Best Cross Training Shoes for Overpronation

7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Overpronation 2022

During cross training, individuals with flat feet often experience excessive inward foot rolling, a condition known as overpronation.Best Cross Training Shoes for Overpronation However, you can minimise overpronation by wearing shoes that have adequate stability and arch support. So, which are best cross training shoes for overpronation.

Well, here are top cross training shoes you can use to avoid overpronation injuries.

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Reviews: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Overpronation 2022

1. Reebok Nano 9 Men’s Cross Trainer

Just like its immediate predecessor, CrossFit Nano 9 strikes a good balance in as a running and weightlifting shoe. Runners will greatly benefit from the IMEVA foam featured in the midsole. This material offers adequate springiness which is necessary for energetic runs and impact mitigation.

Reebok Nano 9 Men’s Cross Trainer

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However, the responsiveness does not affect the stability of the shoe, thanks to the segmentation of the rearfoot from rest of the platform. The midsole entails translucent extensions on both sides to provide for stability. Thus it’s an ideal cross trainer for weightlifting and workouts that involve multi-directional foot movements.

The outsole makes use of two types of rubber which are intended to deliver adequate grip on the floor. The extension of the outsole rubber acts as a protection for your toes in case you hit a hard surface. Plus it also covers the medial sides making it useful in rope climbing.

The upper unit is made with Flexweave technology which offers a flexible wrap while enabling a cool and dry environment in the foot compartment.

What’s more, as with many cross training shoes CrossFit Nano 9 comes a low-drop design which gives you better ground contact control.

  • Comfortable across various workouts
  • Ideal for running, weightlifting and rope climbing
  • Adequate flexibility
  • Sufficient breathability
  • Good lateral stability
  • Secure grip on gym floors and rope
  • Runs large

2. Nike Women’s CrossFit Metcon 2 Free x

You can use Metcon 2 on various cross training including weightlifting, jumping, running and plyometric exercises. The rubber extension at the midfoot allows you to use it rope climbing because of its reliable grip.

Nike Women’s CrossFit Metcon 2 Free x

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The primary means of underfoot cushioning and impact absorption is a foam compound designed to accommodate high impact workouts.

The heel and midfoot are designed to be less compressible so as to allow weightlifting. The forefoot area is flexible enough to allow metatarsal flexion especially during jumping or running.

The extension of the midsole to the sides delivers lateral stability thus making it useful for workouts involving side to side foot movements.

Reliable traction is delivered by the outsole because of the rubber pods utilized at the forefoot and heel area. The star-shaped lugs provide multi-directional grip on the gym floor and running surfaces.

Outsole flexibility is enhanced by the flex grooves included in the forefoot area.

Your feet are locked securely and stably by the superb construction of the upper unit. This unit involves a front mesh, an inner sleeve, side panels, padded collar and a wrapping TPU unit. Together with the lacing system these components deliver an extremely stable fit which alleviates overpronation.

  • Versatile cross trainer
  • Durable shoe
  • Adequate stability
  • Perfect and secure fit
  • Appealing design
  • Secure grip on surfaces and rope
  • Not for heavy lifting

3. Reebok Nano 7 Women’s Cross Trainer

If your cross training entails intense workouts such as weightlifting, then CrossFit Nano 7 is a perfect training shoe for you. It’s equipped with a shock-attenuating yet sturdy midsole which is capable of withstanding a lot of weight without losing its shape.

Reebok Nano 7 Women’s Cross Trainer

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The sturdiness of the CMEVA foam utilized in the midsole is made possible by the pressurized and heated treatment during molding. CMEVA foam is further reinforced with polyurethane on the sides to give you the stability needed for alleviating overpronation.

Another component of the midsole is the sock liner which enhances the shock-attenuation ability. Plus it keeps your feet cool and dry by absorbing accumulated moisture.

The outsole is made to be as flexible as possible, thanks to the crystalized rubber and flex grooves at the metatarsals. The rubber also features numerous treads to offer traction on various surfaces.

The upper unit is designed using NanoWeave technology to deliver a breathable and durable cover for your feet. It has a low-cut configuration which enables your ankles to move without restriction thus preventing ankle pain.

The tongue, collar and the lacing system ensures that your feet are locked securely to heighten stability. Thus, there’re minimal tendencies to overpronate.

