Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet 2021

Some cross training shoes models do not employ wide-feet sizing system to cater for the special needs of wide-footed individuals. Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide FeetThus, when choosing your cross training shoes it’s important to know which models fully cater for your wide feet. So, which are the best cross training shoes for wide feet?

The shoes in this review come in a variety of wide sizes including ample space for toe spread-out.

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Reviews: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet 2021

1. Inov-8 Men’s (Knit) F-Lite 260

F-Lite 260 Knit has so far been greatly lauded by wide-footed fitness enthusiasts because of its wide toe box. It makes a perfect and comfortable shoe for high intensity workouts such as weightlifting, jumping and rope climbing among others.

Inov-8 Men's (Knit) F-Lite 260

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The use of Powerflow technology in the midsole aims at delivering a heightened level of responsiveness than what you would get from ordinary EVA foam. Backed by 6mm of a removable footbed, the midsole offers sufficient comfort and protection from harmful impacts.

The midsole is also reinforced with Rope-Tec technology to give it sufficient grip and resilience during rope climbing.

The sole unit is built to provide exceptional resilience during high intensity workouts. The use of graphene-infused rubber gives it better traction and resistance to abrasion or tearing. It’s also equipped with both vertical and horizontal flex grooves to encourage flexibility in all directions.

A balance of mesh and synthetic overlays delivers a stretchy and supportive outline which results in the best foot position for optimum comfort. The heel cage helps in locking the heel to enhance lateral stability. This minimizes pronation during lateral foot movements.

What’s more, the rubber overlays are meant to offer grip and protection during rope climbing.

  • Wide at the toe-box
  • Highly tractive outsole
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Very flexible
  • Versatile
  • Higher price

2. Reebok Men’s Nano 9.0 CrossFit – Weightlifting

If you’re the wide-footed type, you will love Nano 9 because it is available in wide sizes and offers plenty of space for toe splay. Not only does this make you comfortable, it also enhances your balance and stability during heavy weightlifting.

Reebok Men's Nano 9.0 CrossFit - Weightlifting

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Nano 9 promise outstanding stability with its rubber wrapping extensions running from the heel to the midfoot. This configuration results in a firm heel and midfoot lock which keeps your foot stable during lateral movements or heavy lifting.

Also adding to your stability is the low drop configuration and the broadened heel. Plus the drop design gives you better ground feel which to enhance foot control.

Nano 9 also comes with adequate midsole cushioning which makes it good for high impact exercises such as short runs and jumping. It makes use of EVA cushioning which has the advantage being lightweight, flexible and offering better rebound.

Accurate gripping on training surfaces is made possible by using a sticky rubber as the outsole. Plus the tread patterns are aimed at backing up the outsole’s traction ability.

If rope climbing is part of your workouts, then you’ll benefit from the RopePro technology incorporated at the midfoot. The toe area is also protected by the outsole rubber to protect your toes.

Flexweave technology gives the foot compartment flexible, breathable and supportive configuration to give your optimal comfort.

  • Amply cushioned
  • Great for wide feet
  • Flexible configuration
  • Versatile trainer
  • Breathable upper
  • Tight lacing causes forefoot to rise up

3. Men’s New Balance Trainer Minimus-40

The minimalist design of this trainer gives you the ideal stability and ground feel for weightlifting, HIIT workouts and short runs. The low-profile also discourages heel-strike landing which is usually associated with chronic compartment syndrome.

Men's New Balance Trainer Minimus-40

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Rapid Rebound technology is employed in the midsole to make it comfortable and responsive for your feet with each landing. The midsole works with the REVlite foam compound at the heel to offer effective impact mitigation under your feet.

Vibram rubber gives the outsole notable abrasion resilience which results in longer shoe life. Plus it’s designed to offer reliable multidirectional grip to prevent injuries due to accidental sliding.

The outsole also entails side extensions to offer appropriate lateral stability for side movements and lifting. Plus outsole flexibility is enhanced by the full-length flex grooves.

Woven from synthetic materials the foot chamber is meant to offer appropriate flexibility and breathability for optimal comfort. Plus it comes with reinforcing overlays in the form of synthetic rubber. Backed by the TPU heel cup, these overlays provide superb support to give you stability for lateral or side movements. Plus they protect the upper mesh from hazards during your training.

  • Appropriate cushioning
  • Excellent stability and support
  • Traction-ready and durable outsole
  • Versatile
  • Not heavy
  • Great aesthetics with admirable colors
  • Too much rebound for heavy lifting

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4. Men’s Fitness Sneaker Nike Air Monarch IV 

An all-time best seller, Monarch IV makes the ideal cross trainer for big guys and those with wide feet. That’s because of the roomy forefoot and the wide feet sizing criteria employed in making these shoes.

Men's Fitness Sneaker Nike Air Monarch IV 

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You’ll love the heavy cushioning provided by the Phylon midsole which is basically EVA foam that has been heated, compressed and cooled. This configuration results in a responsive, lightweight and durable midsole.

Also making the midsole is the air cushion which is responsible for shock attenuation and energetic toe-offs.

The rubber outsole comes with flex grooves to enable foot appropriate flexibility. The rubber material grips firmly on surfaces and the treads won’t leave impressions on your indoor training floors.

Another useful component is the pivot point which allows quick and smooth changes in position.

The upper unit is available in two versions. One version entails a leather only material while the other is a leather material and mesh panels. Both of these are designed to offer acceptable comfort and support.

