEVA cushioning.

The bottom of Yourflex Train 10 MT is lined with a rubber material which has lightweight pods at the heel and forefront. These pods are responsible for traction on surfaces to keep the user from slipping on surfaces.

The upper unit has a low-cut layout to allow your feet to move naturally without restriction. The microweb on the top gives a lightweight support and allows air circulation. With the padding at the tongue and heel, you won’t suffer irritation or bruising during your training.

  • Comfortable training shoe
  • High quality Durable materials
  • Stylish workout shoe
  • Affordable
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Runs narrow

5. Asics Gel Venture 6

This is an excellent elliptical training shoe with emphasis on comfort, traction and flexibility. The upper mesh allows proper air circulation and heat dissipation to prevent discomfort during your elliptical training. This mesh also allows your feet to bend naturally to alleviate any stiffness.

Asics Gel Venture 6

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The collar and the plush tongue enhances comfort while the lace-up system ensures your feet are secured inside the shoe. Cushioning under your foot is provided by the Gel cushioning and the removable foam inserts to give you the necessary comfort.

The outsole unit is designed for good traction so that you don’t slip on the stepping pad of your elliptical machine. The reversed lugs offer sufficient grip on both the uphill and downhill inclination.

With its durable outsole, your get value for your money. The AHAR rubber utilized is also very flexible to enhance your comfort.

  • Comfortable for long workouts
  • Affordable
  • Decent aesthetics
  • Versatile
  • Wide color range
  • It’s a bit heavy

6. Nike Free 5.0 – Elliptical Training Shoe

Nike free 5.0 is designed with comfort and stability in mind. It’s a lightweight shoe with sufficient cushioning for use in elliptical training.

Nike Free 5.0 – Elliptical Training Shoe

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Good traction is enabled by the rubber outsole which is completed with waffle patterns for added comfort. Flex grooves are also included to allow for flexibility. Plus it’s very durable to give you value for your money.

At its midsole, is a low profile pylon which makes use of EVA foam. This material adds comfort to your underfoot so that you don’t get tired when standing on your elliptical platform. The heel counter ensures that your foot is secured inside the shoe to prevent accidental removal.

With its breathable mesh, your feet are properly aerated to enhance comfort throughout your training. This mesh is engineered from lightweight materials so that your feet feel as light as possible.

The meshed tongue promotes air circulation while giving the top of the foot a soft and plush fit. Plus the lacing system helps keep the foot locked inside the shoe.

  • Durable and flexible outsole
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable midsole platform
  • Shoes laces are long

7. Reebok Print Run Prime Ultraknit

A quite versatile training shoe for elliptical, cross-training and short distance running.

Reebok Print Run Prime Ultraknit

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It features a carbon rubber outsole to deliver sufficient traction while ensuring good durability. The lugs on the medial section of the outsole also add to the gripping ability and allow foot to move naturally.

The midsole unit entails a dual-density 3D foam material which is responsible for cushioning and comfort. Thus you can work out on your elliptical equipment for a long period without much tiredness.

A knitted and breathable layout on its upper unit ensures that your foot is well ventilated for enhanced comfort. It allows good air circulation and enhances proper heat dissipation from the interior of the shoe.

This upper layout also supports the foot and does not restrict natural foot mechanics. The midfoot web design and the lacing system ensures your foot is locked down securely to prevent wobbling or slipping out.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent breathability
  • Sturdy upper mesh
  • Sufficient grip
  • Flexible
  • Nice color schemes
  • Too narrow for wide feet

How to Choose the Best Elliptical Training Shoes

Elliptical training gives you a low-impact method for maintaining a strong and healthy body. Unlike running elliptical training doesn’t strain your joints on the knees, ankles or hips. As with any other exercise, you require the right gear including shoes.

The best shoes for elliptical training should have sufficient grip, lightweight, comfortable flexible and durable. When buying your shoe for elliptical training, check for these qualities in order to achieve maximum results from your workouts.

1. Cushioning

Similar to running and cross-training, elliptical training entails processes which give shock to your joints. These shocks can cause damage if you don’t provide a means for shock attenuation. That’s why your shoe should provide some amount of cushioning especially under the ball of the foot.

However, you don’t require as much cushioning as you need for high impact activities such as road running or jumping or weightlifting. The right amount of cushioning will give you comfort and stability so that you remain in the right training position. This helps prevent injuries and avoid pain.

2. Flexibility

When working out on an elliptical machine, your foot and toes press down on the pedal just like you hit the ground when running. The elliptical movement of the pedal causes your feet to roll or pronate. The level of pronation varies with individuals depending on the type of foot arch.

Lack of flexibility is likely to cause underpronation (supination). Thus, if you suffer from underpronation, go for shoes that give you sufficient flexibility during your elliptical training. Flexible feet are good at shock attenuation, stability and arch support. Thus, there’re little chances of suffering injuries during your training.

3. Traction

You want your feet to be as secure as possible on the elliptical pedals. So, your training shoes should have a high quality rubber that has sufficient grip on the pedals. In addition, the rubber should be durable and resistant to wear and tear.

4. Breathable

Similar to running or other cross-training activities, elliptical training causes sweating all over your body including the feet. Not only do sweaty feet have awful odor, but they also make you uncomfortable during your workouts.

So, make sure that your elliptical training shoe is well ventilated. A breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoe allows air to get in and out, making your feet more comfortable. In addition, heat is dissipated from inside the shoe to reduce sweating.

5. Lightweight

Shoes for elliptical training are constructed with lightweight materials so that your feet feel as free as possible. This enhances comfort, allowing you to work for long without much fatigue on your feet.


Elliptical training workouts will help you strengthen your body, burn calories without putting too much strain on your joints or muscles. But for you to achieve maximum performance on your elliptical machine, you need to use the correct shoes.

The correct shoes will give comfort and protect your feet from injuries.

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