  • Good stability
  • Allows metatarsal flexion
  • Durable and breathable mesh
  • Reliable grip
  • Ideal for weightlifting
  • Expensive

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4. Nike DSX Repper Metcon Women’s Cross Trainer

Repper DSX is ideal for running and cross training such as jumping. So it comes with a bit of cushioning in its midsole to mitigate impacts and make your workouts more energetic. The EVA foam used in the midsole comes with enhanced durability and flexibility which makes it ideal for workouts involving stamina and numerous lateral movements.

Nike DSX Repper Metcon Women’s Cross Trainer

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Guarding the midsole from possible damage is a sturdy rubber that makes the outsole. Owing to its stickiness, the rubber offers adequate grip to prevent slippage on gym floors and running surfaces. Plus it’s equipped with hexagonal gripping lugs to aid in traction.

Additionally, the outsole features forefoot flex grooves to allow proper metatarsal flexion especially during weightlifting.

Repper DSX comes with a comfortable a comfortable and lightweight mesh on its upper. It’s both flexible and breathable to ensure your comfort during your cross training. The Flywire cable works with the lacing system to deliver a secure foot lock down. This offers the necessary stability for lateral foot movements.

What’s more, the toe area is protected by a TPU overlay to keep your toes safe during your workouts.

  • Good stability
  • Adequate and flexible cushion
  • Overall comfortable
  • Sufficient breathability
  • Durability issues

5. Asics Cross Trainer Conviction X

Conviction X comes in a minimalistic design which allows you have reliable control of your movements. It’s a versatile cross trainer with the ability to tackle running, lightweight lifting and bodyweight workouts such as deep squats, squat jumps and so on.

Asics Cross Trainer Conviction X

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The midsole has adequate flexibility which is ideal for shuttle runs. Shuttle runs are very important exercises for enhancing your coordination, speed, agility and power. However, owing to the low drop configuration, Conviction X is not ideal for longer runs due lost energy.

The flexibility of the midsole is what makes it effective in lightweight lifting and bodyweight workouts. Plus it has sufficient stability to accommodate lateral movements especially during heavy pulling or squatting.

Conviction X features a low-drop AHAR rubber on its outsole. Not only is durable but it also delivers outstanding traction on the gym floor.

Breathability is provided by the upper mesh and the vent at in the outsole. The design of the upper unit promotes non-irritating movements due its seamless and low-cut configuration. Most of the upper unit is covered with synthetic leather which enhances the overall durability of the shoe.

What’s more, inshoe foot lockdown and stability is guaranteed by the lacing system.

  • Arch support is ideal for overpronation
  • Ideal for various cross training
  • Excellent breathability
  • Comfortable and seamless fit
  • Reliable grip
  • Not for heavy lifting or long runs

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6. Altra Cross Trainer HIIT XT Men’s

When it comes to running and high intensity interval training, HIIT XT proves to be one of the best shoes you can use. It’s adored because of it superb performance and sturdiness even HIIT workouts.

Altra Cross Trainer HIIT XT Men’s

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The midsole comes with a removable sculpted footbed with a 24mm stack height. The purpose of this is to provide support especially for individuals experiencing overpronation. You can remove the footbed in case you don’t need the high stack.

The EVA foam cushion and A-bound construction provides a means for comfort and impact mitigation during high impact workouts.

The rubber outsole is designed to wrap around so as to offer lateral stability. This helps in preventing excessive foot rolling during heavy pulling or squatting.

As its name depicts the air mesh on the top of HIIT XT provides an effective means of ventilation and moisture absorption. This keeps your feet cool, dry and free from odor. Additional comfort is guaranteed by the snug fit delivered by the thick padding on the tongue and collar.

What’s more, synthetic overlays cover specific areas to offer support and enhance durability of the shoe.

  • Steady platform for HIIT
  • Multipurpose cross trainer
  • Offers foot stability
  • Adequate grip
  • Accurate inshoe fit and comfort
  • Breathable
  • Not very light

7. Under Armour Cross Trainer Reign 2 TriBase

TriBase Reign 2 is designed with a thin midsole to give your better communication with the ground. The material for the midsole is Micro G foam whose firmness provides the necessary support for weightlifting and bodyweight exercises such as deep squats, squat jumps and so on.

Under Armour Cross Trainer Reign 2 TriBase

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Unlike its predecessor, TriBase Reign 2 now comes with a removable insole which gives you the chance to use custom orthotics. You can replace with more responsive insoles to enhance impact absorption during high impact workouts such as jumping.

With its three zone outsole, you get a lot of forefoot flexibility and lateral stability during various cross training exercises. The firmness of this rubber makes it ideal for weightlifting and bodyweight workouts.

