Barry's Bootcamp Equipment

Barry’s Bootcamp Equipment

While Barry’s bootcamp is designed for group training, you can conveniently do it home with minimal equipment. Barry's Bootcamp EquipmentYou can either use the Barry’s branded equipment from Barry’s online store or similar products from other brands.

With the best Barry’s bootcamp equipment you’ll have a training experience that is almost similar to Barry’s Red Room. You’ll only miss the red background of a Barry’s Red Room and group training.

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Barry’s Bootcamp Equipment

You don’t require complex equipment to do Barry’s bootcamp at home. The most useful equipment include power handles, resistance bands, exercise balls, bench, foam rollers, rise mats and so on.

Most of these products are available at Barry’s online store. However, you can also buy similar products from other brands.

Below is a summary of the best Barry’s bootcamp equipment for at home training. Also included is a Barry’s bootcamp DVD to guide you through the exercises.

Resistance Bands

There’re different types of resistance bands you can use during Barry’s bootcamp. These include power handles resistance bands, booty bands and mini bands. While these are available on Barry’s online store, you can also get them from other leading brands.

Here are some good options:

GoFit Power Handles and Resistance Bands

GoFit Multipurpose Resistance Band

Gymmage Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Stepper

A fitness stepper is one useful equipment you’ll be requiring for your Barry’s bootcamp fitness. It’s an excellent equipment for aerobic exercise which help you burn calories while delivering cardio vascular benefits.

Coming with an adjustable height, the Gymmage fitness stepper delivers varying levels of challenge to help you build stronger muscles. Some of the exercises you can perform on this stepper include burpee jumps, planks, dips, knee ups and so on.

The stepper features a textured non-slip platform which keeps you secure footed during workouts. Plus the underside is equipped with rubber pods to keep the stepper stable.

Owing to its sturdiness, Gymmage fitness stepper guarantees you prolonged usage. Plus it will support individuals of up to 400 lbs.

Aimyoo Home Gym Dumbbells Set

Saorzon dumbbells are molded from high quality cast iron which allows them to withstand cracking.

Owing to their chrome-plating, the dumbbell handle exhibits a long-lasting shiny finish and will not require maintenance. Plus the knurled handle surface delivers a comfortable and secure grip.

Wrapping the dumbbells is a high quality rubber which guards your floor against dents or scratches. With the hex design, the dumbbells can be placed directly on the floor without rolling.

The dumbbell weight ranges from 5 lbs to 50 lbs with 5 lbs increment between the subsequent dumbbells.

Adding these to your Barry’s bootcamp training helps build stronger arm, chest, shoulder, back, leg and core muscles.

Mavicks Multipurpose Training Gloves

Mavicks gloves are designed to give you better grip and protection during various workouts. You can use these during pull-ups, chin-ups, weightlifting, cycling, rope climbing, crossfit among other exercises.

It’s built with a plush and breathable fabric which keeps your hands comfortable during various workouts. Lining the palm area is a silicon material which is responsible for heightened grip and abrasion protection.

What’s more, you can adjust the wrist strap to have the most comfortable fit.


Barry’s offers two DVD sets which contain nines workouts for training both your upper and lower body. The intention is to deliver full-body fitness and burn as much calories as possible.

The nine workout procedures are grouped in the two DVD’s as follows:

Upper Fat Blaster Body Workout DVD

The red DVD tape comes with exercises that target your upper body. The DVD takes about 21 minutes and it mainly trains the shoulders, chest, arms and back. With this tape you also get six Mission Specialist beginner and advanced workouts targeting both the upper and lower body.

Lower Body Fat Blaster Workout DVD

The blue DVD covers 21 minutes of lower body interval training. They’re intended to strengthen and tone your lower body muscles including glutes, thighs, legs, hamstrings and so on.

In addition, there’re six Mission Specialist exercises targeting both the upper body, lower body and abs.


Attending Barry’s group training at the Red Room comes the benefit of having support and motivation from like-minded fitness enthusiasts. However, if you have tight schedules, you can take Barry’s bootcamp at home. That’s where Barry’s bootcamp equipment comes in.

Armed with the above equipment and DVD, you’ll be able to follow Barry’s workout procedures by yourself.

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