  • Excellently cushioned midsole
  • Arch support
  • Durable build
  • Training, walking and running shoe
  • Ample toe box
  • Wide feet size variety
  • Less breathable

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5. New Balance Training Sneaker 608 v5

With this cross training shoe, you won’t be limited to a few workout activities. It’s a highly revered trainer for studio workouts, jogging, gym as well as walking.

New Balance Training Sneaker 608 v5

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The sizing system utilized here takes care of wide-footed individuals including those that need ample toe space.

The midsole is well-cushioned using a flexible and impact-resilient foam layer to minimize fatigue and keep off injuries. Incorporating Abzorb technology at the heel makes it more responsive and resilient to impacts. This meant to offer better protection from impacts especially during high-impact cross training.

Your foot is also held firmly at the heel and midfoot by the forefoot extensions to offer lateral support. Thus, your feet not prone to excessive twisting or rolling during heavy lifting or when performing lateral movements.

You get excellent grip on surfaces because of the sticky rubber serving as the outsole. The tread patterns are responsible for better traction especially on soft surfaces. Labled as non-marking, the treads are designed to leave not marks or impressions on your training floor.

A leather only foot compartment provides excellent support and foothold which is necessary for intense workouts. This is especially very helpful for in minimizing overpronation usually exhibited in flat-footed individuals.

The shoe is ventilated through the perforations as well as the mesh tongue.

  • Superb underfoot comfortable
  • Provides lateral and arch support
  • Good outsole grip
  • Consistent sizing
  • Wide feet size selections
  • Exceptional durability
  • Little breathability

6. New Balance Fitness Sneaker 517

Individuals who have flat and wide feet are good to go with this cross training sneaker from New Balance. It’s a lightweight and affordable sneaker designed to give active athletes outstanding performance during their indoor cross training.

New Balance Fitness Sneaker 517

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Offering an effective impact buffer is an EVA foam compound which is revered because its ability to deform and return to shape quickly. It is meant to deliver underfoot comfort and lessen fatigue in your feet due to shocks from impacts.

A memory insert which molds according underfoot shape is included in the midsole to offer personalized underfoot comfort. It’s deliberately included as a removable insert to give you the liberty to alter the underfoot comfort with preferable orthotics.

Utilizing Ndurance rubber as the sole unit results in reliable resilience against abrasion while enabling accurate gripping/traction. The rubber further comes with indoor treads meant to heighten its griping ability without leaving impressions on your indoor training floors. Plus it’s made flexible by incorporating flex grooves across the entire unit.

With the extensive use of mesh on the upper part, there’s assured inshoe comfort because of ample ventilation. Foot guard and support is provided by leather overlays covering strategic areas of the upper unit.

  • Comfortable cushioning with arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent breathability
  • Affordable
  • Grippy and durable sole unit
  • Wide feet assortment
  • Thin insert

7. Skechers Fitness Sneaker Track – Bucolo

This Bucolo training sneaker is built to be comfortable and lightweight to deliver optimum performance in various cross training. It makes use of a lightweight cushioning compound to offer adequate underfoot comfort and protect you from fatigue or impacts.

Skechers Fitness Sneaker Track – Bucolo

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A foam-based insole is utilized as the footbed of Bucolo sneaker to offer a soft and contoured cushion. This results in a customized underfoot comfort and support. Both the midsole and footbed exhibit adequate flexibility to allow proper foot flexion.

A lightweight and flexible rubber is utilized in making the outsole of this sneaker to offer a featherweight feeling during your training. The rubber compound is also meant to offer accurate grip and withstand abrasion.

The upper is a blend of leather and mesh panels. Leather is utilized on the vulnerable areas and zones that need support. Working with the lacing system, the leather overlays offer the ideal foot lock-down and stability for enhanced comfort and security.

The mesh panels are responsible for ventilating the foot chamber.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight sneaker
  • Lateral support
  • Affordable
  • Wide feet choices
  • Less supportive footbed

How to Choose the Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

When searching for the best cross training shoes for wide feet, you want a shoe fit that guarantees optimum comfort. However, lack of consistency in shoe sizing might make it hard to land the correct shoes size especially if you’re wide-footed. So, how do you go about choosing the correct shoe size?

Well, here are some important guidelines for choosing the best cross training shoes for wide feet.

1. Comfort

Whether you have narrow or wide feet, comfort is what determines your level of performance. Your cross training shoes should have sufficient cushioning to provide a buffer for impact shocks which are associated with fatigue and injuries.

The foot compartment should deliver desirable comfort without causing rubbing, itches or irritations.

2. True-to-Size

Shoe brands vary according to how precisely they address the issue of true –to size. Depending on your preferred model, ensure they fit snugly to prevent shoe wobbling or lack of enough space for your feet.

3. Wide Toe-Box

When you have wide feet, they’re high chances of having outspread toes. If this is case, consider shoes with spacious toe-box in addition to being wide. Enough toe-box allows your toes to spread out without restriction which in turn contributes to your stability and better control.

4. Support

You need the right amount of support under your feet to get the ideal stability and comfort during various cross training. Adequate stability is what protects your feet from injuries during lateral movements and weightlifting.

5. Flexibility

Plenty of flexibility in your shoes is inevitable during cross training because it enables your feet to bend or flex without restriction.

6. Durability

The energetic and vigorous movements associated with cross training will put a lot of strain in your training shoes. Only sturdy and durable training shoes are able to withstand wear and tear during such undertakings.

7. Breathability

Ample inshoe ventilation is what keeps your feet comfortable because of less heat and moisture accumulation.


To get the best out of your cross training workouts you need shoes that will give you the best performance, comfort and protection. If you are wide-footed consider shoes that precisely takes care of the unique characteristics of your feet.

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