TriBase Reign 2 employs a form-fitting mesh on its upper unit to ensure comfortable workouts. The upper also entails TPU overlays, heel counter and a stretchy collar, all of which deliver a secure and comfortable lockdown.

  • Ideal for HIIT, weightlifting and so on
  • Promotes ample foot flexibility
  • Removable insole
  • Form-fitting and breathable mesh
  • Secure and comfortable lockdown
  • Good lateral stability
  • Runs narrow

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Cross Training Shoes for Overpronation

Overpronation is blamed for strain on your lower body extremities especially during running, walking or training. Individuals with flat feet are very likely to experience overpronation where your feet tend to roll inwards.

When the foot rolls excessively, it causes misalignment on your lower body appendages. This causes strain on the foot, ankles, knees and lower back. However, it’s possible to minimize overpronation by wearing appropriate shoes.

If you’re looking for the best cross training shoes for overpronation, then here’s what to consider.

1. Arch Support

Overpronation is usually associated with collapsed foot arches. Arch support shoes are intended lift the foot arches so as to counter excessive foot rolling. This lessens strain on your feet, ankle, knees and lower back.

Alternatively, you can add arch support orthotics to your current training shoes.

2. Lateral Support

In addition to arch support, your typical shoes should offer lateral support to enhance stability. So, the shoe should have supportive overlays around the midfoot and heel area. This keeps your feet during lateral movements.

3. Underfoot Cushioning and Shock Attenuation

Some cross training workouts like plyometrics are associated with high impacts. So, your typical shoes for high-impact workouts should offer adequate cushioning and protect your joints from impacts.

4. Flexible

Most cross training involves multidirectional foot movements. That’s why cross training shoes are designed with flexible soles to permit unrestricted foot movements. Plus most of them come with a mesh upper which further promotes appropriate foot movements.

5. Traction

The underside of the sneaker should offer accurate grip on the training surface. Shoes for outdoor training usually come with pronounced tread patterns to enhance grip. However, shoes for indoor training are designed with non-marking treads to avoid leaving marks on polished surfaces.

6. Lightweight

Consider lightweight shoes for your cross training. They allow you to train more efficiently while minimizing fatigue on your feet.

How to Determine your Pronation Type

The term pronation refers to the tendency of your feet to roll when walking or running. As your feet transitions from heel to toe it may either roll inwards or outwards. The former is referred to as overpronation while the later is called underpronation (supination).

Individuals with flat feet tend to overpronate while those with high foot arches tend to supinate. With simple DIY procedures, you can easily determine whether you’re an overpronator or supinator.

With the universal acknowledgement of the pronation concept, many local shoe shops offer gait analysis to their customers. This allows you to buy shoes depending on your type of pronation.

Here’re three tests for determining your pronation type.

Wet Test

This is the simplest test you can do to determine whether your feet tend to roll inwards or outwards when walking or running.


  • Place one of your feet in a bucket that is filled with water to a level that fully covers the foot sole.
  • Step on a paper towel so that the foot leaves an imprint. The impression on the paper towel tells whether you have a normal, collapsed, high foot arch.


If you have a flat foot, the imprint will appear as a complete shape of the foot sole. It will have a slight inward curve which indicates that your foot has little or no arch at all. If your foot leaves such an impression, then you’re very likely to exhibit overpronation.

In contrast, a high foot arch will leave an imprint that shows a considerable inward curve. An excessively high foot arch will only show an impression of the toes, heel and ball of the foot. If you see such an imprint, then your feet are very likely to roll outwards (supination).

The imprint for neutral pronation falls between the imprint for flat foot and high foot arch. The inward curve will appear half way.

Outsole Wear Test

Shoes heels tend to wear out differently depending on your type of pronation. If the heel wears out excessively on the inside, then this is overpronation. Supination is indicated by excessive wear on the outer edge of the sole unit.

If your shoes’ heels wear out uniformly, then you’re a neutral pronator.

Gait Analysis

If you aren’t sure about your DIY pronation tests, then you can have gait analysis done by experts. Some online shoe shops like Runnerswarehouse offer gait analysis at the comfort of your home.

Through Runnerswarehouse online gait analysis platform, you can get feedback about your pronation type. All you need to do is to submit a video showing how your feet tend to roll when running on the treadmill.


The best cross training shoes for overpronation should have adequate arch support to hold your foot arch whenever they tend to roll inwards. In addition, they should come with stability features to minimise inward foot rolling.

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